Food For Thought: How is Knowledge Transferred?


Knowledge is power  and when applied  provide understanding of  ourselves and each other.  Compassion and empathy,  natural byproducts of self-awareness,  come from understanding  the roots of humanity.

How is knowledge transferred?

Language necessary to  transfer of knowledge, dynamic and fluid  in diverse formats, ……..imparts understanding  through   connections of trust.

How do you transfer knowledge?

Humor: The Toad and Brown Noser | Videos and Slideshow

Give up The Toad….NO Way!

Gotta Give Up the Toad | Family Guy | TBS

how to be a brown noser


Hancock – Your head goes up his ass


My gratitude to Roald Michel for the videos and my collaborator, Toadink, for the inspiration.

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Food for thought: How do you deal with being invisible and under recognized ?

How do you deal with being invisible and under recognized ?

You let go and let those in charge lead the way. You recognize your limitations and find joy in your worthlessness. Watch TV and find pleasure in others’ happiness, knowing your unhappiness makes it possible for their happiness.

What an absolutely blissful new life. RIP old life of goals , desires and imagination.  Live life as an observer…observing   hardwork, skill, talent and  happiness of others.  Find vicarious pleasure in  other’s,  as you become devoid of feelings, numb and await  the grim reaper.

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AWESOME Tribute: His Hands Were in the Air

Beautiful  song dedicated to Mike Brown.  TY David Rovics

His Hands Were in the Air

RIP Michael Brown. Unarmed teen executed in broad daylight by racist cop.


His Hands Were In The Air

The town is mostly black, almost all the cops are white
You can see it right away, something isn’t right
There’s no funding for the schools and they’re being shut down
The powers that be don’t give a shit about the town

They were walking in the street, it’s the safest place to be
In case someone comes shooting, you got a better view to see
They were walking in the street, they weren’t hurting anyone
Then came a white man with a badge and a gun

His hands were in the air (4x)

“Get the fuck off the sidewalk,” that’s what the cop said
He cut them off in his car, fat face, blood red
The cop says he was attacked, and from a cursory check
It seems his fingers were assaulted by Michael Brown’s neck

There were witnesses who saw it, it was recorded on a phone
But the police couldn’t handle the light that would’ve shone
She was forced to hand it over so they could try to hide away
A racist execution in the middle of the day

He had just finished high school and was off to college next
Instead he was shot and killed with no pretext
The media joined in, called the community a mob
A cop called them animals while Michael’s mother sobbed

Source:  His Hands Were in the Air

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WTF: Suicide in the Name of Beyism (Beyonce Religion)


Beyonce Worshipper Found Dead After Sacrificing Self To Singer

Taniya Hattersfield, 23, of College Park, GA was found dead Tuesday morning of self-inflicted stab wounds to the chest. Taniya Hattersfield was what appears to be a new member of the National Church of Bey, an organization based on the religion called Beyism. The religion was founded to worship the R&B superstar Beyoncé Knowles and boasts hundreds of members that call themselves Divine Divas and even view Beyoncé’s music as sacred text.

The exact details of the suicide note were not revealed, but police did indicate that Hattersfield took her own life as a sacrifice to Beyoncé at the request of the National Church of Bey. We were able to speak with the family of Hattersfield. Her mother had this shocking response: “She was crazy,” her mother said, “Plum f-ckin’ crazy! You can’t be nothin’ but crazy to take your life over some lightskin b***h that sings. I mean, I know that’s my daughter, but I’m just keepin’ it real.”

Hattersfield’s father was less vulgar, but equally shocking. “I don’t even consider that my daughter. My sperm don’t make crazy b****s that worships singers,” the father said, “just because her mama and I had a good time one Friday night don’t make her my daughter.”

Meanwhile, Taniya Hattersfield’s body has yet to be claimed by any family members. It currently sits in the hospital morgue waiting for a proper burial. If her body is not claimed, Taniya may eventually be laid to rest in a Potter’s Field, a cemetery typical for homeless people that have no known families to claim them.



The last sentence is the saddest part of this story. Taniya killed herself and no one cared. Her family is correct she took her life for a crazy reason, as far as we know; their disappointment and pain understandable with each memory a stab wound to the soul.

The need to belong and connect trap teenagers and young adults, blind and render them incapable of knowing when to ask for help.

WTF is Beyism? A religion to worship the R&B superstar Beyoncé Knowles, HUH! Beyonce do the responsible thing: Denounce this lunatic religion or replace it with a dream that is positive, attainable and keep young People of Color on paths of growth and self-efficacy.

Read Full Story:   Beyonce Worshipper Found Dead After Sacrificing Self To Singer

The National Church Of Bey (Beyonce) Commercial


Surprising interests in this story roused curiosity around comments that would follow. Here are two: But first two remarks and an update.

  1. The first  comment surprised  only that someone would defend the insanity.

  2. The second comment inspired hope.

  • There are people with sensible values.  Right?


Beyism is the brainchild of 12 friends high on pot in Atlanta. (4)   Apparently, they are still high on pot because they plan to publish a Bible called Beyble.  This would be amusing and full of laughter had Taniya Hattersfield not killed herself in the name of  Beyism.

Was Taniya among the 12 high founders?  Probably not, founders  don’t sacrifice themselves they find  followers for that role.

Future plans for Beyism include expansion in numbers outside the Atlanta area.   My suggestion, keep the number of followers  at 12 or less and take away their pot.


April 26, 2014 at 11:42 am

Don’t speak about things you don’t understand. If you simple minded creatures would take the time the listen and comprehend Beyonce’s gospel you would know that this sacrifice was necessary. Her parents seemed to have let her down but thanks to Beyoncé she’s in a better place now.

April 26, 2014 at 3:29 pm

“Don’t speak about things you don’t understand. If you simple minded creatures would take the time the listen and comprehend Beyonce’s gospel you would know that this sacrifice was necessary. Her parents seemed to have let her down but thanks to Beyoncé she’s in a better place now.”

B, with all do respect you sound foolish just like this woman and the rest of her followers. Have you ever read the bible? There is no true gospel, but the One God made! It is up to you to believe a lie, but that is the work of the devil! Heaven and hell are real-we chose that path. How dare her place herself as a god. And yes she is a :god,” but with a LITTLE g! There is only one true God above all and one day she too will bow down before Him. Have mercy on all of you. May the truth of God be revealed to you and all who are blinded! God have mercy!

screen shot of the above comments
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