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  1. Congratulations, you have a very interesting blog. Well I wish you all your dreams come true.
    I find someone combative and warlike. You have to be so.
    Humans today live times confusion, oppression and misinformation so I seem an interesting your Blog “Failure to Listen ‘.
    In short, common and ordinary people do not read deeply, hear and see only the news media information. As you know the media handled seek public opinion.


    Regards, Bruno

    1. Hi Bruno,

      Most of my friends wonder why I blog–they do not understand that general media has the money to create news. I blog to inform, inspire and hopefully, nudge people to think and question those accepted unquestionable ‘facts.’
      Thank you for your comments.

      Most of my friends wonder why I blog, I do too. Traditional media have money to create news, blogger do not, however we are the seeds sprouting news for traditional media leads. We are the blue-collar workers of journalism. 🙂

      I blog to inform, inspire independent thinking and hopefully, nudge people to embrace the being the Lone Ranger of Voices not heard.

      Bruno, I consider myself very common and very ordinary–here I am writing a blog…if you only knew…

      I appreciate your dropping and hope to read future comments.


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