8 Step Guide To “Good” Traffic Stops

8 Step Guide to Good Traffic Stops

To  be proactive and avoid police brutality and violence, I share this video. Hopefully by following these eight steps, we can prevent unnecessary police violence and brutality of civilians who are stopped by police officers.

  1. Pull off to the right.
  2. Find a safe place to park.
  3. Both hands on the steering wheel, visible at all times.
  4. Do not exit your vehicle unless requested by the officer.
  5. Have a receptive attitude, even if you believe your rights are being violated.
  6. Respect and Respond, even if the officer’s attitude is demeaning, degrading and dehumanizing.
  7. Make no sudden movements without informing the officer.
  8. Report inappropriate behavior to the Office of Professional Standards, even if the office is controlled by the same officers who abused your rights.
    1. Get the officers’ name and badge number; or
    2. Car number located on the side of the police car; or
    3. B-tag located on top of the car.
    4. For unmarked cars get the license plate number

Remember you can call 911 and request a supervisor remain on the line with your during police stops.

Bystanders, please assist by recording the incident on your phone or camera. In your recording,  please make sure to include the license plate number, car number and B-tag  to assist in identification of the police officer.

I welcome readers to elaborate, share experiences and add to the above 8 steps.

9.  “Do not volunteer any information, only answer questions that pertain to the traffic stop.  (Anything you say WILL be used against you. For example: Where you’ve been, or where you’re going, is none of his business and immaterial to the traffic stop)”  by Onno Vocks

Updated 8/28/2016

Stolen Lives: In Memory Of Mike Brown |Images








Darren Wilson supporters




The Killer Darren Wilson, His fiancé a bona fide KKK member
The Killer Darren Wilson, His fiancé a bona fide KKK member


















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An Epidemic of Police Violence and Terror


Man dies after being taken into custody in Phoenix


Portland 9-year-old cuffed, taken to adult jail

DISE – SURRENDER – ferguson police diss – RIP MIKE BROWN

Police Violence: Use of Tasers For Walking

“A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the family, including the 7 month old son, of 24 year old Gregory Towns, who died after being tased 13 times in 29 minutes. Two officers repeatedly shocked this man’s body for a total of 47 seconds… while unarmed and handcuffed.”

“Police found Towns sitting down and out of breath after a short foot chase. He asked officers at least ten times to be allowed to rest before going with them, according to AJC. The cops then decided to use their weapons as a cattle prod to force the weak man to walk, instead of just letting him catch his breath.”

“While we often ask “why didn’t that cop use a taser instead of his gun?”, it is important to remember that while a person is less likely to die from a taser shock than a gun shot, they are still a weapon, and still often unnecessary and lethal.”

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/man-dies-taser-13-times-cattle-prod/#Qk5v1TKX1JTpDtdM.99

Using tasers to hasten the arrest process for injured citizens who have difficulty breathing has no place in American medicine. I doubt the manufacturer of tasers would make such recommendations to any law enforcement official. There are no medical indications for tasers.

Someone who is having difficulty breathing needs an ambulance. Any fool knows that.

This is wrongful death due to the off-label use of tasers. The police did not act in accordance with standard practice or protocols for tasers.

Personnel should consider that exposure to the ECW [Taser]  for longer than 15 seconds (whether due to multiple applications or continuous cycling) may increase the risk of death or serious injury.”  (3)  

Police are not allowed to make medical decisions, yet they are (with uniformly poor outcomes) increasing fatalities and disability cases.

Systemic violence within law enforcement serves to compound the burgeoning unlawful, unethical, and inhumane actions that lead to physical and mental disorders. When a disorder is exploited by law enforcement for profit or abuse, it can only be described as an act of terrorism.

A public health emergency exists for people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Asperger syndrome. People with mental and developmental disorders may not understand commands screamed at them by an irate officer pointing a gun, and the wrong reaction could be fatal.

The medical community cannot stand by and watch patients slaughtered, knowing that they are at very high risk for police violence and its associated morbidity and mortality.

Gregory Town tasered to death

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Kansas Police Kill Suicidal Teen, Stopped Family From Helping (Video)



Jennings ingested 60 pills in a suicide attempt, but was taken by police to a local hospital and survived. Only three hours after checking out of the hospital on Saturday, Jennings walked to the hardware store. [ where police shot at 16 bullets at him, shortly after, pronounced dead at the local hospital.]


They knew him,” Smith told the Kansas City Star. “They dealt with him the day before. He was suicidal. He had only been out of the [psychiatric] hospital for three hours when they shot him. I was screaming at the top by lungs, ‘That’s Joseph Jennings! You know him, don’t shoot him!'”


For Full Story:  Kansas Police Kill Suicidal Teen, Stopped Family From Helping (Video)


This is in the midst of Mike Brown and daily occurrences  of police violence yet no justice. Where is justice? No arrests…what is going to happen to those residents once the press leaves #Ferguson?


Judgment is impaired…something is wrong!   This makes no sense.   I believe the victims!

There are too many to ignore… WE NEED INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY. Sanctions against our government until they #HandsUp and surrender to the will of the  people.


Kansas Police Shoot, Kill Suicidal Teen


Food For Thought: How do we protect those with distinct voices?

How will we protect the frontlines of freedom from retaliation?

How do we protect those with distinct voices? That is a question worthy of careful thought. Police are powerful branches of government and retaliation can come in different forms , when it is least expected  and can be fatal.  How do we protect those on the frontline?



Let’s figure out:

1.  Ways to help avert retaliation —TRAINING & EDUCATION

2.  Offer  technical assistance—LEGAL SERVICES

3.  Offer monetary assistance to families for legal defense —CROWDSOURCING


Valuing the  inalienable rights of ALL people, means helping those fight  when necessary.  Need varies with context so finding ways to communicate and identify safety needs.   How do we help spread the fight and increase support for Individual Rights?  


Too many “Recognized”  well-funded organizations for human rights do not do their jobs well.   Many lost opportunities  because of  pre-occupation with busy.   


Ramsey Orta and Calvin Bryant, I believe are still imprisoned.   Are they still imprisoned? How are they? They  and the protestors in #Ferguson are  soldiers  of  the infantry of freedom, fighting on the frontlines.  


So, how do we protect the distinct voices of freedom from American tyranny?


Create an infrastructure of protection capable of  tracking  data and detecting corruption….. Let us brainstorm….




1.  Ferguson Feeds Off the Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household



2.  Ramsey Orta “100% Sure” Cops Arrested Him As Revenge For Filming Fatal Chokehold


3.  FBI investigating ‘Anonymous’ for attacks against Ferguson police home computers




Ferguson PD: FUCK AMERICANS Mercenaries Deployed To Trample Our Rights

Ferguson PD: FUCK AMERICANS Mercenaries Deployed To Trample Our Rights

Mercenaries are here….along with the bed linen white boys and men.  New York ignored Eric Garner’s murder while Ferguson showed its might as well as its  close ties to the KKK.    In both cases, justice has yet to be served.
Americans have been told to Fuck-Off by both NYC and Ferguson Police Departments.   Our  Bad Ass State governments–big, white and racist–could give a shit about the Constitution or the rights of Black and Brown people and many others as observed.

[Why is the KKK not on the USA Terrorist list alongside Al Qaeda?]

Breaking: Special Ops Military Contractors Now Being Deployed to Ferguson

The Blackwater-esque military contracting company ‘Asymmetrical Solutions’ announced on Twitter yesterday that they are deploying special ops to Ferguson.
They refused to give the public necessary details about why they are capitalizing off of this civil unrest, saying“we cannot professionally hand out that information, regardless of client or location. We put a security team of former SOF personnel into the STL area at the request of a client.”

The company is comprised of tactical, deadly individuals hired for military operations, such as Navy SEALS, SEAL Team 6, Special Operations Forces, Army Green Berets, and more.

They say they are deploying a “high threat team in (their) own city”, as they are ironically headquartered in St. Louis.

For full Story:

Breaking: Special Ops Military Contractors Now Being Deployed to Ferguson


Basics of Tactical Shooting Course at Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri

supporters of Killercops
supporters of Killercops