Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows. -George Orwell

Freedom to speak the truth is tempered by etiquette  and strangulated by censorship.  Why is freedom to lie not?  #TrumpLies


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MoveOn Under Attack From Donald Trump

The following is a letter from MoveOn.  Please reblog, share and contribute.  

Dear MoveOn member,

My name is Ann Lewis, and I’m the Chief Technology Officer at MoveOn. I’m writing because MoveOn is under attack by Donald Trump, and we need your help.

Here’s the situation: Over the past few months, as Donald Trump has campaigned from city to city, MoveOn members have turned out for peaceful demonstrations against his carnival of hate.

In response, Trump attacked us in the media, calling MoveOn members “not a good group of people,” while his media surrogates explicitly blamed MoveOn for violence he incited at his rallies.1,2

That’s when things started getting ugly. We’ve been flooded with hate mail, spam, and personal threats to our staff and online security.

As a result, we’re conducting a top-to-bottom security audit to secure our systems in advance of the general election. We won’t back down from Trump, but we need to be prepared. Will you chip in $3?

Yes, I’ll chip in to help MoveOn stand up to Donald Trump and his threats.

Over the years, MoveOn has gone head to head against everyone from Dick Cheney to Sarah Palin to the Koch brothers. But what we’re seeing from Trump and his supporters is something different—and scary.

We’ve all seen the videos of Trump supporters punching and shoving protestors—as well as Trump’s explicit statements encouraging violence. What the public doesn’t see is the avalanche of threats that come in through email and social media. It’s more hate mail of a more vicious nature than we received even when we took on the NRA or helped take down the Confederate Flag. It’s frightening.

The Trump strategy is clear: He picks a target, demonizes them, and then tries to bully them into silence. It’s what he’s done to Muslims, women, immigrants, reporters, people with disabilities—and now, he’s trying to do it to MoveOn. 

But we won’t back down.

Click here to chip in and help stand up to Donald Trump and his threats.

MoveOn has already begun taking on Trump’s hate directly by providing support for peaceful protesters outside his rallies, by exposing how Trump incites violence, and by joining with leaders of civil rights, economic justice, women’s rights, labor, immigrant rights, environmental, veterans, and community organizations to launch a major initiative to stand up to Trump’s hate.

But this is going to be one of the hardest-fought elections we’ve ever seen. It’s also one of the most important: a fight for the heart and soul of America.

Will you chip in $3 to help provide the resources to ensure the security of our staff and systems we need to take on this fight and keep our staff and systems safe?

Yes, I’ll chip in.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ann Lewis, MoveOn Chief Technology Officer


1. Tweet by Fox News, March 11, 2016

2. “Right-Wing Media Baselessly Accuse MoveOn.Org Of Inciting Violence At Trump Rally,” Media Matters for America, March 15, 2016

Want to support our work? MoveOn member contributions have powered our work together for more than 17 years. Hundreds of thousands of people chip in each year—which is why we’re able to be fiercely independent, answering to no individual, corporation, politician, or political party. You can become a monthly donor by clicking here, or chip in a one-time gift here.

USA Persecutes Julian Assange | No Arrests For #KillerCops

USA persecutes Julian Assange because there is no evidence to  prosecute.  The USA is afraid of its own people,  spies on Americans in unimaginable ways so   Be  Careful…. ISIL is here.    

Born from Anglo-values of stability is ISIL as well as other forms of violence, cruelty and destruction. Government interference in the name of stability and protection of freedom trampling the spirit of humanity, imprisoning or holding captive those who wish to usher real change.  #Justice4Assange

Does that make sense? We imprison those who inform the people, why? To maintain stability……in other words to keep the status quo, to Keep government in POWER. Big Governments require more rules piled on terabytes of rules to keep  order or what is deemed stability.

Is this the future of humanity? Officer Dan Pantaleo and Officer Darren Wilson –both murderers–with unlimited freedom and impunity, free to murder based on pigment.  





Julian Assange –a hero of the people–rots away for publishing cables of USA spying on Americans and the world.  He is accused of  upsetting  “global peace and stability.”    No freedom of the press for him, why?  Btw, where is the stability in the world?  

What we see today is stability as defined by anglo-values of the USA:  Groups distracted  and divided by hate.   

Julian ASSANGE  | ‘What is GOOGLE!’


911 The New Number to Call For Revenge


911 is the number we call for emergencies. 911 is now the number called to seek revenge….of course out of concern.  Next time you seek revenge– don’t–call 911 and let the cops do it.

Cops always believe the caller despite common sense. Common sense is reserved for white  folks not us black sloths. This was the most frightening experience in my own home.

Fortunately, my youngest was home to save me or else a bunch of white folks would have destroyed my reputation, credibility and in the end scarred me for LIFE if they did not kill me first.

Stay away from Doctors…many are DANGEROUS when concerned.


I  was cuffed  for Hypoglycemia  and almost  shot.  Shot  had I tried to leave my own home or tell those heavily armed cops to get the F*ck out of my house. There was no EMT  only cops with  rifles and other weapons….Fortunately I have a 31 minute video tape of this incident.

I texted   a former friend:  “I can’t think well..I am going to rest. ”  That is what started this horror show.

Those rifles were not for show.   And the  technology does not exists for guns to check blood sugars.

Furthermore, I was awake, alert, could drink and eat.

Rifles  and semi-automatic weapons were overkill for the the above quote.   I guess weapons are necessary for   OBEDIENCE and to KILL. They came prepared to kill me that is for sure.  I saw it in that female cops’ eyes.  Those cops ATTACKED my son as he attempted to stop them from putting their hands on me–All because  a white person was concerned.   Concerned I wasn’t behind bars?

A near-miss–I could have ended up  like Wayne Arnold Jones– unarmed BLACK man murdered, shot 23 times by 5 WHITE police officers.  The kitchen knives in my kitchen would be considered weapons but not the cops unwelcome presence and their  unwelcome assault rifles in my home. Yes, it would not have taken much to have those   4 cops fire away at my dead body using their new rifles for target practice then turn to my son.

This was a close call  and a scary one. Next time I will remember 911 is for revenge not emergencies.

Partner with your local police department for revenge by calling 911…

It works!

Remember Next  time you seek revenge:  Don’t!   Call 911 and let the cops do it for you.

(31 minute video to upload private)

– part 2-

Why Do non-Blacks Play The Race Card?


Why do non-blacks play the Race Card?

This morning, I read several comments about the race card and how our President, lacking leadership, uses the race card. This got me wondering, what is the race card, and why do non-blacks play the race card?

The ‘race card’ is a label used by non-blacks to silence blacks (meaning people of color #POC). It comes up in any discussion in which non-blacks are uncomfortable or if non-blacks wish to discredit and trivialize the concerns of black people in regards to race. Why is that? Why can’t black people be given the same tolerance and respect for their opinions without the label?

This morning, someone referred to comments about race as “weeds” that should be ignored. What does that say about this person’s views?

Why can’t non-blacks respect and tolerate all opinions? Opinions hold keys to understanding cultures, or, rather, people. Moreover, we are not clones–at least some of us are not. In addition, expressing opinions are great ways to interact, get to know each other, and build meaningful relationships. If the discussion is not about race, non-blacks simply listen to the concerns and educate blacks by providing other lenses or narratives to view the situation. Everyone will learn a few things, gain better understandings of each other, and pave the way for trusting collaborative multi-cultural and diverse partnerships—even friendships.

Labels that discredit, disrespect, and serve to reinforce stereotypes and hatred of blacks are not effective or inclusive, but, rather, very divisive. Black people will never return to the days of ‘white is right’ because ‘white is not right.’ Labels such as “race card” will only irritate, frustrate, and inflame us.

In my opinion, many non-blacks should learn to communicate with others who are not their clones.

And to answer the question on the minds of these non-blacks: why do blacks play the race card? We value cultures and people; we value our opinions. In other words, we do not play the race card.