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    1. Yup. I am a coffee addict of only one cup in the morning and on rare occasions a second cup in the evening another in the evening if I have to drive. I love mine black and hot as hell.

  1. Dear Angela, I tried to “like” this post but was unable…my “like” would have meant that I “like” your smiling face and the cup but not the coffee–in any way, shape, or form. Never had the urge….

      1. Hi, Angela. I had what I thought was an insurmountable problem in loading my comment yesterday; now I see that it was finally accepted, but as “Anonymous”…somewhat surprised that you recognized me! (Even now, I cannot “Like” your main post or any comment….)
        I’ve always slept like the proverbial baby, deeply and with a refreshed mind and body in the new morning (even, e.g., in the soon-aftermath awful grief over my wife’s passing in 2016). Some difficulty with that now that I’m 77 yo…but I’m managing. I guess I simply don’t like the idea of needing an external boost to “get me going”! What God gave me is sufficient on its own power.
        I do admire that you enjoy your coffee…have at it!

        (Note: my comment has been “Connecting to WordPress.com” for 15 minutes as I put this screen in the background and did other things…I give up; will “post” it and expect that it will/may again appear but as “Anonymous.” I’m having other problems of this sort of late at other sites but not this specific one…I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not because I’m a strident activist increasingly unafraid to express my feelings of distaste for Zionism and that racist ideology’s abhorrent treatment of the Palestinians. Is Big Brother, Censor, watching me and contemplating a full-on abrogation of my freedom of speech/expression?)

        1. Bob, I would not be surprised if speaking the truth about Zionism and the persecution of Palestinians by zionist Israelis would cause such problems. I experience the similar and have thought the same. They are well connected. They get more aid than Americans from US tax dollars. That is the power they have. Big Brother and his zionist friends are alive and censoring. But Idgaf.

            1. Not playing? Oh OK, as an insider, I’ll ask the liberal Zionists to lift up the ban they placed on you. Same as I did for that “strident activist” 🙆 friend of yours (so now you know ☺️). Ah, the power of one 😈
              Now have fun you two 💑

            2. Your guardian angel? You had one? Hmmm, elsewhere you wrote: “I’ve never had a relationship where I felt safe or protected.” So why would you want to get that one back? And btw who was it?

            3. The two thoughts can exist side by side. I did and you’re absolutely right why would I want the same one back. I want another one. I am a changed woman.

            4. A new guardian angel? How do you get one? What’s the procedure?

              You’re a changed woman? In what way?

              Btw, your core personality will never change.

            5. I am more relaxed, not wound up like I use to be. I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone. Money and power don’t impress me. I would love to find a man but I don’t need one to be happy. Simple things give me tremendous pleasure. Before I would not notice simple things like a beautiful day.
              How do you define “core personality?”
              You’re not a spiritual person. You have to belief before you can summon one. The last one complained I was too much work.

            6. If all that is so, how does the “changed you” deal with your “hardened heart”?

              Core personality? It’s the personality you came into this world with. It houses what I’ve called your primal wisdom/knowledge. Alas, it’s immediately snowed under by the norms, values, protocols, and beliefs of the society you were dumped in. But it lingers on, and the more your society differs from it, the more you’ll feel an unrest and will have a problem to adjust to it. I wrote a bout this many times.

              Not spiritual? Well, not as described in Abrahamic religions. Doesn’t mean, though, I don’t have my regular talks with (to name just a few) Jesus, Shekhinah, and Lilith. I once, during a psychotherapeutic session, summoned Satan to join us. But he didn’t dare 😈

            7. Sounds like your core personality is genetic. That means its expression or how it is expressed is dependent on the environment. That would suggest it can change.

              My hardened heart is a poetic expression of the masks I wear in public. Even with a hardened heart my sweet nature radiates. Can’t help it.

            8. Your core personality is based on the personalities of your ancestors. That you can’t change. But…….in case you not only become clone of your society, you can add something to it.

              “Can’t help it.” So, unlike me, if you’d try, for instance, to con people, they will find out anyway?

            9. Are you saying it’s not genetic? I am having a hard time conceptualizing how core personality traits are retained unchanged for generations if not through genes. Culture is a possibility but that changes too as we add new cultures/experiences to our personality.

              I don’t get the con reference. What do you mean?

            10. You once liked https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/youre-desert-roald-michel/ Maybe you should read it again to get a grip on what I was saying? And like I said, the personality structure of the one you came in with in this world (your core) is fixed and can’t be changed. BUT……you can ADD something to it. Just like some (or maybe all) of your ancestors did. And when you do, that one will be transferred to your own offspring. So on, so forth.

              You wrote: “Even with a hardened heart my sweet nature radiates.” and that you can’t help this. From that I draw the conclusion that whatever you do, people will notice your “sweet nature”, even if you would try to hide it from them.

              Come to think of it, seems your “sweet nature” belongs to your core personality 😛

            1. Angela, re your “Awesome! What did you do? Did you sign in?” — for which no “Reply” mechanism was provided — I did nothing. Maybe BB read us, took note, and backed off a bit in order to placate us?

              BTW, I just tried to “Like” your “Awesome!…” and was once again unable to do so…. (and now, here again I’m getting the “Connecting to WordPress.com” routine)

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