Exercise: Did It

Did it! I walked on the treadmill for an hour. It felt great to get an earlier start on exercise.

My blood pressure remains elevated. However, I discovered another reason for the elevation: my diet. Lately, I eat processed foods that have high salt content. Diet can affect blood pressure. Foods high in salt can elevate it, and foods like blueberries can reduce it. Also, I have not taken omega-3 flax seed oil in months. It’s time to be mindful of my diet and take omega-3 fats.

Pre-exercise BP 118/83 P 61; Post-exercise BP 137/104 P73
Average HR 92; Maximum HR 104.

What exercise did you do today?


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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