2 thoughts on “Charter School Crime Story: Part I – Assault on Black Children

  1. What an article! Brings back memories and not particularly good ones. I always had a hard time with reading, vocabulary, spelling and learning the parts of speech. Spelling is still tricky for me. I know there is a system to it but in school it seemed like the (white female) teacher would think if these white students or the brightest ones get it everyone should and many times you would feel shame to speak up.
    All the black teachers fired in about a ten year period after Brown vs Board of Education was devastating to black children especially black male teachers being fired. Our so-called leaders at the time didn’t seem to think that was such a big deal hearing many being interviewed about the subject. They seemed to focus too much on our people now being accepted to white colleges and universities.
    If it were up to me I would incorporate Marva Collins system of teaching concentrating on elementary school learning. By the end of six grade most of her students could tackle a college curriculum, high school for sure! She knew what students didn’t understand and would pay them more attention. She also had at times two assistants to help. It was really something to see when a student finally gets it. You can see it in there face it’s like that’s it that’s all why that’s easy! You see those students can’t wait to get back to school. It’s inspiring!

    1. Hi Rudy, the article brings out many excellent points about Charter Schools assualt on our community. Again white people in this case white women making money off Black children’s bodies. Black parents paying for education that demean and disrespect our culture.

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