The UnVaccinated: Why Am I Still Hesitant?

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As the noose tightens to get vaccinated, I feel cognitive dissonance. I am uncomfortable and not sure what to do. The physician in me recognizes the importance of vaccines while appalled at methods used to get holdouts vaccinated–a combination of disinformation, fear, and reward. The layperson in me wants to live but is confused. Why everyone, even those who have had covid, should be vaccinated? I can speculate, but there is little scientific data that it is necessary or safe, long-term.

Covid-19 is a flu-like illness that is on the severe end of the flu spectrum. One way to decrease the severity of covid illness is to get vaccinated. The other is to continue wearing a mask and exercise social distance. If infected, early treatment with immunoglobulins to covid antigens appears to be maybe as effective as covid vaccines in decreasing severity. That suggests we have time to ensure the vaccines are safe before administering them to those at low risk for severe covid infection or complications, for example, children. Unfortunately, there is no research data on the safety of covid vaccines in children, particularly those less than 12 years old.

Essentially, covid research is being done on the public. I am afraid severe adverse reactions will be hidden until “everyone” is vaccinated.

Currently, there are three different types of vaccines on the market:

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are mRNA vaccines. mRNA induces the body’s cells to produce viral proteins that trigger an immunogenic response.

Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are genetically modified adenoviruses. Once injected, human cells are induced to produce viral proteins that trigger an immunogenic response.

Novovax vaccines utilize recombinant nanotechnology to produce viral proteins that, when injected, trigger an immunogenic response.

These types of vaccines were not used when I practiced. I don’t know about much recombinant nanotechnology, but recombinant technology is used for the human papillomavirus and the flu vaccine. So my question is: Which one is effective and provides long-term immunity and safety? I don’t trust the research medical community or the CDC to be truthful when their goal is to get everyone vaccinated.

What are your thoughts? Are you hesitant to get vaccinated?


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

13 thoughts on “The UnVaccinated: Why Am I Still Hesitant?

  1. In April I commented, among other things, on FB:

    Particularly when it comes to Covid-19, Cyberspace is inundated with one posting after another. All claiming to telling the truth. However, in the end I didn’t know what to believe, and what not, what is true and what is not. Too many contradictions. I also got the impression that many of the authors had more than one agenda. This is nothing new in itself. Even in the days when I myself occasionally participated in actions to “improve the world”, there were always people in my group who had something completely different in mind than what they wanted me and others to believe. I hated that then, and I hate it now.

    All of that got me thinking (again!) and doubting what the facts really are. And (again!) I still don’t know. What seemed plausible (for the umpteenth time) is now no longer plausible to me.

    And it would be good if informers and commentators would acknowledge that, and not try to make their audiences believe they know all about it. But I don’t think they will. Just another example of the pathology of normalcy. <<<

    1. So many agendas, it’s hard to know who or what to believe. I gather you haven’t gotten vaccinated. Another thing, if yearly vaccinations are necessary, are the vaccines interchangeable? Meaning can you be vaccinated with Moderna one year and Novovax or even Pfizer the next year. Like you, I have many unanswered questions. When do you plan to get vaccinated? I plan to travel out of country next year so I’ll get a vaccine beforehand.

  2. I am a firm believer in vaccines, to the extent that the science seems to be consistent. I am also a vegan who recognizes that our careless factory farms make it easier for virusses to jump back and forth with homo sapiens. Evolution teaches us that this has been the case for many billions of years. Antivaxxers are, in my opinion of course, more prone to the opposite. We continue to mistrust each other to a profound extent. My best wishes go to you Angela, I am also on the side of social justice. Our Injustice system is evil.

    1. Thanks Bill for the best wishes. Why are you a firm believer in these vaccines? Btw, I am not an antivaxxer but my mistrust of the system runs deep.

      1. Hi Angela, Thanks for the kind response.
        The system has not done much to earn respect, has it? I was 10-years-old at a time of great interest in science (1957 and the International Geophyical Year, it was also a time before Polio vaccines. The worries about that the lack of a vaccine occurred at the neighborhood level. My own mistrust of the system is tempered by an understanding of the scientific method, a method that requires the hypothesizer to try to disprove your pet theories. No one took Bigfoot seriously.

  3. Hi Angela, here’s hoping a vaccine is not require by the time you leave the country! I am a antivaxxer! Most baby boomers and older had only 3 difference vaccines DPT and that’s it and for the most part we’re fine. I read that by the time the vaccine for smallpox was widely distributed during that epidemic it was already in decline due to quarantine. Many people got polio because of the vaccine and the rise of autism many believe is because of the ridiculous number vaccines these children get today also including death and other serious disabilities cause by them that’s not widely being reported.
    The PCR method that’s mostly used for detecting Covic is being misuse by most labs generating many false positives. Flu deaths are down with the rise of Covic deaths. Many people died from misuse of the ventilators. I don’t trust a system that wouldn’t allow you to see your loved ones in the hospital.
    I could go on and talk about alternative treatments they say doesn’t work(BS), the contradictory statements by Dr. Fauci or the number of deaths for people under 55 is practically nil and how this plandemic coincides with the launch of 5G, but let me stop here.
    For the people who would say I’m a conspiracy theorist, this not theory but facts.

    1. Hi Rudy, I am not antivaxxer but I agree with much of what you wrote. I don’t want to get the vaccine either but I think I’ll be forced.

      Btw, interesting association of the onset of covid to the launch of 5G. What are your thoughts?

      1. Well Angela if you read the affects of electromagnetic radiation has on the body and how 5G is much more powerful than 4G because the towers are set up right in populated areas people have complained about adverse effects on their bodies. Major roll out began near the end of 2019. Again I question Covid because like I said it hardly affected people under 55. Listening to your battles with your insurance and the stress it put you under just imagine all the other people going through the same thing. You know the frustration and aggravation can be deadly indirectly Covid deaths.
        One question the people you treated for AIDS what was the primary condition you treated that was cause by HIV?

          1. I believe you are referring HIV. I shouldn’t have thrown that in there just forget it. Are you clear on the rest of my statement?

            1. Hey Rudy, I don’t understand the correlation between 5g and covid. I look at them as two distinct things. I was gonna say covid is an infection but it could also be technology if manmade. Even then I don’t know how the two relate to each other.

  4. 5G is actually a very modest upgrade. I think a more accurate speed increase would be something like 4.2G. It was touted through advertising to be something to buy…just in case it actally was much faster. Marketers are some of the biggest fabricators out there. Vaporware is what I call it.
    The dynamic between 5G and Covid is a rabbit hole, a spurios linkage. Like apples and fruit cocktail, it has nothing to speak for it in theory or in following the scientific method. It makes no sense to anyone who is not an automatic true believer. The sky would have fallen by now.
    Extreme statements require extreme evidence. Where is the evidence outside the Qanon “because I said it was true”. Qanon is as solid on its feet as Scientology.

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