Food For Thought: There Is No God!

Is these such a thing as good or evil?

Has anyone noticed a pattern of disruption and violence that occurs when Western countries set up shops in African and Caribbean nations?  Lately, it’s Sudan.  I don’t know the history of Sudan.  And I don’t trust Google or chatbots to tell the truth.  Europeans used their religion and their God to control us when they came to Africa.

Yesterday two Jevohah witnesses came to my door to spread the word of Christianity and their religion.  If they could read my thoughts, they would have turned around and not made several attempts to engage a person who no longer considers herself a Christian.  I went from being a Catholic, by far the worst and racist religion ever, to being spiritual, then agnostic, and now atheist.  I don’t believe in God!  The world has shown us over and over there is no God.

There is energy, and we are energy beings.  That energy allows us to do whatever we imagine if we are willing to take risks and trust in ourselves.  I don’t believe in some false God or religion bent on taking away your power and telling you how to live.

There is no good or evil!  There are things we do when placed in specific environments.  Today we try to label countries, rulers, and ethnic groups with those terms, but who are we to do that when we have done much worse, and there are no consequences?

If there was once such a being as God, I believe we killed it a long time ago like we killed Jesus.  People need something to believe in.  I suggest we start believing in ourselves.

Do you believe in God?

It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts I do understand.  -Mark Twain

This post might offend my religious friends for that, I apologize, but my belief stands.



Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

14 thoughts on “Food For Thought: There Is No God!

    1. Hi Bob. Thank you for your like and comment. I wish the like button would work for you. The Happiness Engineers said you could contact them for help. LMK

  1. Yes, dear Angela, looking into this world, how can we believe in a God who is almighty, knowing everything and being good?! It would be an absurdity! Let´s take only the millions of innocent children in this world suffering from terrible things. No, if there wouls be an almighty and knowing everything force, it could rather be named a devil! But at the same time, if there are people needing such illusion, I tolerate and respect their desire. But we have the chance from time to time to act on other beings as an Angel! Let´s be satisfied with that! Sunday eveniung hugs

    1. Hi Andreas. You hit the points! An Almighty “knowing everything and being good” is absurd. You’re right. Such an Almighty would be a devil. And we know the world is full of them. We see their handiwork daily. The silver lining is, as you say, we can be Angels to each other. I have encountered many some would say I’ve been their angel. 😀

  2. Obviously, no “god” or “gods” nor any evidence sumnonable supernatural beings after all these eons of human attempts, but I do not think that we humans have energy that ” allows us to do whatever we imagine if we are willing to take risks and trust in ourselves.”
    I can imagine plenty of events, outcomes, scenarios, gifts, heroic endeavors, incredible feats, but, that’s nowhere near me making them into reality. Fate, and fates, in life depend on way, way more than our imaginings. Otherwise, I’d be….

    1. Hi Notobilia. I see your point. First, you have to imagine. Then you put in the hard work of making it happen. Sorry if I made it sound easy. There are sacrifices, obstacles, and many failures; then there is age or the time limit. If you wanted to become a bird and fly, it might not be possible in this lifetime.

      1. Your essay is very powerful, and contains many hard- won truths.
        A handful of thousands of years ago, not much more than that, in Africa, there lived ancestors of us, each of us, common and identical. You’d think that Africa being the true “homeland”for all of us humans would seem to matter more to the US, and Catholicism.

  3. Anyone reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation would have nothing to do with most organize religion! Most of us support evil! There should not be one GOD fearing person supporting the Catholic church knowing their history. TMH says he wishes no one to perish but have eternal life and the people who died unjustly will be given another chance I believe but we can’t see a person heart. To a person who always existed 6000 years is like 6 days so we think he not acting fast enough but to him it’s not that much time. My greatest source of belief is creation itself. TMH wants faith from man. Follow his commandments and pray for strength to over come the spiritual wickedness in high places and that is every government on this earth.

    1. Hi Rudy, I can see why you believe. You have taken the high road. God created the world in 7 days if we believe the Bible, so it’s hard for me to imagine that God doesn’t realize what 6 days mean to one of his most treasured creatures created in his likeness. Isn’t he almighty? Rudy, are you making excuses for God? 🙂

  4. Re, “Do you believe in God?” You mean the one promoted by Abrahamic religions? Yes? Then my answer is: No.

    Re, “There is no good or evil!” I wrote about that many times. Also on FB. Here’s the text I once shared over there: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there” (Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī).

    1. Hi Roald. Isn’t the Jewish religion based on Abrahamic religions? Ah, Rumi, I visited that field. It took a while for me to understand there is no good or evil.

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