FFT: White Fear Retreats In Face Of Danger

Food for thought (FFT): After watching videos and reading about Trump supporters, including law enforcement, support of the terrorist attack on Capitol Hill and the response to the violence that killed five and stole classified information, I saw that when white people feel threatened, they back down from violence and work through other channels. Look at American foreign policy. We bully or attack weak countries, never strong ones, that disagree with us.

That epiphany made me hypothesize that law enforcement’s excuse to murder innocent Black people is a farce. Invariably, they claim to feel threatened yet empty rounds of bullets into the backs of innocent unarmed Black victims. If law enforcement truly felt threatened, they would respond like the Capitol police and others in law enforcement– run and barricade themselves until backup arrived.

So why are police officers murdering unarmed Black people under the guise of white fear? Why is there widespread support in the criminal system for the extrajudicial murder of Black people?

Will Biden  address white fear that leads to police brutality and mass incarceration of Black people during his first 100 days?

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

11 thoughts on “FFT: White Fear Retreats In Face Of Danger

    1. Yup! I had high hopes. But his cabinet picks look like Obama II. He will bring us back to pre Trump days which many don’t want. Unity sounds virtuous but at what price do we want unity with white supremacist domestic terrorists? How about unity by ending police brutality and mass incarceration? Truth is Democrats benefit from both.

          1. Hmmmm, it never crossed your mind this was just one of those well-known political tricks to get people (like you) believe he would…….among other illusionary stuff…….. “address white fear that leads to police brutality and mass incarceration of Black people during his first 100 days”?

            1. If that is so, then be extra alert with lurking confirmation bias. Especially when self-proclaimed righteous friends, who have changing of the world on top of their wish list, are sharing their views with you on individuals and things that they feel are objectionable, reprehensible, and wrong to the core.

            2. No matter who you consider to be your friend, and/or those who claim to be one, you always should be on the alert. And that includes me too.

              Btw, I got a smirk on my face when I read your question (?), because you know pretty well that the ones sucking up to you in this medium were mentioned by me already as such several times 🙈

            3. Roald, I’ve learned friends make mistakes. We can grow from those mistakes. Call me naive but I trust my friends. Btw, there is no one sucking up to me here.

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