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A Cultural Problem


In memory of those who suffered at  the culture of our host who calls this justice.    Justice that is not well-publicized and clearly not well-funded.   Over 90% are innocent despite any charges or the charges on non-violent.   Yet  Black people have the stereotype of being very violent.  Black parents are irresponsible, lazy and do not work or want to work.    Most are single females—and most black men are behind bars.    are becoming entrapped in the incarcerated and that of discrimination.  Discrimination that is torture, fatal and full of angst for those targeted as well as family and friends.   This type of discrimination is fertile environment for many insidiously harmful illnesses of the brain circuitry. Environmental illnesses are never confined to one group; however, illnesses do have different presentations in different locations.


Travion Blount is what happens to good kids in bad environoments but if we want to help black children shouldn’t we start here.   Black people are as diverse as any group of people.

Darren Rainey murdered by prison guards in Florida
Darren Rainey murdered by prison guards in Florida

Darren Rainey

Man cooked to death in scalding shower as punishment by prison guards

Behind bars, a brutal and unexplained death


Florida: Black Male Boiled to Death by Prison Guards NO CHARGES!


2 years later, Florida keeps lid on prison death details





Ethan Couch

Ethan Couch

he was coddled into a sense of irresponsibility by his parents and that was a defense accepted by a Judge.  Sentenced to 10 years PROBATION.


‘Affluenza’ Teen Back in Court to Learn Terms of Probation


Affluenza Defense: Rich Texas Teen Gets Probation For Killing 4 Pedestrians While Driving Drunk (VIDEO)

Dr. Gary Buffone, a Jacksonville, Fla., psychologist who does family wealth advising  explained “The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence.” It has since been used to describe a condition in which children — generally from richer families — have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible, make excuses for poor behavior, and sometimes dabble in drugs and alcohol

But Buffone said in a telephone interview Thursday that the term wasn’t meant to be used as a defense in a criminal trial or to justify such behavior.

“The simple term would be spoiled brat,” he said.–north-texas-deadly-wreck/?utm_hp_ref=homepage&ir=homepage




Darrin Manning

For Darrin Manning, Law School Begins Early

If Darrin Manning were a high school dropout, he’d still have the right to walk the streets unmolested

Darrin Manning

Collection of articles from the Huffington Post

Philadelphia D.A. Investigating Darrin Manning’s Claim That Cop Ruptured Testicle


Darrin Manning, Pa. Teen, Allegedly Has Testicle Ruptured By Cop



Bradley Ballard


Bradley Ballard

He was found naked, covered in feces with his genitals swollen and badly infected

Left alone without his diabetic medications  and without treatment for his mental illness, this veteran was found dead , naked with an overflowing toilet.  Death homicide–no charges.

Mentally ill inmate died after seven days alone in New York prison cell with toilet overflowing and without medication

Mentally ill Rikers Island inmate dies after languishing in jail cell for 7 days


Bradly Ballard Articles by CBS

September Death Of Mentally Ill Rikers Island Inmate Ruled A Homicide

September Death Of Mentally Ill Rikers Island Inmate Ruled A Homicide

Rikers Island Inmate with History of Mental Illness Died After Being Left Unattended for Seven Days

Travion Blount

Mills, a grocery stock clerk and competitive weightlifter, dated briefly. After the relationship ended, their son, Travion, was born in Norfolk on Oct. 9, 1990.

Blount said her son was a happy but shy child. She and her children settled into a townhouse on Balview Avenue in Ocean View, and Travion attended Oceanair Elementary School. He played football and basketball in the neighborhood.

As a boy, Travion Blount spent weekends with his father, Patrick Mills, going out for breakfast, fishing and playing. Blount’s father and mother dated briefly but never married. (Courtesy of the Blount family)

Travion spent weekends with his father, getting breakfast at Mick’s Pancake House, fishing or watching movies.

Family photo albums capture Travion in quiet moments – posing with his sisters, cousins, mother and father. At family gatherings, he avoided talking to adults.

He loved his long hair. He sat hours while his older sister braided it down his back.



Why did he hate school?  Why was no effective intervention made or available despite a mother’s concern? Aren’t there Federal Grants for such programs?  Where are those entitlement dollars going?

He hated school. One year, his class was assigned to speak on current events every Friday. Travion hid in the bathroom or told the teacher he wasn’t ready so he wouldn’t have to talk in front of his classmates.

Around the time he was 9, he skipped school and began to get into trouble, his family said. He met Morris “Mo” Downing in middle school, and it was Mo, a few years older and streetwise, who brought Travion into the gang life. They were like brothers.

Travion joined the Crips when he was 11. He hung out on street corners in Park Place, typically wearing a white T-shirt, white Rocawear shorts and Air Jordans. He wore his hair long, usually in braids. He topped it off with a Yankees cap.


punishment may be the harshest in America for a teen who didn’t commit murder. The 15-year-old robbed a Norfolk party with two older gang members. He hurt no one. His friends got 10 and 13 years. But as it stands, Blount will die in prison.

A dozen victims, a detective and two teens he once called friends testified against him. Witnesses described an armed robbery committed by two older teenagers and Blount, then 15, at a house party near Norfolk Naval Station in September 2006. The three collected cash and marijuana. No shots were fired, but one person was struck by a co-defendant.

After a few hours of deliberation, a jury foreman submitted a stack of forms to the judge. Blount was guilty on 49 counts.

In Virginia, juries play no role in juvenile punishment. Blount was ordered to return to Courtroom 7 for sentencing in four months.

Defense attorneys tried to avoid the law-and-order judges assigned to courtrooms 3, 5 and 7. They joked about “357 justice” – like a .357 Magnum pointed at their clients.

On March 12, 2008, at Blount’s sentencing, the judge told everyone that gun convictions came with set punishments under Virginia law.

He stepped through the weapons charges, one by one. The count added up to 118 years.

Next, the judge addressed the remaining 25 felony convictions. He suspended several sentences. But for the crimes against three victims – all juveniles, robbed at gunpoint of purses, cellphones and wallets – he did not. The rulings: life, life, life, life, life and life.


Travion Blount might be serving the harshest punishment delivered to any American teenager for a crime not involving murder, experts say. His case, and others like it, are forcing judges and lawmakers to ask: Can a young criminal life be redeemed?


That is a dumb question and we all know the answer is YES.  It distracts from the more pertinent issue of unequal justice meted enforced by law enforcment and the court system.


That is not the question to ask the question to ask:  Is this justice?  If so what kind of justice?  And what is the intent?   Life for all three juveniles is harsh.  These judges have signed a pact of genocide protected under a complex organized system of corruption.

 Travion Blount’s


Outrage In Juvenile Justice Sentencing



Darrin Manning




Or Just Being White


What Good Are Body Cameras if a Cop Can Turn it Off to Shove a Flashlight Down a Woman’s Throat?


Samuel Curtis Johnson III A Billionaire who repeatedly raped and molested his 12 year old step daughter. Judge said this man is too important to go to jail   Four month vacation at the Club
Samuel Curtis Johnson III
A Billionaire who repeatedly raped and molested his 12 year old step daughter.
Judge said this man is too important to go to jail Four month vacation at the Club


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Never Mind What the Constitution Says, Our Prison System Has Run Amok

Billionaire Gets 4 MONTHS For Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Because He’s ‘Productive’

Shaun Goodman





Protests Erupt In Washington After A Rich Man With 7 DUIs Avoids Jail Time

Judge said du Pont heir ‘will not fare well’ in prison

Judge gets security in du Pont heir’s child rape case

Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden’s

Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden’s

Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden's

Du Pont heir convicted of raping daughter spared prison


Du Pont heir, ex-wife settle child sex abuse suit

Activist: Norfolk police shot mentally ill man nine times


Police shot a mentally ill man nine times in a June 6 confrontation, an activist working with the man’s family said Friday.

Michael Muhammad said a medical examiner spoke with the family of David Latham on Friday and told them he had nine gunshot entry wounds.

Norfolk police have shot two mentally ill men to death in the past month: Latham, 35, and Lawrence H. Faine, 72, of Calvary Towers apartments. Both men were armed with knives.

Some City Council members have expressed concern about the shootings. Latham’s family and Muhammad have questioned whether lethal force was justified.

Police Brutality: Hall of Shame




If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say


Two If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say

How to Tell a Lying Police Officer to Go Fuck Himself Politely


Robocop Arrest Man For Drinking Iced-Tea


Black Boys Have Feelings, Too


Mentally Ill Black Man Shot in Head ELEVEN Times by Police Officer


Cops being Cops



Damn Those Homeless People


Real Heroes – Real Human Beings


Wake Up and Live


Tony V. Nix via “Enough is Enough” Save Our Children


Please Stand Your Ground: Get Armed!


Felony Charges Filed Against Shanesa Taylor

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