NEVER FORGET: America’s Terrorism Of Communities of Color wants Communities of Color to NEVER FORGET!  #BlackVotersMatter and #BlackLivesMatter

To that end, a gallery of images on police brutality, slavery, and torture will serve as reminders of our fight for justice. Eventually, I hope to put the images and videos on a decentralized public blockchain for history.

Mid-term elections are fast approaching. Communities of color will be deluged with politicians from both sides scaring you to vote for them. Already Trump found a group of black pastors willing to sell their souls and congregation to him. Don’t trust them, and they do not speak the word of the Lord if they take orders from the devil.

As usual, the Democrats will take black voters for granted, promising us nothing but expecting loyalty and our votes. They will use black celebrities to corral our votes.

What has the Democratic party done to deserve the loyalty of communities of color over the last several decades? Democrat sponsored legislation supporting a war on drugs and mass incarceration have destroyed families of color. Liberal Democrat supported media portray black men as super predators. To make matters worse, Democrats profit from private prisons and the mass incarceration of people of color.

Black lives do not matter to either party but #BlackVotersMatter tremendously. It’s time we use our votes to build our communities. We need candidates who will hold police and white all accountable for their racist crimes. Vote for candidates who prioritize issues of inclusivity or issues that are relevant to communities of color.

To end police brutality and reduce mass incarceration, society needs laws that make it criminal and also shameful, unethical and inhumane for any system to produce those outcomes.  The criminal justice system in its current state rewards racial profiling and police brutality.   Every time an innocent person or a suspect of a misdemeanor dies or winds up imprisoned then dead, that death often deemed justified, means financial gain to the US prison-industrial complex.  It’s a complex composed of different arms of a system that feeds on taxpayers and the bodies of prisoners through mass incarceration. The more prisoners, the more profit for everyone who is part of the prison-industrial-judicial complex.

Also, the courtroom, a significant portal of entry into that complex is exceptionally biased so much so that cases involving people of color result in a culture that is unsympathetic and hostile to the majority of innocent people of color.

The Democrats’ use of healthcare will sway voters since the GOP are bent on repealing the ACA. There is another issue that is emblematic of Trump and his supporters. The issue is racism, in particular, structural racism and it is relevant to communities of color.

The industrial-prison-judicial complex is an example of structural racism that is destroying communities of color. It’s executing a slow genocide by stripping people of color of human rights then using their bodies for profit,  crimes, experiments, and sexual exploitation.

If Democrats want the Black vote or the Latino vote or POC  vote, let them make our children’s lives and safety a priority and a major party theme this midterm election.

In addition, here is an incomplete list of action steps that can cut police brutality and incarceration rates.

  1. End the use of excessive or lethal force at traffic stops and on 911 calls for help
  2. Mandatory drug testing after cops harm or kill a suspect
  3. Mandatory body cam. A fine and temporary suspension without pay if body cam was off during an incident of excessive use of force.
  4. All suspensions will be without pay
  5. Psychological screening of all police on hiring, biannual routine testing and after use of excessive force.
  6. People who call the police because a person is black or an immigrant will be fined and a clear path to civil suit available.
  7. All contractors hired to support the prison-industrial-judicial complex will be held accountable for poor outcomes to prisoners under their responsibility.
  8. Mandatory reports of all deaths and injuries while in police custody or imprisoned.

What are the relevant issues in your community?

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Source of Images: Social Media; Pinterest and Twitter

Are Accusations Enough For Arrests and Imprisonment?

Are accusations enough for an arrest and imprisonment?

Are accusations enough for an arrest and imprisonment?  This question plagued me since earlier this year. Another question that plagued me is: Can  judges sign  knowingly false arrest warrants?

In NH, I am told the answer is yes to both questions. The police can accuse  and imprison anyone for anything without any evidence. And our courts nod in approval. Some amoral Judges enjoy the travesty and do knowingly sign false arrest warrants.  The police can be creative story tellers, one has to wonder about self-projections by police officers.

The epidemic of human rights abuses and violations by the United States govt (criminal justice system)  confirms  the right of police officers  to  murder American citizens with impunity and no accountability– All in the line of duty.

In other words, murder is not a crime if carried out by police officers, correctional officers, prosecutors or judges.

Michael Brown was about to start college when his life was cut short.  An officer (identity protected so he can  murder in peace)  of the law murdered him in Ferguson.  The officer was armed, Michael Brown  was not. The officer was trained, Michael Brown was not.   The officer swore to protect and serve Michael Brown  instead he murdered Michael in cold blood and then lied.

Eric Garner, husband and father of six children, was harassed by the NYPD (31 arrests is a sign of harassment not criminality).   On video for everyone to see, Officer Daniel Pantaleo  choked  Eric Garner to DEATH.  Officer Pantaleo is on paid vacation,  planning his next targets while Police Commissioner Bratton and Major De Blasio defend his actions.

Officer Pantaleo has a history of complaints.  He likes to grope  at men’s genitals.   NYPD settled a suit where Officer Pantaleo and other NYPD  officers performed a strip search in public on the sidewalk.   They found nothing but enjoyed the view so took the boys back to their NYPD  precinct where there stripped them naked and  had them perform.   That is the culture of the NYPD and that is the culture that the Major of NYC defends.

Isn’t this reminiscent of Pedophile Priests, the Catholic Church and their haven the Holy See?

Potential murderers should plan ahead…..become officers of the law, just in case they need to accidentally murder.

Light Up The Lines In NYC and Ferguson

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Light Up The Lines In NYC and Ferguson


“Police Brutality can’t just be a racial issue. It’s something we all need to unite against regardless of skin color or status.” A quote from a new friend.

Justice is nowhere to be found in America. Black communities have become “Open Air Prisons.” For example, Look at Ferguson and the black communities of NYC. Why are black communities patrolled by predominantly, ~90-100%, white police officers. This is a problem!

Who are these white police officers? Are they racists? Are they white trash? Are they bullies? Are they former criminals? Are they white supremacists? Are they members of the Klu Klux Klan? We do not know…but we do know they are not friends of the black communities they serve.

Americans accustomed to apathy ask yourselves:

1.   Were the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown necessary?

2.   Were they entirely preventable?

3.  Was excessive and unnecessary force used in each case?

4.  Did the NYPD violate the rights of Eric Garner?

5.  Did the Ferguson police protect Michael Brown unnecessarily and then lied to conceal their crime?

6.   Why have there been no arrests in the case of Eric Garner?

At a minimum, Officer Daniel Pantaleo should have already been arrested without bail.

Justice is nowhere in America; Americans will have to demand justice. Let us light up the lines of NYC and Ferguson.

Demand arrests of Police Officers and First Responders responsible for the murder of #EricGarner.

Also, FREE #Orta!

In Ferguson, demand the immediate arrest and identity of the officer who murdered #MichaelBrown.

Our criminal justice system is turned upside down.   Majors and Police Commissioners protecting police officers who commit crimes.

We now have police forces of criminals–Criminals who are heavily armed and dangerous.    Being a police officer does not give one the right to harass, bully or murder innocent unarmed American citizens.


Let us start with Lighting up the Lines

Petitions to arrest the offending officers in the murders of #EricGarner and #MichaelBrown

Demand all officers wear and use recording devices

I hear suggestions that black people should learn to behave. That is nonsense! A police officer is not above the law, and a badge does not give the right to harass Americans or murder unarmed citizens.

NYPD Police Brutality Continues Amidst Hoax

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NYPD Officer Kills Baby Following Breastfeeding Argument

NYPD Cop Who Killed Baby Cleared Of All Charges


Why do police officers resort to violence when victims are unarmed?   Why are  there so many dead unarmed Americans murdered by NYPD and other police departments if acts are lawful and in good faith?  Why are there so many instances of NYPD murders of unarmed and innocent black males?

 NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton  and NYC Major Bill DeBlasio are directly responsible for the culture of brutality that pervades NYPD.  Stop talking nonsense, Stop defending the unlawful activities of police officers who are criminals.

MY  questions to you both:  Are you intentionally recruiting criminals and white supremacists for your police departments?

As this baby Layla turned out to be a hoax, I think.     The National Report responded to its hoax with the following comments:

The publisher of National Report, who allegedly uses the name “Allen Montgomery,” spoke with the Casper Star-Tribune last year about his site posting a fake article about RFID chips being implanted in Wyoming residents. ”We have been targeting Tea Party types recently as they are the most gullible and are willing to spread misinformation across the internet with little/no research,” he told the Casper Star-Tribune. 

It is our opinion that if a person is too lazy to check for multiple references [or at least one other source] … and they spread misinformation around as fact, then they are to blame for their own stupidity, not us,” he said.

Unfortunately,  police brutality  directed against black people is under-reported,  under-appreciated and brings forth media biases.   We, ordinary  Americans, rely on  honesty and integrity of each other and  other online news sources  in reporting  facts– not fabrications or hoaxes in the midst of a crisis.   The National Report did more harm to our cause than any riot  by creating doubt  around real tragedies.

The National Report is not well known, at least, not by this blogger.  I will not read any further articles.  At least TheNewsNerd warns upfront.

One last point:  Thank you to those on Twitter who recognized the name, the hoax and informed me.  I welcome information including corrections.  We are a community.


Now A Real Story of Police Brutality

160.  When Parenting Feels Like a Fool’s Errand: On the Death of Michael Brown

When Parenting Feels Like a Fool’s Errand: On the Death of Michael Brown.

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160a.  Missouri teen murdered by police for not walking on the sidewalk – protest ensues

160b.  Family of Michael Brown, Teenager Shot to Death By Ferguson Police, Talks About His Life

 162.  Michael Brown’s Body

Do Not Forget