Ew A Pigeon. Or; If You Will How White Folks Feel About Melanin.

This reblogged post is a reminder of mindfulness and comfortableness in one’s skin. What other people think of you is their business. As long as you know who you are and what you want, don’t let other people’s view of you get in the way.

Race and Privilege

Recently I was sitting on the beach with a friend. The air was crisp. There were parachutes flying at distance in the ocean. Sail boats could be seen on the horizon and all around us people were immersed in their lives. Each of them experiencing the beach in our own way.

Suddenly my friend grimaced: “Ew a pigeon.” His disgust was palpable. I paused for a few seconds taking in my friends experience. Next, I watched as the pigeon waddled along the sand. In my mind the pigeon appeared to be living its’ best life.


The pigeon unencumbered by my friend’s disgust, was a walking metaphor for life.

Black folks are the “pigeons” of the world. Just like that pigeon we could be gingerly walking along the beach, the grocery store aisle, heck even down the side walk. Ultimately at some point we’re going to get the “ew a pigeon”…

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Sunday’sMeme: Help Others

This quote is the antithesis of today’s values where we devour those in need, take advantage of them and squeeze the very life from their body.

Sign Petition To Disbar Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg is no professional. Not only should he be disbarred any case he touched should be reviewed.  Let’s inundate NY with petitions to disbar him.  (How to Complain About Lawyers and Judges in New York CityDisbarment)

The following is a petition to disbar Aaron Schlossberg:

I’m Ronen Kauffman, a fellow MoveOn member, and I started a petition after seeing some absolutely despicable video footage of a racist and xenophobic lawyer in New York City cursing at, threatening, and otherwise berating members of the public on multiple occasions.1

Sign the petition demanding the New York State Unified Court System investigate and disbar Aaron Schollberg for his unprofessional, unethical conduct.

Aaron Schlossberg was caught on camera multiple times making hateful, racist comments to complete strangers. His unethical and dangerous conduct makes it clear that he is not fit to be a credentialed lawyer. He must be investigated and disbarred.

Sign Ronen’s petition

Schlossberg is on camera yelling at women for speaking Spanish and says that they should be “kicked out of my country.” Another video shows him yelling at a couple on the street, “I’m a citizen here. You’re not. You’re an ugly, f***ing foreigner, so f**k you!”2

It should come as no surprise that Schlossberg donated hundreds of dollars to the Trump campaign and is now apparently one of the many bigots emboldened by the administration’s racist and xenophobic agenda.3

Sign my petition now to demand a full investigation into Schlossberg’s racist and xenophobic history and for him to be disbarred, so that he can no longer practice law.


–Ronen Kauffman


1. “New York attorney in racist rant has history of confrontations,” CNN, May 17, 2018


2. Ibid.

3. “Lawyer who threatened to call ICE about Spanish speakers is now target of complaint,” The Washington Post, May 17, 2018



Source of image:  Pinterest

FFT: Pretending Ignorance

Do you know what it’s like to be me? Very lonely. I see and feel things that others don’t. I don’t think I’m crazy but rather evolved. At the balcony I gain perspective. Sometimes I wish I couldn’t see through people because I wouldn’t have to feign ignorance. How many of us are out there?