My Hair: I Did It!

Black hair is a mystery to non-Blacks. It takes hours to wash and style. One reason most Black women with my hair type endure the process only once every 5-10 days. It may also explain why Black women stay away from swimming. Usually, I pay to get my hair done. However, COVID-19 changed that. It made my budget much tighter.

Today, I will do my hair and share my hair care secrets.  Surprisingly, doing my hair requires more steps than running a 5K and sometimes a 10K.

Last evening, after my grandson left, I gently untwisted my hair, careful not to pull or break strands that became tangled. Once my hair was loose, I divided it into seven sections using small hair ties. The process took less than an hour.

Secrets to black hair care

Removed hair ties and, with a wide-toothed comb, detangled my hair in sections before washing.

Starting Step Count: 425 Pulse 59


Hair washed, conditioned, and pat dry. It’s ready for styling.


For ease, I divided my hair into large sections, which I twisted. Starting at the top of my neck in back, I twisted tiny sections of my hair.

Step Count: 2469  Pulse 102


I am almost half way done.

Step Count: 6667  Pulse 115


Did It! Exercise is any form of sustained movement that raises the pulse. Today, I worked my fingers, so much so, my left fingers cramped up for a few seconds toward the end.

Final Step Count: 12,037 Pulse 96  


How do you like the results?  Doing my own hair is like running a 10K.



Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

9 thoughts on “My Hair: I Did It!

  1. Beautiful, impressive! I shouldn’t try to be a wise guy this early in my morning, but holy mackerel…I just love Ilhan Omar’s “head/hair style”!

    (I just had my Taiwan-born barber cut my hair yesterday…first time in two months after the second CoVID-induced lock-down of her chair. She sheared me like a sheep for only about 30 minutes, thinning gray hair cascading down in bunches. Pei Pei told me that I’d feel lighter for my evening outing with my dog, and she was right.)

    (So, Angela…will you now “display” your hair in the various styles shown…depending on your mood, the occasion, style of dress, etc.? Or is the last photo “it”? Wow — being a guy is so much simpler, and I suppose I should apologize for that.)

    1. Hi Bob. Thank you. Hadn’t plan on doing a follow up except maybe to review products. But that’s a thought though I don’t go out that much.

      Did you a buzz cut?

      1. No — just a conventional cut for an unremarkable guy. I’ve had the same hair style since I was 16 or so (except for four Army years, ’63-67!)…straight hair now completely gray, perhaps 1.5″ long, parted on the left, combed over with an attempt at a comb-turnover at front; standard/short sideburns. I’m probably the most nondescript person in the grocery aisle or wherever; gals, e.g., never did give me a second look (but that’s okay: I somehow convinced the best “gal” in the world to give me a chance!). Also the same 130 pounds my entire adult life, albeit I’ve lost three inches in shrinkage to about 5’5″…so I guess the weight has been re-distributed here and there!

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