The War on Blacks!

Was the War on Drugs Successful?

The War on Drugs was a successful war, but not on drugs. What the War on Drugs was successful at was imprisoning young black youths, removing them from schools and making schoolwork more challenging and frustrating for children who were already stigmatized.

Imprisoning children destroys families, by trapping them in a vicious cycle of poverty where they lose the constitutional right to vote, lose the ability to get an education (since they are denied access to federal financial aide for college), plus a history of imprisonment makes most decent paying jobs inaccessible to them. What a way to begin a life!

This has created a cycle of ex-convict and delinquent youths robbed of their “manhood” while imprisoned, trapping them in a world of violence, environmental toxins and isolation that inevitably leads to more violence, premature death, imprisonment, drugs and unfulfilled dreams.

Society does not recognize its role in this targeting of communities of color. Every time a black youth ventures outside his invisible fence of concentrated poverty, and gets harassed or murdered, it has a profound and pervasive impact. Perhaps this is why such news is not covered; only black-on-black crime is covered.

Until a few years ago, I had no idea of the magnitude of structural racism destroying families in communities of color. Blacks are 14-15% of the US population yet about a 1/3 of the prison population. This is not because Blacks are more violent, but rather because of racial profiling that targets them, especially while they drive or when in school.

Seen from the eyes of Black youths, the world is not a hospitable place. Black youths are viewed suspiciously and deemed criminals by society. Black youths and communities are aware of these beliefs.

Imagine Black youths out to have “fun”, yet can’t, because White adults stare, show fear at their presence, stare past them, clutch their handbags, follow them into a store and even arrest or murder them while buying perfectly legal items at a retail outlet.

How would you feel if your children shared such experiences?

Black youths cannot go to a convenience store without being accosted, followed or watched by store staff. Perhaps some of this suspicion is justified, but most is not.


As adults show Black youths the same respect you show other youths: start with a genuine smile and be prepared to be amazed at the results.

Many children from communities of color lack exposure, making communication difficult. Definitions and non-verbal cues have different meanings for them.

Was the War on Drugs Successful?

The War on Drugs legalized racial profiling in the minds of law enforcement officers and the justice departments. A brief review of articles noted in the US Citizens database gleaned many established and new observations. Granted, these observations are anecdotal; therefore these are areas for further investigation. Racial profiling targets Black persons, especially the youths. Racial profiling equals police harassment, with attendant police brutality and violence.

The magnitude of the devastation caused by the War on Drugs on communities of color added exponentially to the psychological trauma of slavery, chronic discrimination and an inferiority complex.

Many communities of color live in a state of dysthymia (chronic low-grade depression) with many folks feeling helpless and hopeless about the future. Many search for meaning through religion, others through gangs, and still others through living in isolation. Remember about one in three black males have a loved one in prison. That is disruptive and defeating.

The War on Drugs has resulted in mandatory sentencing of poor drug offenders. For example, possession of five grams of crack – a cheaper form of cocaine – carries a five-year sentence, while cocaine carries a five-year sentence if the equivalent of 5,000 grams is in a person’s possession. Similarly, stiff sentences apply to marijuana, which is now legal in a few states and has medicinal uses. Where did this all begin you might ask?

The War on Drugs started in the Richard Nixon era. The privatization of prisons took off with the Justice Department collaborating with private prisons after Bill Clinton reduced the budget for law enforcement and the Justice Department.

Since then, explosive growth in prison populations suggests that private prisons have successfully rounded up the criminals from the War of Drugs. However, that was not the case, as it was just a smokescreen of stereotypes. Closer inspection of data refutes that claim by the demonstration of disparities in the justice system and law enforcement.

Private prisons and the Justice Department have a lucrative partnership (paid for by taxpayers) that arrest targeted individuals despite known innocence. These innocent victims, usually challenged in self-defense, are subjected to repeated adult bullying by police officers, correctional officers, judges and prosecutors. They become the main pool or source of income for private prisons and judges.

One wonders if police officers and correctional officers are selected for their brutality and, perhaps, their affiliation with ‘White Supremacy’.

New York City charges about $168,000 per year for each prisoner. This sum does not include benefits and other essentials. New York City does well, considering the accommodations at Rikers. States get more taxpayer dollars to warehouse prisoners than they receive to help poor families. $168,000 a year! Let that sink in while absorbing the landscape of American police state.

Could the above serve as an incentive or driver behind the rise in incarceration rates and prison populations? The United States is 5% of the world’s population, yet it has 25% of the world’s prison population (that is 2.2 million prisoners).

If prisons are packed with low offenders, how is crime controlled?

“Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

My thoughts: Police officers take the easy way out to increase their statistics and make themselves look like crime fighters. However, police officers surreptitiously frame innocent victims while leaving gang members undisturbed to wreak fear and oppression in communities of color. #BlackonBlack Crimes

Police Officers choose victims rather than finding criminals.

Associate Editor’s comments: I share the same thoughts on the war on drugs as it too has ruined many families and communities that are White, Black and Hispanic. This especially true in the poor sections of cities and communities where all those races are targeted.

As a side note, the irony in all of this is that the Government created this mess early on in the Iran-Contra Affair, when the government willingly flooded Black neighborhoods with cocaine in order to fund Nicagua’s Manuel Noriega, which in turn spiked drug related arrests even more.

Please share your thoughts… I am interested as I continue to do research.

Colin Kaepernick: How Can I Be Proud Of A Country That Oppresses People Like Me?

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.  -Martin Luther King Jr.


If America wants respect, then it’s time for America to respect all its citizens.

Recently, Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers Quarterback, did not stand for the national anthem.

Why? To protest and call attention to dead Black people. The daily unnecessary and arbitrary killing of Black persons and other People of Color,  by police officers sworn to protect and serve all Americans.

Kaepernick said the murder and oppression of Black people were bigger  than football.

Kaepernick wished to call attention to a system of corruption, that not only affects Black sport players, but also their fans.

Murder is murder, right?  No, in the USA, it depends on the color of your skin, your religion,  and your wallet as well as your badge.

Football and other sports fans, and NFL executives, were up in arms. Many angrily protested how dare Colin Kaepernick exercise his constitutional rights? They called him a traitor. They said he insulted the men and women who fought for his freedom.

Yet those fans and NFL executives did not care about the message or the dead Black bodies. They were not interested in a dialogue about change in a system that elevates Whites by oppressing PoC.

For these so-called “patriots”, including news announcers, the message was unimportant because the system of structural racism (which is the foundation of America) is vital for the survival of white supremacy.

Some fans have called Kaepernick a hypocrite, as he has done very well by benefiting from the American Dream. Yet this includes freedom of expression, but fans and some NFL executives seem bent on denying and punishing Kaepernick for exercising his constitutional right.

Fortunately, many of those that really fought for our country’s freedom agree and support Kaepernick’s right and message.  #VeteransForKaepernick

U.S. Veterans Explain Why They’re Standing With Colin Kaepernick:

U.S. Veterans Are Coming To Colin Kaepernick’s Defense In Droves:


Hypocrisy And Double Standards

Then there was Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte who embarrassed his country by committing perjury, plus offending Brazilians. Yet once again, white Americans defended Mr Lochte’s right to conduct criminal activities, by saying he was only 30 years old, a kid who was drunk, to give him a break and make his extreme international embarrassment excusable.

Why? Because he has White privilege, the ultimate hypocrisy and double standard in America that is offensive to justice and getting stronger.

Contrast this with Gabby Douglas, the Black gold medalist Olympian gymnast, who was demonized for not smiling enough or placing her hand over her heart during the National Anthem. White Americans were more angry about her action than those of Ryan Lochte, whose motive was purely selfish and criminal.

There is a reason many Black athletes and other Americans may not want to acknowledge the national anthem. An anthem written by Francis Key Scott to celebrate the victory of Fort McHenry. An anthem that celebrates slavery and was written by a racist slave owner who believed blacks were sub-humans. Would you stand for a song that celebrates your oppression?

Where’s the debate on Francis Scott Key’s Slave-Holding Legacy? Smithsonian

Slavery and the national anthem: The surprising history behind Colin Kaepernick’s protest. CNN


The American Dream For People Of Color

Black athletes are reminded they are products of the American dream because of their income, not their liberty,  their freedom or their protection under the American constitution.  A design that considers them second class citizens. One that respects their athletic skills and ability to entertain, but not them as human beings.

At any time, Colin Kaepernick, Gabby Douglas or any other Black celebrity athlete, entertainer or professional can be put in their places as second class citizens and terrorized into submission by police for no other reason but the color of their skin.

As NFL executives  support the Police to shoot first and ask questions later, the next hashtag could be one of their top Black NFL players who appeared to be threatening to a cop.  Why wouldn’t you too take sides and protect your team?

Disappointingly, the NFL executives short sightedness in not fighting for the rights and protection of their players, and Black fan base, make them part of the problem that stole millions of lives under false narratives. In 2015, at least 1,100 people were killed in police custody. As of September 2, 2016, 723 people were killed by police officers.

The Counted: people killed by police in the United States

Black athletes are unable to voice their concerns of the violence and discrimination that they, their family, friends and culture are subjected to on a daily basis.

Aren’t we all Americans with the same constitutional rights to the American Dream?  Or are we not as many White Americans and many brainwashed Blacks say?


Colin Kaepernick Protest

Kaepernick being biracial is deeply affected by police brutality, a violence without accountability or consequences.

Colin Kaepernick is a hero and role model. What he did was a simple gesture of brilliance. Whites may not have heard the message, but the overwhelming majority of People of Color heard and understood.

In his car, Colin Kaepernick knows he too could be stopped for not being White and subjected to demeaning, degrading and dehumanizing behaviors by police officers. Behaviors that could lead to  his imprisonment or even his death.

As Colin pointed out, this problem is bigger than football. I applaud him for risking his career, and life, to raise awareness and call attention to this growing epidemic crisis. Now other Black athletes need to join him and maybe America will finally listen. There are elephants in the room, and unless we stop ignoring them, this country will implode.

Colin Kaepernick is probably more patriotic than his critics because he expects more from this country. He believes this country can live up to its promises that all people are created equal and protected under the constitution.

Kaepernick protests the oppression and murder of people of color by police officers

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO)

John Oliver reports on #Ferguson like no other.






Ferguson Cops Busted New Video ?

Ferguson Cops Busted? New Video Seems To Show Brown Paying For Cigarillos (Video)


The Ku Klux Klan and a growing group of angry white people are raising reward money for the murder of “typical low-IQ Negro” Michael Brown. Wilson is already on course to make tens of thousands of dollars for his deed.


John Crawford: Killed Holding a ‘Gun’ in an Open Carry State – News & Views – EBONY

John Crawford: Killed Holding a ‘Gun’ in an Open Carry State – News & Views – EBONY.

Eric Garner’s Funeral: NYPD Impenitent


Calvin Bryant, a 53-year-old anti-police-violence activist who says he knew Garner growing up. Bryant was angry, and let the press know it as he stood with his cousin, Richard Kirkpatrick, and his two young children, holding a sign that read “# I Can’t Breath” and wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the face of Ramarley Graham, the Bronx teenager killed in his own home by police in 2012. “When is this going to stop?” Bryant asked reporters, clutching his shirt. “Ramarley Graham, this case ain’t been solved yet, and already you’ve got the nerve to kill this man Eric Garner.”


Why Did Police Arrest This Man in Front of His Kids at Eric Garner’s Funeral?

Garner Funeral where Calvin Bryant was arrested  in front of Children

Eric Garner’s Funeral:  NYPD Impenitent

As if to show the world their characters, culture of impenitence, and confident arrogance, NYPD officers harassed mourners and fabricated another arrest. This time, they arrested Calvin Bryant on an “outstanding warrant” and for “resisting arrest.”  They arrested this mourner at  Eric Garner’s funeral.    How do such actions by the NYPD ameliorate tension and build trust?

It’s déjà vu!  It’s sarcasm, but true:  How creative is the NYPD?   Why change a good lie when most Americans secretly approve, harbor biases, and don’t care? (smiles)

The NYPD continues unabated to terrorize communities of color. The video is extremely poignant and brought sorrowful tears as friends and neighbors mourning the loss of Eric Garner pleaded helplessly as another family member and neighbor was hauled away by the NYPD. Calvin Bryant, with his family–his children–exercised his First Amendment right to free speech (within federal laws) and was arrested by the NYPD.

Consider the obvious and this: NYPD created another household of children run by  single black women. What are the ramifications?  It’s interesting how  our government creates poverty through jobs and lucrative parasitic  opportunites for chosen businesses.

Why would the NYPD provoke a community that is in mourning, fearful, and mistrustful? Most black communities are disarmed because of arrest records. I believe this element was codified into a silent agreement.

NYPD’s boldness is amazing! They  are fearless of repercussions.   They are impenitent! In plain sight, NYPD  officers of the law fabricated the routine lies (resisting arrest–the outstanding arrest was  probably fabricated) with impunity and lack of accountability.   They harassed    a member of a community that is suffering,  rendered helpless but not broken,  and  mainstream media turned blind eyes looking for “the news.”   A few weeks ago, the same police department murdered Eric Garner. This was his funeral. His last words were, “Leave me alone. This stops today.” Then, he was murdered by Officer Daniel Pantaleo.   NYPD  displayed impenitence by ignoring  the dead man’s wishes at his funeral.

Why did NYPD arrest Calvin Bryant?

How many times was Calvin Bryant arrested by the NYPD? Eric Garner had 31 arrests. Another man was arrested over 200 times for trespassing at his place of employment–all dismissed. Interestingly, with that many arrests, Eric Garner’s only charge was possession of a joint, I think. There are so many stories with similar patterns,  I get confused.

In reviewing this pattern, it appeared the NYPD employed racial profiling to target black and Hispanic people along with other groups less equipped than whites to offer a defense or resistance.

In addition, there were monetary benefits linked to arrests that went directly to the NYPD and the judicial system. How can it cost NYC $168,000 per year to house a prisoner at Rikers? Who earns a salary of $168,000? How many of you would pay that much for accommodations at a correctional facility akin to Rikers? A fiscally responsible city such as NYC paid that much, which seems exorbitant and uncharacteristic, unless corruption and fraud were involved.

Another consideration is that NYPD is heavily armed now more than ever–thanks to FEMA and the Health and Human Services Department (HHS). NYPD is dangerous, totally unaccountable, and entirely above the law.

The NYPD’s reign of terror against communities of color continues undaunted, undeterred, and surprisingly emboldened. The recent homicide death of Eric Garner at the hands of Officer David Pantaleo, as well as other deaths, are still under investigation and with no arrests: Why should NYPD fear justice?

An abundance of evidence, but no arrests. Every day, American citizens are arrested based only on accusations and without substantiating evidence. Or, as has become a pattern, they are arrested based on the statements of an arresting police officer such as Daniel Pantaleo, without corroborating evidence and with an abundance of conflicting evidence.

NYPD used racial profiling to target American citizens in black and other communities. These citizens became targeted victims and were repeatedly arrested, delivering a steady stream of income and satisfaction akin to Sodom and Gomorrah. Groups targeted for incarceration have only two options: obey or die.

NYPD and justice departments deployed racial profiling as a strategy to increase stats and show Americans that our tax money was well-spent on the NYPD, a tough crime-fighting unit. (vomits)    (See Evidence-based Programs: Right Answers Wrong Questions.)

Do you think the NYPD is a tough  crime-fighting unit or a crime-creating unit?


  • Boycott NYC until the Officers  involved in #EricGarner murder are behind bars.
  •  Show Your Support.  
  • Everyone can participate 
  • And Send a POWERFUL message to government and the NYPD

What can YOU do?

-Attend no conferences in NYC– choose alternate locations for events.

-Shop outside of NYC.  


-Demand the  arrest of Officer Daniel Pantaleo without bail

NYPD serves and protects We, the people

Still investigating and no arrests and solid evidence of #Policebrutality are no longer acceptable responses

Some rightly say, “What is the point of arrests when justice will not be served in court? “

Let’s ensure justice is served


Updated 12/5/14:

Justice was not served! Instead, Daniel Pantaleo,  a #killercop is Free to kill again and molest black men.

NYPD, protected by the government’s expanded immunity against all crimes,  use Grand Juries to bypass laws. Grand Juries have morphed into a corrupt system where government official murder unarmed Americans with immunity, impunity and no accountability…Held in secret in the interest of National Security.

#BoycottNYC Now!


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  ~Martin Luther King Jr.

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Other Important and Related Stories:

1. Bystander killed in Calif. standoff

2. After Eric Garner’s Death, Cops Still Won’t Do The Right Thing

3. NYPD Is Now Bypassing Journalists to Write News Stories About Itself

4. If Filming Cops is ‘Interference,’ It’s the Least We Can Do

5. NYC’s yearly cost per inmate almost as expensive as Ivy League tuition