What Is An Ally When Faced With Inhumane Goals

Netanyahu and Israel’s goal to exterminate Hamas is inhumane.  Destroy Hamas, and another group will pop up to take its place.  Thus far, Israel’s war against Hamas appears to be a war against Palestinians, especially their children. That is genocide. For every thousand children killed, how many Hamas militants die? We don’t know.  There is no justification for targeting killing children or hospitals.  It does not matter if they are used as human shields. You don’t shoot through them. However, many Israelis view Palestinians as animals and their deaths as acceptable collateral damage.

If Hamas were that much of a terrorist group, they would kill hostages or mutilate them for each bomb that kills Palestinian civilians.  Instead, Hamas released hostages without asking anything in return.  I don’t understand why Hamas bombed Israel.  That was wrong, and now the very people they govern and allegedly protect are dying in thousands. The latter discussion is mute because of Israel’s inhumane response.

I stumbled upon the New York Times Article that made me ask, What is an ally in this humanitarian crisis?

Many Jewish Americans feel betrayed and abandoned by Black Lives Matter and other progressive groups. They think Israel is justified in killing primarily civilians in their goal to exterminate Hamas.

They do not question the inhumane nature of depriving people forced to live in open-air prisons of water, fuel, food, electricity, and now the ability to communicate or have a voice.  Instead, their focus on Hamas to justify crimes against humanity is wrong, sinister, and evil. It appears Palestinian civilian casualties are not of concern. The Israelis don’t seem to understand that indiscriminate killing of civilians will lead to more people joining Hamas and other military groups in the area. They are making the humanitarian crisis worse and creating a foundation for future wars.

If an ally is running towards a moving truck, should you run with your ally or warn them?

It’s tough for Black people to stand behind Israel. In many ways, progressive Jews have abandoned the cause to support Israel. However, that is understandable. And that makes a good ally—the ability to understand each other.

It’s hard to support Netanyahu, who is a racist and uses terms reminiscent of Hitler. I am surprised Israelis lined up behind him.

Allies, like good friends, tell you when you’re wrong. An eye for an eye makes everyone blind.  Biden needs to demand a ceasefire!!!


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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