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“Peace cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein


FFT:  How Do Church-going Christians Live With Cognitive Dissonance

Don’t you ‘love’ the church going Christians who step over bodies on the way to church? Makes one wonder how do they live with cognitive dissonance?  Then it occurred to me while toying with a few on Facebook.  They ignore the content and apply labels to the person.

Do you know why black people have been called angry for stating the truth or a fact? It’s because the truth is in conflict with the stories these church going Christians tell themselves as to not live with the pain of cognitive dissonance (or rather the guilt).

What is cognitive dissonance? It occurs when one’s beliefs/values and actions are discordant, in conflict. As when a church going Christian who believes in God and Jesus murders innocent people. With cognitive dissonance, the body and mind feel psychological pain that can be very intense and lead to a host of other medical, physical and social issues. We as humans cannot lead normal lives when there is cognitive dissonance.

In order to prevent cognitive dissonance, these god fearing individuals need to make their actions seem godly or rather justified. That is when they apply labels:

It’s acceptable to walk over the body of a “terrorist” or a “thug.” And it’s okay to ignore or even kill an “angry black person. ” It’s ‘saving a life’ to kill a doctor who performs abortions.

Next time church-going Christians attempt to justify an ungodly  act or their lack of compassion, then label you for pointing out the hypocrisy, remember they need to do so for their peace of mind.

In addition, labelling is a learned behavior /strategy to detract from the facts.

What are your thoughts?

The US Spends Over 55cents Of Each Tax Dollar On The Military

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom. -Martin Luther King Jr.

US military is very powerful, it can nuke spiritual doom.   Americans need not fear loss of the sentiments of humanity.  We have the military! Look how well they have done so far.  We have nothing to fear.


Why Keep Going?

Like a recurrent toothache, I keep going back to this question.  No matter how delighted I may be at the moment, my thoughts never venture far from this question.  
Why keep going?  Why, when it sucks or rather it becomes meaningless to move on or do anything?   When your mind reaches this point, you do one of two things–give up or become desperate.

Is that when you become radicalized? When the past is filled with darkness and the future has no light.

Seems like life is a waste for some. Why even bother to endure so much pain only to end up dead or an expert at enduring pain?  Guess it’s one of those cruel jokes called life. 

To end on a positive note, most people not like me don’t feel this way.  They keep fighting and never ever give up.  Is it the fight that keeps them going? Or do they eventually see light? 

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