FFT: Did Pedophilia and Homosexuality Originate In White Culture

Today, I can’t stop thinking about sex farms and buck breaking. That was the ultimate mind fuck where white slave owners without inhibition expressed their sexual perversion. On these farms black men, women and children sodomized and forced into incest and pedophilia by white men and women who watched and participated.

Given this history, it seems likely pedophilia and homosexuality originated in white culture. When whites went to Africa to spread Christianity, did they use religion to sodomize Africans?

My heart goes out to the children especially those under five years old separated from their family and will never see the parents again. What will become of these children under five? Those children doomed to tragic lives given the history of white culture and hate.

That brings me to the opioid epidemic which appears to affect mostly white families, especially, their children.   That is not surprising when their parents are bullies, racist, violent or sexual predators.  Most mass shooters are white males.

Please note this post was not meant to offend but to examine the sexual exploitation by slave owners.  I expect flack, but the evidence is all around us.   I can no longer bite my tongue while I hear white people destroy other races and cultures with labels.  Labels that tell more about white culture than the culture scapegoated.

FFT: Did Pedophilia and Incest Orginate In White Culture?
FFT: Did Pedophilia and Incest Originate In White Culture?

The History Of Male Slave Rape (Buck Breaking) And The Word MotherFucker [SD 360p]

WTF Is Wrong With White People?

Warning:  This post contains sensitive language, images, and videos.

WTF is wrong with these white people? Is this insecurity?  Or self-hate?  Or just dumb racist white people?  Notice these incidents occurred in fast food type places or malls except the one at Yale, my medical school alma mater.

Is this a planned attack on black people unfolding in plain sight?  An attack to imprison black people’s minds in fear, obedience, and submission to white people.

If I were white, I would be mortified instead most whites seem amused by these videos with many copycats whites waiting in the wing for their chance.

I know many whites will say: “Stop generalizing.” “It’s just a few uneducated white people; they are the exception. ”
However, the only exception I see is white people who feel shame or who care.

White people minimize these acts knowing racism is the very fabric of their culture.

Boston, MA

Kentucky white woman yells racial slur

California white woman yelling racial slur at a Mexican man doing his job
White Yale student calls student police on a sleeping black Yale student
White woman yelling racial slurs at an Asian woman


I ask again, WTF is wrong with white people?  Truly can you tell me? If people of color started shooting white people on sight, don’t you think they would be justified in feeling threatened by whiteness?  The videos above are a sample of non-violent videos, the image below is white history.

If you have videos of whites violating the civil rights of POC, please submit or post here in the comment or contact form.  We need a database of images and videos before they are permanently deleted to alter history.  FailuretoListen.com can be a repository until an official database is created.   #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTwitter #WhiteHistory


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Well-Being: Strategies To Adjust To Other People

Feeling stronger makes me more productive.  Soon I will want to be around people again. That means adjusting to other people. Last summer’s attempt without a transition after years of solitude was a lesson that to live among other people, I need strategies.

Those years of medically induced PTSD make me fear the prospect of entering the world again will cause much stress, it did last summer. Despite this fear, ongoing obstacles, and unexpected medical speed bumps, I’m ready…I think.

At birth, we naturally adjust to our environment so why am I fearful of a  naturally acquired trait? After years of withdrawing from the world and cutting people out of my life to reduce stress, returning to the outside world to socialize and network with other people is challenging especially without the masks acquired over the years.

To help me adjust, I developed a short list of strategies that thus far seem to work.  While using these strategies, I noticed staying out longer, going out multiple times in one day and a desire to be with people.   This is enormous and a sign that I am indeed on the road to recovery.

The strategies are:

1. Stop, Look and Listen
2. Be Kind or Avoid
3. My Time Is Valuable, spend it wisely
4. Take Breaks

1. Stop, Look And Listen

Don’t be in a rush, slow down and take time to look around. Observe with all my senses to understand the surroundings.

A good doctor is an excellent observer. Doctors learn to Stop, Look and Listen and touch (medical term palpate). That is the basis of a physical exam. Outside of the physical exam touch is a no-no.

#StopLookAndListen forces me to observe, be cautious and learn the lay of the land.

2. Be Kind Or Avoid

I catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In person, always be kind, a smile helps. If I can’t be kind:

-Delay the interaction until I am well rested or if possible avoid altogether,
-Ask someone to be an intermediary,
-Set and stick with an agenda

It’s a good principle to be kind to everyone even those who seem insignificant.  If they are in my life, keep it civil.

The outside world is full of evil people.  Based on the  Iceberg theory, evil cannot be seen.   Avoid or reduce contact with people who make me uncomfortable or who bring out the negative side of me.

#BeKindOrAvoid lets me develop strategic friendships with uplifting or inspiring people.

3. Time Is Valuable

Time is often overlooked and undervalued. If someone takes time to give directions or be civil, show appreciation or carry it forward. I have to remember my time is valuable too, spend it wisely. With a limited amount of time, spend time with people who bring out the best side of me and avoid people who bring out the worst.  In the past, the latter was a telltale sign of a bad relationship.

#TimeIsValuable reminds me of my value and that my time matters.

4. Take Breaks

Take regularly scheduled time away from people. I live in an area where I don’t belong or fit in. No one is coming to rescue me. I have little in common with the people around me.  As a single working mom with young children, I was too busy to notice. Now my children are older, when I #StopLookAndListen the difference is glaring. I don’t belong here yet I can appreciate the environment.

Having time alone is crucial to my sanity.  I know I already have too much time alone yet that seems better than the alternatives.

#TakeBreaks for time alone keeps me balanced in my environment.


Adjusting to other people is no cakewalk but the above strategies work to reduce my stress levels.   If you can think of different ways to adapt while keeping stress levels low, please share in the comment section.


This section of Well-being is new. I will write about adjusting to a missed diagnosis of head trauma at Tufts Medical Center.  That missed diagnosis changed my life forever with subsequent medical and cognitive issues living nightmares.  My road to recovery will be shared in this section.  

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F*&$ IT! I’m an “Angry Black Woman”

Written By Erin T. McMillon


Because there are also times when I am happy; times when I’m sad; when I’m frustrated; giddy; calm.

And then there are times when I’m just there.

Because I am a human being and I have a range of emotions, just like every other human being.

The problem is, as that as a black woman, I’m constantly labeled as angry.

But reality is that I am entitled to my emotions … ALL OF THEM.

And if there are moments when I am angry, I have EVERY RIGHT TO BE!

You see, black women are arguably the most educated group in the US … but are definitely the most undervalued.

Our bodies are sexualized and fetishized as soon as we hit puberty. But if we try to embrace that and the natural human sex drive, we’re seen as promiscuous.

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A revealing post by Erin McMillon about the culture most black women in America endure.  My twitter handle was once  #AngryBlackLady.   Today, I don’t give a fuck what people think. I am going to be me.  You can like me or hate me, that’s your problem, not mine.  It’s a hard line– one that is protective and reduces my stress levels. Many black women feel the same.

Civil Rights: A Look At The History Of The Republican Party

If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. -Malcolm X

Are Republicans racist? With Donald Trump as the face of the Republican party, is there any doubt? The party is without scruples and void of integrity. Their supporters believe white people are superior yet somehow are being persecuted and people of color are to blame.

This racist ideology was not always the case. Both the party makeup and its ideology changed over time. Did you know in the 19th century, the Republican party had little to no support in the South? Or that most black people voted Republicans? A reason we should not get bogged down in semantics, as yesterday’s Democrats are today’s Republicans.

The Republican Party was not always the racist party or the party of the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. The party was founded in 1854 by abolitionists. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican US President,1861-1865, and is best known for the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order issued on January 1, 1863, freeing slaves. Let’s be clear, the Republican party was not against slavery because they championed social justice or felt slavery morally wrong; no the party’s motives were economic and political. The South had seceded and Lincoln and company wanted to remove their economic advantage of cheap labor. Further, the Republicans wanted the black vote.

In 1793, over a half-century before the Republican Party, the Democratic Party was founded in the South by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. From the beginning, the Democrats distrusted big government and supported slavery. The first Ku Klux Klan members were Democrats. The Democratic Party was the face of the solid south. The concepts of “state rights” and “traditional” values were code words in support of white supremacy and structural racism.

Following the Civil Rights War and Reconstruction, the South returned to its old ways of exploiting black bodies. By pushing for State rights, the south was able to change the packaging on slavery by creating ‘Jim Crow laws’. These laws employed structural racism to
ensure black people remained at the bottom, serving the needs of white people and working essentially for free. The strategy was ‘Separate but Equal.’ Everyone knew ‘Equal’ was not true. Jim Crow was the law of the South after Reconstruction up until the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In 1948, the southern democrats separated within the Democratic party and became known as the Dixiecrats. The Dixiecrats wanted states rights to continue enforcing Jim Crow laws without federal interference.

President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat from Texas, signed The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Johnson’s support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 led the solid south to vote for Barry Goldwater, a Republican. In 1968, the Republicans came up with the Southern Strategy, a strategy to maintain white supremacy by employing structural racism (Structural racism limits access to services and goods based on race). The strategy emphasized, “state rights” and “no integration” to woo southern white voters.

The Southern Strategy worked! The Dixiecrats led by Strom Thurmond officially left the Democratic Party in 1964 and joined the Republican Party. The Southern block of politicians joined the Republican Party because it promised to maintain white supremacy. This was accomplished through laws and policies that targeted or limited access based on race.

Today the Republican party is represented by Trump, who while popular among racists at home and abroad, has come to symbolize racism, lack of integrity, lies, inhumanity, and cruelty.

Does the Republican Party still represent American values?

If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. -Malcolm X



Butterfield, Fox. All God’s Children.

How Republicans and Democrats switched on civil rights

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Man Who Likened Himself To George Zimmerman Found Guilty of Second Degree Murder

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Lukace Kendle
Lukace Kendle. Found guilty of second-degree murder and attempted murder.

Twenty-nine year old Lukace Kendle is going to prison. Friday, he was convicted of second-degree murder with a firearm and attempted murder in the June 1, 2012, shooting that killed Kijuan Byrd, 29, and paralyzed Michael Smathers, 38. Kendle faces life behind bars.

Smathers, who is paralyzed from Kendle’s bullets, testified at the trial that after barbecuing, he and Michael Smathers went to Club Rol-lexx to shoot pool. They played a few games and watched the Miami Heat game, then left the Club and went to Smather’s truck in the parking lot to smoke a joint. They had planned to go back inside the club.

Kendle showed up, parking in a tight spot next to Smathers’ truck. He got out of his car and put on an all-black uniform with a vest, baton, gloves, a knife, ammunition and his gun…

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Remembering Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for a better day

A reblog to remember Martin Luther King, Jr. This reblog has a link to MLK’s speech, Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence (http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/45a/058.html), it is worth reading. His words are relevant today as well as inspiring. America engaged in different types of war all over the world, wonder what MLK would say? Read the speech.

through the luminary lens

Martin Luther king Jr. - photo by Dick DeMarsico - reproduction rights transferred to Library pf Congress. No copyright restriction known

MLK bumper sticker - bruce witzel photo

Art from Tubac Arizona (edited) - painting entitled Grief Knows No Boundaries - artist unknown

Or the full 53 min. audio recording ]

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden - created by Vietnam veteran and sculptural artist Denis Smith - photo by Bruce Witzel

Martin Luther King Jr. statue at Fresno California May 29, 2010 - bruce witzel photo

Memorial at Weed, California - bruce witzel photo

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden near Weed california

Girl in Mexico City, Oct. 1991 - Bruce Witzel photo

MLKJrQuote abour service edited

At the Getty Villa - bruce witzel photo

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