Exercise: Did It!

Did it! I walked over 3 miles and an elevation of 330 feet. It felt fantastical! I must have pulled a muscle last week at my storage unit. It was so sore two days ago I couldn’t move to exercise. This morning it felt better, but my blood pressure was elevated, and when I performed regular activity, my heart rate went above 100. I almost talked myself into not exercising. However, my gut said, “Do it! If it’s serious, you’ll know within a few minutes.”

My gut was right. My vitals were unchanged after exercise, and my symptoms did not get worse. They felt better.

Pre-exercise BP 134/102 HR 83
Post-exercise BP 124/102 HR 93
Average HR 141; maximum HR 167
Half of the walk was in zone 4 and 5, not ready to run it.

What I did today was a bit risky. If I had heart issues, I would know by now. With blood pressure medication being adjusted, it might take another week or two for my BP to normalize.

I am aching to run. That is my goal for the week.

What exercise did you do today?


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