As Catholic Hospitals Expand, So Do Limits on Some Procedures

By Katie Hafner

One in six hospital patients in the United States is now treated in a Catholic facility, according to the Catholic Health Association, a membership organization that includes 90 percent of the Catholic hospitals in the United States. In a 2016 report, MergerWatch, a nonprofit group in New York that tracks hospital consolidation, found that in 10 states, 30 percent or more of the acute-care hospital beds were under Catholic ownership, or in a hospital affiliated with a Catholic health care system. In a growing number of rural areas, a Catholic hospital is the sole provider of acute care.

Most facilities provide little or no information up front about procedures they won’t perform. The New York Times analyzed 652 websites of Catholic hospitals in the United States, using a list maintained by the Catholic Health Association. On nearly two-thirds of them, it took more than three clicks from the home page to determine that the hospital was Catholic.

HHS: Trump health office lies to millions with fake reports and data

This following article is about how the  Trump administration used a government agency, HHS,  responsible for the health of Americans to falsify reports that undermine American’s health.   His administration falsified reports on Obamacare in attempts to get it repealed.

Trump administration quashed a report that showed benefit to Americans when refugees pay taxes.

His administration began to lay the foundation to roll back abortion by redefining life as beginning at conception.

Are Americans aware HHS morphed into a propaganda arm of the Trump administration, pushing false information about Obamacare to help Trump strip health care from millions of Americans?

Trump administration officials running a key office within the health department have been caught manipulating studies and reports in an effort to undermine Obamacare, support the administration’s anti-refugee stance, and push an anti-abortion agenda.

According to a new Politico report, staff say “the political pressures to tailor facts to fit Trump’s message have been unprecedented.”

An office that is key to evaluating and implementing U.S. health care policy has repeatedly been pushing out bad information to aid Trump’s attack on Obamacare.

“The office of the assistant secretary for planning and evaluation (ASPE) within the Health and Human Services (HHS) department traditionally works to track the effects of health care programs and to help inform the public on health care issues.

But under Trump administration, the office has repeatedly been caught publishing false data.

In one instance, Trump’s ASPE generated a report alleging that a majority of states saw premiums and costs double under Obamacare in 2017. Politifact rated the claim “false” after a Republican senator cited it in a Facebook post. The fact-checkers took note of serious methodological errors in the analysis and called it “flawed.””

Read on Trump health office lies to millions with fake reports and data

According to Politico, the Trump administration altered a report by McKinsey & Co.  They inserted their labels on the Mckinsey data to help Republicans deceive Congress and Americans to defund Obamacare.

Is this an administration we can trust? One that lies to Americans repeatedly multiple times throughout the day. Does the Trump administration care about America’s health? If Trump did, why not work on improving Obamacare instead of pursuing a vendetta to repeal it with nothing to offer in its place.

In addition, Health and Human Services, one of the largest and most funded agencies, should not be a propaganda arm for Trump administration to publish false information dangerous to American’s health.

Trump is a definite national security risk, don’t you think? Share this information








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Why Are There So Many Single Black Women?

Mass Incarceration: What Caused The Dramatic Rise In Never Married African-Americans

Why are so many black women single?  Could this be due to structural racism? Mass Incarceration?  A system that disrupted black families, leaving Black women and children to fend for themselves in an increasingly hostile world.

In general, marriage is on the decline in America.  In 2016, 48% of all Americans married as opposed to 29% of African-Americans.
Approximately 1 in 2  of all African-Americans has never married as opposed to 1 in 3 of all Americans.

Black men marry white women at twice the rate that Black women marry White men.

  • In 2017, 15% of black men were married to non-black women while only 7% of black women were married to non-black men.
  • Of those with non-black spouses,  60%  of black men were married to White women while only 4% of black women were married to white men.

Curiously, in 2012 The U.S Census Bureau did a study on the history of marriage and discovered some surprising statistics.  From 1890 to 1960s,  African-Americans 35 and older were more likely to be married than White Americans.  Then in 1980 something changed.   The number of married African-Americans declined. The number of never-married African Americans began to climb, jumping from 10% in 1980 to 25% in 2010.

In the 1960-70’s mass incarceration began. The chart below shows how the rise in mass incarceration may be related to the dramatic rise in the number of never-married African-Americans.

Why are so many Black women single? Why was there a dramatic rise in never married African-Americans around the same time  mass incarceration started to take hold?   The data suggests a link.  Mass incarceration maybe playing a crucial role in breaking up African-American families,  sentencing many black women to single parenting or single life.  This observation needs further investigation to determine if an association exists.

Since a majority of black women will not consider dating a non-black man, what does that mean for the future of African-Americans as mass incarceration becomes the American way of life?  Was the war on drugs that led to mass incarceration intended to be a war on African American families?





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Marriage In Black America




Blacks Need To Step Up Their Responsibility


This is a video by @TJSotomayor where he lambasted  black people.  His despise for Black women  glaring.   Despite the biased rant, he made a valid point about blacks not adopting or willing to open their homes to state-owned or orphaned black children.  Something, he admired about the many whites who have.    Without actual stats, let’s presume this is true, why are whites adopting more black children than blacks?  Or is this true?

While I find his remarks offensive,  there was truth to his criticisms.   Do you agree with him?  Do you think Blacks should stop pointing fingers at whites and start helping each other?  Let’s hear your thoughts.

All thoughts accepted without comments.