FFT: Should Trump Be Impeached?

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Food for thought (FFT): Should Trump be impeached? If Pence does not invoke the 25th amendment, then impeach Trump. I don’t care if he had only one-hour in-office left. The record needs to show that he attempted a coup and had law enforcement and domestic terrorists’ help.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

11 thoughts on “FFT: Should Trump Be Impeached?

  1. Given the extreme chaos generated with Trump’s first (failed) impeachment, I can’t see it. I’m in favor of the strongest possible, joint-chamber CENSURE of this sorry cretin/germ/blot on humanity….

    (I also think that any 25thA action would be pre-destined to failure….)

    1. Hi Bob. For me, it doesn’t matter if they can complete the impeachment in 12 days. It is the right thing to do. Congress needs to do everything in its power to rid America of a traitorous President. He attempted a coup with the help of domestic terrorists and law enforcement. If Congress doesn’t act, what happens the next time? We have to make sure there isn’t the next time. We can’t do that if we are afraid of upsetting domestic terrorists.

        1. You know Israel and its Zionist’s mission. They don’t want to cut off the money line from American tax payers’ to Israel so they’ll welcome Biden and Harris.

          1. Oh yes: Money, money, money😛

            Oh, how I feel for those poor American tax payers, altruistically spending all that money their government is freely handing over without any self-interest 😛

            Oh, and all those poor women who only want to be with me for my wellbeing, since Lucitta left me and moved to a graveyard 😛

            1. Yup, nowadays many feel like these so called “domestic terrorists”. They only differ the way they’re expressing their frustration with their moronic leaders. Not many understand this, though. Then start accusing, blaming, and “fighting” each other.

              Me having fun? Yeah right, Roflmfao.Well….um……in a way you’re right. I’m laughing at herds of the super righteous ones, sitting in their ivory towers, spitting hollow diatribes at pariahs and outcasts of mainstream society, afraid of shitting their panties should one of us inferiors climb the stairs to their hideaways, knock on their door, asking them to come outside to walk their talk.

  2. Excellent post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from it! I also recently posted an article on my blog about Trump’s second impeachment. I’m not from America so share a more external perspective, but would be really interested to hear your thoughts on my article if you have time! Hope you are well 🙂

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