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American Constitutional Rights slowly fade as government becomes larger.   Government encompasses more than most Americans appreciate.   How can  a country have  2.2 million prisoners  and over 1.6 million state and local Law Enforcement Officials?  Note these numbers exclude Correctional Officers, FBI agents, FEMA and others crucial to the culture of the criminal justice system.

As demand decreases so should supply?  Why is there a call for more prisons when crime is down?  A glance at the FBI Crime Statistics show violent  crime rates are down and  averaged  300-500 per 100,000 per year for the last decade  The cities with the highest rate  are not ones mentioned in the news,  what explains  this dichotomy of logic?

We  rely heavily on data to make important personal, national, and global decisions. Data without context is subject to interpretation, called bias. Data without context is sterile and is responsible for many false policies, confusion, and mis-categorization.

Context is provided daily through social media.

This campaign aims to fund the creation of a  database that will index tables with a variety of  multimedia formats.  Initially  creating a relational database with the capacity to combine context of victims’ input and stories then transitional to blockchain technology to secure the integrity and historical accuracy of the data.

Create a Relation Database with  the capacity to combine big data and  by integrating  the physical world with data.  Social media, videos and live streaming  are great sources for context, government sites  are sources for big data.

This project will seek funders to create a database that integrate big data with context to reveal dynamic patterns  emerging at multiple levels, improving our understanding of why things occur and peaking the curiosity to dig deeper.

This  Victim’s database allows victims and families to get the word out, have their voices heard and alert the public and community of relevant issues around the criminal justice system.

 Databases are great for storing, organizing and tracking events, combined with big data and multimedia can provide an objective perspectives that lead to further discovery.

By the way, phone videos appear to be a great at capturing context and adding transparency.

The prevalent belief is that black people and people with disabilities are more violent than other groups, as evidenced by the high-incarceration rate compared to whites and people without disabilities. Blacks are seven to eight times more likely to be arrested or incarcerated as opposed to whites. People with disabilities are three times more likely to be incarcerated than people without disabilities.  This is selection bias that skews any data.

Police are models of trust and integrity and can be relied upon to serve and protect.   [Or so the public continues to believe while ignoring the ever increasing evidence that this is so far from the truth to be a lie.]

Judges are fair and represent justice. Their decisions are objective and motivated by the rule of law. [Again another myth when judges and courts support the actions of police corruption and brutality.]

Private prisons are good businesses and help keep our streets and society safe.  [Private prisons are plantations where  guards torture and murder inmates with impunity.  They starve, beat, rape and kill inmates.]

If the above statements are correct, combining context with arrests information and big data should reveal these abnormally high incarceration rates and disparities  are warranted and lawful. If not our policies and our beliefs  are racist, violate human rights and we are involved in crimes against humanity.

The following brief compilation of news stories illustrating injustices in the United States compiled on my blog suggest  data will show pervasive and extensive police and court corruption.

In addition, there is increasing data to suggest racial profiling and discrimination  are at the heart of  #policebrutality #policeviolence, as well as affluenza.

Finally, there is strong evidence that corruption and lucrative incentives to imprison targeted ethnic groups and people with mental and developmental disabilities are becoming a booming business in a society based on capitalism.

Observations of Disparities in Justice:

Black people assumed guilty until proven otherwise.

Sparse coverage amounts to a gag order and no voice–it did not happen.

Few incidents of police brutality involving white men–disparity in police violence and brutality.

Racial profiling = any person of color #POC–key factor in the disparity linked to police violence and brutality

  1. What alternatives to prisons exist for young white men? Maybe paradigm
  2. Affluenza can be used for anyone where prison environment is toxic and the person vital to the community. All humans are vital to the community and have equal rights under the law. Why is this defense not used by people of color, particularly for children and those with mental illnesses and veterans?

Affluenza sets a precedent that can be used by anyone?

  1. Why are black men naked when they are found dead in prison? Police and correctional officers have a fetish for the black male genitals.

NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo and a few fellow NYPD officers played with and looked at the genitals of black youths and men. This attraction and lust may explain Eric Garner’s frustration at being harassed and sexually assaulted by NYPD. I do not think I would share such experiences with anyone.

NEW 8-11-14

. The Criminal Justice System perpetrated the cycle of poverty by disrupting families and created single black female households by wrongful and unlawful imprisonments.

  1. Stereotypes of violent black men are inaccurate and reflect projections of insider groups. The overwhelming majority of arrests were for victimless crimes or minor infractions, committed daily by non-targeted Americans, such as smoking pot or not paying a fine without police harassment and imprisonment.
  • One cannot investigate oneself, and, therefore, law enforcement should not be above the law and given that privilege. In contrast to the number of complaints with solid evidence and valid instances of police violence and murder of innocent Americans, the number of reprimands, resignations, and imprisonment of police officers were negligible.

  • Police Officers should be required to wear video recording devices

    1. Police departments do little outreach to communities served, and officers are not trained in conflict resolution except to fire their guns. Consequently, police officers have not developed trusting relationships with the communities they swore to serve and protect.
  • Police officers are becoming entities of fear to targeted communities. A burgeoning adaptive problem became mammoth as police officers’ impenitent leads to further inhumane actions that disrupt the lives of families and friends.

  • The Criminal Justice System is a mega multi-billion dollar industry that is growing and very profitable; companies in these industries are common household names, but they deliver inferior or no service at premium cost to Americans.

  • A major problem noted today (8-11-14) is how will a database pulling articles or data about arrests and violence distinguish fact from fiction?

  • Justice in America pulls news stories based on my filters, similar to a Google search or database. Today, it pulled posts and articles about the dead baby and even a follow-up stating that all charges were dismissed against the cop, yet it did not pull the IBT article or others stating the hoax. It is a database anomaly that will need some thought.

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