Corrupt Healthcare and Legal Systems

Mendelson attorney
The above three criminals the law firm dirty and involved New Hampshire

New Hampshire
No Investigation
No Evidence
Sting operation from tufts lawyers and administrators

Legal system corrupt lawyer is complicit in not defend in to the fully . In Massachusetts Mona a law firm immediately no without hearing. Who are the lawyers ?
In New Hampshire lawyers afraid to defend.

Will only go so far as to defend the defendant because they are paid by the system to get along. Crooks

The story is not the specifics but the process where people are harmed but cannot get adequate defense. Judges very crooked also the judge knew the prosecutor was full of shit and still screwed my son over.

Prosecutor lied both in Judge more scored and I have to get the name of that judge and the names of the prosecutors and transcripts of the tape case. Fortunately I took a picture of the log that day so I have names of all the cases for that day and I have all the attorneys and the judge in that courtroom

It is not a system of justice is a system that railroads people and makes them vulnerable so my son as young as he is has an arrest record of though there is no evidence we don’t even know if the girl even existed.
Such details are not required in the court of law. Just us on this police officers and the prosecutor that prejudices to court with innuendos that she knew you were false.

And attorneys defendants who are not aggressive in defending their clients.
Also to defend cost money and that puts many defendants at a disadvantage in the system that’s paid for by tax dollars

Very crooked system the lawyers the prosecutors the judges they get paid for each arrest so I Bohus them to turn a blind eye to dishonesty

Shameful and healthcare is no better medical errors. Friends sister died because of medical errors could not find a lawyer to sue the hospital.

Tom’s not only poor care but harmful care this on this administration this honest lawyers shady lawyers and then regulatory agency that’s totally bankrupt in honesty and justice.

What is system stacked against people!

To tell the story decide the theme ; give bullet points of private personal story backed up with arguments of the law and ethics there ethical concerns here and there’s also a fraud corruption the criminal activities yet there is no way to prosecute these people.

I am harmed my son is harmed and clear in justice but no way around the system unless I make it public.

So another public campaign this time really utilize alternative media sources.

Also make appointment to speak with house leaders and even the governor.

Bypass the system and go straight to those who make the laws. They are more vulnerable because they have to answer to constituents and if their response is prejudice then that can be used.

Create the page
Do short posts on each point
Do not forget Fasfsa, taxes

Take pictures of documents and scan in
Justice through the collective these people have families and their known I degree of influence extends 3° we are all separated from each other by 6° justice by the collective what goes around comes around and how do you put that in motion. They will harm me through my children but how do I make sure The same happens to them.
These people should be held accountable and their families should also be held accountable why because they harm the family members of the people who they screw over.


Where are we?



Future plans

Goal I would like all those responsible to suffer like I did and like my son has and my family. I would like to see them suffer also for their corruption and dishonesty the liars the fucking liars. I would like to see them in prison fine and I would like to be reimbursed actually like my son to be reimbursed and I would like to be reimbursed for the attorneys slandering my name.

Imagine bell used as evidence of the severity of a crime and artificially set bail corrupt judge more to think I once thought highly of this judge and he is as corrupt as anything and I prosecutor they’re handicapped and they use that sympathy. They use their physical disabilities to gain sympathy and earn trust when in fact they’re crooked in this honest despite their physical disabilities.

I don’t like people who lie intentionally and do harm to others especially me

I like the system to change so this doesn’t happen to anyone again.

Have to raise awareness by letting people know the entire story that enough itself is powerful I may not gain anything but notoriety however the next person victimized by the system of these people maybe they will have a shot at clobber and and I would like to see some of them behind bars

In order to beat the system one has to become a liar also if I really wanted to I could’ve created a story but that’s not me. Apparently the truth has been overruled by the New Hampshire Court system toss the lawyer enjoy your particular that firm is dirty dishonest firm powerful but dirty and they are behind my son’s arrest and false arrest but now I have to fight in order to get annuled

Also have tape recording
Design layout



  • Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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