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Justina Pelletier: Boston Children’s Hospital and Medical Child Abuse

Boston Children’s Hospital and The State of MA – Set Dangerous Precedents

Resource of Information on Justina Pelletier, Parentectomy and Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) & The State of MA announcements 3 Set Dangerous Precedents for  the future of medical care and the well-being of children as well as adult patients.   Boston Children’s Hospital’s  strategy of patient  engagement and risk management are  hazardous, outdated and downright unethical while  trampling boldly on patient and parental rights.  What is going on?

 As government will not act Failure to Listen  and others are doing what we can to assist Justina and her parents.  Failure to Listen will document  and share information in the spirit of  Freedom of Speech and transparency.    Justina Pelletier case  is a shameful display of poor leadership as well as NO LEADERSHIP.

Below is an ongoing List of online stories  and resources  around the web about  the Justina Pelletier Case as well as other cases of child abduction cases at Boston Children’s Hospital.  This list will be updated as new information is made available and accessible to us.

Goal:   Create a resource of online information to share and analyze.    Together– I believe  we will find solutions to help the Pelletiers–daughter imprisoned for 13 months,  eight of those months in  a locked unit at Boston Children’s Hospitals.  (Boston Children’s Hospital will have hefty profits for 2013 and 2014  unless Justice is served.)

Resources On Justina Pelletier and Other Boston Children’s Hospitals Child Abductions:

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#BoycottBostonChildrens @BostonChildrens

#FreeJustina #JustinaPelletier

Tufts Medical Center Discriminates and Lies

Failure To Listen FaceBook

Bring Justina Home

PDF Files of Other Cases

Children That Have Been Victims Of BHS

Medical abuse cases in US

Boston area FM radio contacts

Conditional Custody  given Justina Pelletier's parents
Conditional Custody given Justina Pelletier’s parents

1.  Free Justina Now Facebook

2. MA Dems Kill “Free Justina” Resolution In The House. Plus– Justina Speaks!

3. Judge orders independent look at case of teen caught in medical controversy

4. Mandated Reporter complaint: Emotional & Medical Child Abuse of Justina
Pelletier, inpatient adolescent psychiatry unit, Boston Children’s Hospital

5.  Q & A: A Prominent Advocate Presses for Better Investigations of Child Deaths

6.  Exposed: Boston Hospital Takes Custody Of MULTIPLE Children Against Parents’ Will

7.  Teen indefinitely detained in psych ward after parents seek 2nd medical opinion

8.  A medical collision with a child in the middle

9.  First, Do No Harm: How We Failed Justina Pelletier and Her Family

10.  Massachusetts Patients Bill of Rights

11.  Massachusetts General Laws







18.  What Came Out of the Latest Hearing in the Justina Pelletier Case

19.  Hostage situation

20.  Understanding ICD-10-CM and DSM-5: A Quick Guide for Psychiatrists and Other Mental Health Clinicians

21.  Justina Pelletier’s Medical Providers at BCH and State of MA

David DeMaso, MD –

Colleen Ryan, MD   –

Colleen Ryan, MD  –

Gordon Harper, MD   –

22.  Statement from Dr. Dean Hokanson, Ph.D, former Chief Psychologist, Connecticut Children’s Hospital, who treated Justina since 2006:

23.  The Fight over Justina: Medical Child Abuse by Parents or Abuse of Power by a Hospital?

24.  Dr Phil: Medical Child Abuse by Parents or Abuse of Power by a Hospital – March 17, 2014


26.  Why Won’t DCF Just Let Justina Go Home?

27.  HHS Secretary Polanowicz Announces Independent Review of DCF to Strengthen Commonwealth’s Child Welfare System

28.  Judge drops case against mom who refused to drug daughter

Maryanne Godboldo


29.  No Resolution for Justina Pelletier, No Freedom

30.  List of Blaze articles on Justina Pelletier

31.  Child Mental Health: One in 10 US Children Admitted to Hospital

32.  Judge Continues to Refuse to Release 15-Year-Old Girl Held in Psychiatric Care Against Parent’s Wish

33.  About Boston Children’s Hospital


35.  Judge will rule this week whether Justina Pelletier can go home

36.  Residential Home of Captivity – Wayside  Youth and FAMILY Support Network

37.  Wayside Youth and Family Support Network

                   Department of Mental Health (DMH) MA


                   Department  of Children and Families (DCF)  MA

Wayside Senior Management



David Binder, MD – Medical Director for Residential Services

Dr. Binder has served as Medical Director for Wayside residential services for the pat 9 years. In this role, he supervises the medical providers in the Day Center and Residential Programs and provides clinical consultation and psychopharmacologic treatment to clients in these programs.

James M. Uhl, MD – Medical Director

Dr. Uhl has been at Wayside for the past 10 years, working primarily with children and their families.  As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, he provides psychopharmacologic consultations and medication treatment for clients in our three outpatient centers.  He also supervises treatment of transitional age youth at the Prescott Street residential and transitional housing program.  As medical director he supervises the other medical providers at Wayside and consults to the residential programs at the Wayside Campus.

39.  DCF Dirty Tricks

40.  Advocates Fight for Justina Pelletier, Teen Held by State in Psych Ward

41.  “Free Justina Now”! (Special Petition)

42.  Dad Gets Jail Time For Letting Son, 16, Marry in Las Vegas

43.  NINDS Mitochondrial Myopathies Information Page

44.  Mitochondrial Disease

45.  Justina Pelletier – Overview of Mitochondrial Disease | NIND

46.  Myths and Facts About Mitochondrial Diseases

47.  #FreeJustina – Justice for Justina: Was the State Right in Taking Her?

48.  Boston Children’s Hospital Kidnapping Medical Profiteering

49.  #OpJustina

50.  DCF’s Roche 
defends job 

51.  Operation Logan River

52.  New Law Bans Forced Psychiatric Drugging Of Children

53.  How Can You Stop the Massachusetts Nightmare

54.  Letter written to Judge Johnston from the director of Mitoaction

55.  Report of The Child Advocate to Governor Deval Patrick Concerning the Disappearance of Jeremiah Oliver

56.  Mistreatment and neglect of Justina Pelletier continues under Massachusetts DCF


58.  Judge delays Justina Pelletier ruling until Tuesday

59.  Office Of the Child Advocate

Gail Garinger is the Child Advocate for Massachusetts … toll-free (866) 790-3690 #F

60.  Judge Postpones Ruling on Teen Held by State

61.  Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts

62.  Judge Postpones Decision Again in Justina Pelletier’s Parents’ Custody Request

63.  Personhood USA: Judge Johnston continues to disregard welfare of Justina Pelletier by refusing to issue decision today<>/h3

Read more:

64.  Judge Again Delays Ruling on Custody of Justina Pelletier

65.  Our Corporate Partners

66.  Susan Knowles @SusanKnowles

       66a.  #FreeJustina Update of 3/19/14 DCF is the Stumbling Block?


       66c.  Articles by Susan Knowles for #FreeJustina

68.  A Miracle for Justina

69.  An open letter to @BostonChildrens, @Mass_DCF and #JudgeJosephJohnston:

70.  #FreeJustina – Judge Johnston and His Power

71.  #Anonymous Announces #OpJustina:

            71a. What is Anonymous Capable Of

            71b. .  #OpJustina

72. Munchausen syndrome

     72a.    Munchausen Synddrome By Proxy

                     The Hinterland of Child Abuse

73.  Somatoform Disorders

74.  Medical Child Abuse  – A New Perspective on Munchausen  Syndrome by Proxy

75.  What We Found in a Boston Children’s Hospital Policy Manual About Research on ‘Wards of the State’

76.  Wards of the State

77.  CHAPTER 209B

78.  Abuse of Youth in Residential Treatment: A Call to Action Part XIX

79.  Logan River Academy

80.  Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct

81.  List of Corporate Sponsors for Boston Children’s Hospital

82.  Officials to Contact

83.  Hospitals Seizing Custody Rights To Children

84.  A medical collision with a child in the middle

85.   Boston Children’s Hospital and the Department of Children and Families

86. Mothers Against Munchausen Allegations

     86 a. Munchausen Synddrome By Proxy

                   The Hinterland of Child Abuse

    86 b. Roy Meadow: the GMC’s shame

    86 c. Roy Meadow

87.  Munchausen syndrome by proxy

88.  When Government Gets Between Parents and Their Sick Children

89.   An Overview of Factitious Disorders

90.  Justina Pelletier’s Father Speaks Out About Custody Battle For First Time

Justina Pelletier’s Father Speaks Out About Custody Battle For First Time

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