Feeling Deflated

Humanize the people who were fighting for justice and democracy for all. Humanize the people who Kyle Rittenhouse Murdered. Were they Black or White? Were they young or old? Did they have family or friends? Who were they?


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

13 thoughts on “Feeling Deflated

  1. It’s quite evident, based on my introduction to it, that I’m going to visit this site often and with human-empathic interest (presuming that WordPress gets its act together…here again I cannot access the two above video clips!).

      1. Aloha on this Friday morning. Yes, Robert…but Bob does as well or better.

        We are all Palestinians now…(the knee-on-neck police-thug technique taught by Zionist goons to streams of US cops journeying to the Zionist entity for honing of “urban crowd control” tactics is just one manifestation of the “bleeding” of belligerent US foreign policy into domestic de facto terrorism….)

        1. Hi Bob, I read about that during #MikeBrown. Police going to Israel to become terrorists. Are they still using tax payers money to send cops to Israel to become racist and violent ?

          1. Angela, I don’t have any current info in that connection, but I suspect that the training has been, shall we say judiciously, tamped down and lying low. Surely even the Zionists, and our cops (leaders and troops) avid for control of the populace, must realize that there is a huge PR issue here that must not gain notoriety beyond astute observers like us and a very few others!

            (BTW, I read from a reliable source that the training was going the other way too — i.e. exported conveniently from Israel to places like Chicago for “on-site” exposure and application! But I think there was always the prime allure of traveling to Israel, being wined, dined and dazzled at the source by the acknowledged experts in oppression. I can’t forget that perhaps three years ago I saw a 3-minute video clip from Fresno, CA — yes, Fresno! — where the chief of its police department had just returned from Israel and had stars (of David?) in his eyes as he gushed about his experience to the anchor and viewers.)

            1. Precisely! You’re very astute….

              (Don’t get me started on the “U” or “K” or perhaps other “rabbis’ kosher tax” indicators that are imprinted on the labels of more and more consumer products that we encounter on retailers’ shelves. A few years ago, when the peaches I purchased from my grocery store showed, upon examination, the encircled “U,” I called the California producer in astonished complaint. The PR lady said lamely “Well, that tax is only a minor, minor percentage added to the price of each peach you purchase from our orchards. We are grateful for your patronage. — And oh, by the way, the rabbi organization does drop by occasionally to check our cleanliness, labor standards, etc.” I responded “Isn’t it the responsibility of the California State Department of Labor or Health, via taxpayers’ money and their operational procedures, to perform those very functions?” “Well, yes, but….”)

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