Why Are Men Angry At Me

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Lately, I can’t get along with anyone. A budding potential relationship goes from a dream to a disastrous crash. Is it me or everyone else?
Certain “wisdom” would say, you idiot, it’s you. How could everyone else be wrong? It’s a matter of perspective. They don’t see it from mine, but I see it from theirs.

Granted, I process information slower. The old Angela would never find herself here. Her battles would be different. The new Angela lets the wrong people into her life, leading to problems when I want to get away.

It’s to the point that I am afraid to be alone with a strange man.

Since that head injury in April of 2012, I have had difficulty reading people, and it’s gotten worse. I don’t trust myself in certain situations, so it takes longer to figure things out. Drinking more than one glass of wine on a date impairs my judgment. Alcohol removes my inhibitions and sense of caution, which leads to a world of confusion.

Some try to take advantage of me. It usually ends with a battle —a couple to a few weeks later when I find my voice. At that point, usually, men get so pissed at me. I am clueless as to why the anger. I believe men don’t like women to have a voice, especially those who speak the truth and disagree.

Thank goodness for my small network of friends who keep me sane. They’ve seen me through good times when I was full of smiles to bad times when I lived in hell. They give me the confidence to be me regardless of who gets pissed off.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

10 thoughts on “Why Are Men Angry At Me

      1. After all the years that I wrote about the fear that men have for women, I still have to explain this to you? Well ok then, here is the short version of it (again) 😊

        In patriarchal societies (the one you live in is one) men are indoctrinated from an early age with the idea that they are superior to women. However, in their lifetime, they are faced with the fact that this idea is a load of shit. But because that idea of their superiority is completely ingrained in their personality structure, these men continue to cling to it, continue to believe that they are better than women, and therefore become very insecure when they actually come into contact with women who perform better than themselves, and have no choice but to admit it. The result of this is that they prefer to avoid those women. Since that is quite difficult in practice, a feeling of fear develops in addition to a feeling of superiority. This apparent contradiction further fuels their growing feelings of weakness, as well as their stubbornness to continue to treat women as their subjects, while simultaneously going to great lengths not to show how afraid they are for them. And especially when it comes to independent and self-confident women, who can only laugh at these types of men. And from what I know about you, you are one of these ladies.

        The foregoing is also one of the reasons why closing that so-called gender gap is met with so much (secret) opposition.

        Unfortunately, as I also wrote on my FB page yesterday (December 03) the vast majority of women give in to this male superiority chatter, even defend it. And so these societies, for a long time to come, will continue to cherish and adore patriarchy, while faking they’re on the barricades for their women.

          1. Patriarchal men don’t change. They are way too corroded for that. They just act differently. But that too only in ways that were instilled in them by their ‘leaders’.

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