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    1. Thank you Chad. I enjoyed the article. I like Brandon’s attitude. He is right most people just want to be heard, want someone to listen while they tell their stories.

      Another thing he said that I liked is: he is not a journalist or a photographer because of expectations and rules. I have difficulty writing if I sport my diplomacy hat; I get caught up in grammar.:) Take off the hat, words flow like a faucet and my stories become real, up close and personal. Wow, I just realized something important. I have difficulty writing whenever I hold back and step inside the box to write. I like writing about real issues that affect not only me but others without voices. Unfortunately, most people don’t like reading about those issues or I just suck at writing.

      Your sharing of the article could not be more timely. I am weighing the pros and cons of continuing to blog. My blog is going no where; it’s time to fold or be bold. Brandon is fortunate, he has recognition, a large audience and found a way to monetize his blog. I have none of those things to motivate or provide fuel. And right now I am running on empty.

      Nonetheless, I appreciate your compliment.


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