5 thoughts on “Have Things Changed Since Sara Baartman?

  1. Dear Angela, I’m puzzled — and of course ignorant — here. Can you provide context? — when, where, what? Bob

    (At the moment, I can’t “Like” this post — more like disquiet, discomfort, probable “dislike”…mavbe later.)

    1. Bob, I have so many of these images stored. It’s a challenge to remember each story. However, I am pretty sure that was Sarah Baartman. She was lured from her South African home in 1810 with promises of a fortune only to be caged and put on display. She was investigated, probed, and sterilized like an animal. She died five years later, in 1815 penniless. Her brain, sexual organs, and skeletal remains were kept on display in Paris until 2002, when she received a proper burial in South Africa. I’ll attach another image I got from google.

  2. The one big change Angela is that we are denigrating ourselves over sexualizing this big butt thing.
    I found it interesting but never really attractive women having big butts.
    There is a certain group of people that are promoting this making it seem normal to have anal sex, that’s what this is all about! Big butts don’t enhance sexual pleasure unless you are going in the back door.

    1. Rudy, I think you are either victim blaming or speaking about another topic. Sarah Baartman had no choice. Her body was touched and probed as if she was furniture. The same happens today in the criminal system where our bodies are theirs and not ours. As for big butts and sex, to each his own. What people do in bed is their business as long as it’s consensual. I have noticed on TV that if there is one black character, that character will be gay or bisexual, serving the white community sexually. IMO, Hollywood would like Black people to think the road to belonging or acceptance by white culture is through homosexuality, bisexuality but not heterosexuality.

  3. I had never heard of Sarah Baartman until a few years ago. I definitely saw that archetype of sexualization and fetishizing Black Women when I heard that story and saw some of the pictures. Knowing what I know and compounding that with other things I’ve read over the past few years, I wonder how (not) different today’s society is from Sarah’s day.

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