Are Hospitals Deadly For Your Health?


Going to the doctor may be deadly for your health!

Recently published findings show medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA.

Rising medical errors are symptomatic of our ageing community. A culture where health care providers are chronically overworked and understaffed. A culture where working while ill is a sign of strength, responsibility and dedication. A culture where most of the work done for patients is not reimbursable.

Such is the culture of health care that contributes to medical error despite advances in technology and knowledge.

In 2013 medical errors caused 440,000 deaths in the USA: [ ] Medical error, defined as [ ],  appears to be on the rise.

In 1999, the publication ‘First Do No Harm’ [ ] did much shine a light on fundamental problems in medicine. Each year, medication errors alone harm 1.5 million American patients.

Tired, overworked health care providers often dismiss patient’s problems and  become magnets for medical errors. The problem of fatigue contributes to high burn out and suicide rates among doctors: [ / / ]

Also, with the billing for services rendered, health care providers perform many services that are not renumerated. Many of these services are essential to the patient and require much time. Services such as communication with other providers involved in that patient’s care.

Reviewing of old records, lab tests and X-rays are not billable. Even the refill of medications, or advocating for patients to insurance companies, are not reimbursing, despite their necessity and the fact that these are done daily. Often several times throughout the day.

Unlike lawyers, doctors do not bill on an hourly rate. They are compensated only for the time spent directly face-to-face in patient care. This underestimates the numbers of hours physicians and nurses spend caring for their patients.

Finding coverage for sick healthcare providers is difficult and often results in rescheduling of patients.  That means fitting patients in already booked and hectic physician schedules. Other contributors to medical errors  include lack of communication and access to information. Another is incompetence, plus poorly supervised residents and interns performing the work of senior doctors.

Many reprimanded physicians continue in practice. Eighty percent of malpractice, and adverse or sentinel events, are committed by 20% of physicians. 80/20. Yet only a fraction ever lose their license, and if they do, they simply go next door.

Medical personnel are treated as super humans, expected to go without sleep plus care for patients with complex medical problems. Medical errors are the end result of this. This finding is no surprise and nothing new since the publication of ‘First Do No Harm’.

A medical team is responsible for your care. An error by one person can cause catastrophic problems.

Lack of communication, and lack of access to information, are two. And lack of coordination makes three elements that contribute greatly to medical errors.

Errors will always occur, of course, but they will be much more likely when one is tired and there are no mechanisms in place to intercept errors.

Again unlike lawyers, doctors are not paid to call patients or to do research on patient problems. That needs to change.  We need to stop discounting the time doctors spend doing non-direct care.  Doctors should be compensated for all work done caring.

Just changes in the above will go a long way in reducing medical error.

To close, a very sad read of six physicians who felt so overwhelmed they took their own lives:


Do You Know?

Do you know ?

Do you know how many times I’ve been verbally abused?

Do you know the names I’ve been called ?

Do you know  I’ve been called the black bitch?

Do you know how many times I’ve been told to fly back to Africa?

Do you know  I’ve been referred to as “it”?

Do you know how many times I’ve been dismissed?


Do you know how many times I’ve still cared for those patients?

Do you know how many complaints I’ve never had?










Physicians Guide Patients Choice


Physicians Guide Patient’s Choice of Treatment

Doctor Priorities vs. Patient Priorities

The link to Doctor Priorities vs. Patient Priorities, DANIELLE OFRI, M.D uniquely frames contrasting views of illness between patients and physicians. At the same time, she reminds that patients determine their care and physicians guide toward roads of health. Finally, our outcomes measures are lacking by putting  research parameters first.

A diabetic patient educated about his disease yet noncompliant with alarmingly elevated blood sugars headed for disaster without treatment but refusing. Similar to most physicians Dr Ofri does not bludgeon the patient nor refer him for psychotherapy   She takes times with multiple visits to understand her patient’s illness, contextually within the scope of his life as opposed to limiting her understanding of his illness to her priorities  as a physician.   For example, limiting her understanding to diabetes and its complications and not the impact of dietary changes or treatment options on a patient’s lifestyle.

A physician’s job is to help patients and do no harm. Patients have the right to refuse treatment; exception being impairment of decision-making capacities.  Physicians guide but it the patient’s choice of treatment.  A right to refuse treatment exists and cannot be dismissed unless the patient or guardian’s decision-making capacity is impaired.  Impairment is subjectively and always objectively evaluated and documented prior to removing that right.  Modern day medicine has forgotten these seemingly trivial standards but crucial  in protecting patients as well as providing effective medical care.

Dissimilar to Boston Children’s Hospital–most physicians find alternative non-adversarial resolutions for disputes over treatment (btw, these disputes happens often) Treatment plans developed in collaboration with patients are the most effective paths of engagement and trust, the pre-requisite to patient compliance and the road to health.

Parent-Ectomy a term coined by Boston Children’s Hospital seizure of  Justina Pelletier and other children from parents  with the  full support of the Department Children and Families in MA.  Parent-Ectomy Success derives from labels. Labelled patients are not only ignored and denied standard medical care  but often find themselves stuck fighting POWERFUL systems with deep pockets without funds or representation.


Defamatory labels concocted by hospitals who have total control of  the patients medical records (information input) prime the system and other systems to pre-judge patients and discriminate.   Discrimination  compromises medical care,  results in misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.    Discrimination triggered by buzz words in the medical records hinder attempts at recourse by patients.   Legal firms complicit in this organized maze of crime through policies that make their services inaccessible and unaffordable.

Glaring evidence refuting such labels cannot match POWERFULLY organized systems composed of concealed partnerships. Systems of no accountability, multitudinous sources of funding and MONEY, lucrative business partnerships offer complex armors of secret powers cloaked by judges, government agencies and law enforcement — fertile breeding ground for corruption and its lack of transparency.

Dr. Ofri poetically describes the art of medicine. Respecting patient’s wishes, honoring the oath to do no harm and, as a result, finding common focus that offers future opportunities for change on the path to health.

Great article!



Do You Know?


Do you know ?

Do you know how many times I’ve been verbally abused?
Do you know names I’ve been called ?
Do you know how many times I’ve been called the black bitch?
Do you know how many times I’ve been told I’m told fly back Africa?
Do you know how many times I’ve been referred to as “it”.
Do you know how many times I’ve been dismissed?


Do you know how many times I’ve still cared for those…

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Do You Know?

Martin Luther King Jr #quote
This poem goes out to #JudgeJosephJohnston; it was inspired by your ruling.  Please #FreeJustina

Do you know ?

Do you know how many times I’ve been verbally abused?
Do you know the names I’ve been called?
Do you know how many times I’ve been called the black bitch?
Do you know how many times I’ve been told to fly back to Africa?
Do you know how many times I’ve been referred to as “it”?
Do you know how many times I’ve been invisible?


Do you know how many times I’ve still cared for those patients?
Do you know how many complaints I’ve never had?

Do you really know?

Do You Know

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DSM 5: Mental Illness or Money


DSM 5: Mental Illness or Money

Psychiatry is in dire need of attention. The field lacks science and discipline. DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-5) is proof. The new diagnostic classification of mental disorders will increase the number of Americans diagnosed with mental illness based on subjective criteria. These criteria will lead to misdiagnosis of common medical conditions. Currently, women and minorities are about 2-3 times more likely to be misdiagnosed with a mental disorder, as well as die from common treatable medical illnesses compared to white males.

DSM 5 will rename Somatoform Disorders, Somatic Symptom Disorders, eliminating four existing DSM-IV categories while decreasing the threshold for diagnosis of these disorders and others. This change in name and criteria allow hospitals and their employees to categorize all patients who express concern about their health as exhibiting “somatic symptoms,” even those patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and other serious medical and surgical conditions. This is a subjective diagnosis without any objective requirements; any physician can label a patient with this diagnosis based solely on his or her impression—yes, his or her opinion.

Welcome to the world of parentectomy and hysteria! The most dangerous doctors finally have control of our health—God help us all!

Watch for an increase in prescribed psychiatric medications! Patients will be placed on unnecessary psychiatric medications where the risks of adverse reactions are often greater than the benefits in mild to moderate depression.

This change will be a boon to drug companies. Psychiatrists will hold the key. We may see a rise in suicides from adverse drug reactions—and in mass murders, also.

Again, these changes are not based on any reliable scientific evidence. The motives are obvious. As guinea pigs, patients with chronic medical conditions will be stigmatized further and treated with more unnecessary medications. When patients express concern about their illness or disagree with a doctor’s treatment plan, those patients will be conveniently labelled. This is a boon to drug companies—and their new and improved psychiatric medications. Psychiatrists will gain control of patients’ lives and money. Lobotomies and electroconvulsive therapy will be in vogue once again.

Hospitals will rule! Hospitals will make money from the increased drug reactions, misdiagnoses, missed diagnoses, and involuntary hospital stays. For clues, look at what is going on now. Currently, too many doctors dismiss or trivialize patients’ concerns, especially if labs and X-rays are normal (very few doctors do physical exams or take good histories). Psychiatry will be used to determine difficult patients and challenging cases. Once plugged into Psychiatry, there is no sane return. my_lobotomy-freeman_operating

Be Careful! No one will care when you die from medical errors; your chart will be altered to protect the guilty ones who harmed you.

Take action now before the big boys start making money. Big businesses will not care about abuse, negligence or wrongful death at the hands of hospitals and their employees. The government and their regulatory agencies will not care either. All will think you are mental, and that is as far as any investigation will go.

Failure to listen and act now will be bad for your health.

What do you think of DSM 5?



DSM 5 - Money

For more information:

1.  Somatic Symptom Disorder could capture millions more under mental health diagnosis –

2.  Mislabeling Medical Illness As Mental Disorder: The Eleventh DSM-5 Mistake –

Parentectomy On SALE In Boston | Part 2
Hospital Risk Management

What Are the Indications for Parent-Ectomy? (Part 2)

There is an outbreak at Boston Children’s Hospital. Indeed, there have been unusually high numbers of a phenomenon called”parent-Ectomy.”

What is Parent-Ectomy?

Parent-Ectomy is a diagnosis made when parents disagree with doctors over the care of their child. It is a diagnosis of convenience, and is one that comes with unlimited ways, from a doctor’s perspective, to CYA (“cover your ass”). This outbreak of Par-Entectomies at Boston Children’s Hospital warrants an authentic independent investigation.

Parent-Ectomy is a slang term used for doctors who deny parents’ rights and mandate treatment decisions regarding their children’s care. Parent-Ectomy is new! The outbreak is currently confined to one major, elite teaching hospital for children–Boston Children’s Hospital. In this location, parents disagree with inexperienced doctors (who have monetary incentives for research) over the care of their children. Doctors who make such dubious diagnoses fall within the following profile:

  • They lack integrity.


  • They lack ethics.


  • They lack experience.


However, these incompetent doctors are well-protected. The situation is presently confined to Boston Children’s Hospital where the bureaucratic United States’ medical-delivery system and lack of oversight make such incompetence unnoticeable and the standard of care in medicine.

What Are the Indications of Par-Entectomy?

There are none! Poorly trained, inexperienced doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital maliciously use this strategy to conceal medical errors or to gather subjects for research while patients are branded “unfit.” (FreeJustinaNow). These doctors are well-protected by the elites of Boston and the State of Massachusetts. To date, there has been no clinical research or science that justifies the use of parentectomy as a treatment option. Why haven’t the authorities freed these children at Boston Children’s Hospital?

A gap in jurisdiction, the Harvard name, and a misplaced sense of trust in a corrupt and cruel medical delivery system. In addition, medical charts are now riddled with false information about these children and their parents.

Parent-Ectomy appears to be the latest risk management strategy that labels (defames and mischaracterize) patients for the sole purpose of discrediting their complaints and grievances. To reduce the reporting of medical errors, hospitals use big data and informatics to make risk management decisions. Once a high-risk patient or parent (dissatisfied patient or parent) is identified, multiple charts are created that paint a stereotypical picture of the patient, diverting attention from the real medical problem. A dead or incapacitated comatose patient strung out on psychiatric medication is ideal for hospitals. No one investigates, and the word of hospitals and doctors are similar to those of priests in the Catholic Church. Furthermore, why would hospitals do anything so unethical and illegal? MONEY and PROTECTION.

In-depth Analysis of Parent-Ectomy

Parent-Ectomy is new. The outbreak is confined to one major elite teaching hospital for children—Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Parent-Ectomy occurs only in the context of frustrated parents who disagree with inexperienced doctors over the care of their child. The doctors who make this diagnosis have fixed profiles—they lack integrity and ethics as well as experience. These incompetent doctors are well-protected by the United States’ bureaucratic medical delivery system.

A parentectomy is framed using the guise of medical child abuse. Medical child abuse implicitly refers to an ill-defined psychiatric illness called Munchausen by proxy where one parent intentionally seeks unnecessary care for a child in order to get attention for herself; the parent is usually female. The parent, intentionally, travels long distances to seek care for her child because of a dissatisfaction with local doctors. The underlying problem is the parent who intentionally seeks sympathy and attention through fictitious illnesses of the child—Munchausen by proxy. Munchausen’s is rarely diagnosed by experienced, competent physicians.

Any psychiatric diagnosis made by a new physician without a consultation with the patient’s primary care physician and family members should be suspect and considered a diagnosis of convenience and CYA—cover your ass. Psychiatric and substance abuse labels have become risk-management strategies with unlimited ways to CYA. This outbreak of parentectomies at Boston Children’s Hospital warrants a real independent investigation. A similar risk-management ploy was used by Tufts Medical Center. I have multiple medical records, and each scheme was unique without overlap. The Department of Health and Human Services says that is the standard of care in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) says that discrimination in medicine lacks probable cause.

Did you know that at least 25% of patients are victims of medical errors by hospitals and their employees? Yes, one in four patients is a victim of medical errors that result in readmission, disability, and death (according to a 2010 study). Unfortunately, we do not have real-time data to show a dramatic increase in parentectomies at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Patients are guinea pigs to many teaching hospitals whose major source of revenues are federal grants. Boston teaching hospitals rely heavily on these grants. When Justina is rightfully returned to her parents, an investigation should follow with Boston Children’s Hospital heavily fined and ineligible for federal grants over the next five years. In addition, guilty doctors and other providers should be permanently expelled from the field of medicine.

This has not been an isolated case but rather a medical scam concocted by hospitals to stay alive. Today, hospitals are untouchable. They are in charge of medicine, and the ACA gives them more power but no accountability. Hospitals and their employees recognize this sweet advantage. Justina Pelletier is an example of their abuse of power. My experience at Tufts Medical Center is another example. Patients have no rights upon entering the hospital. Admission to a hospital is becoming the fastest way to ruin patients and their families.

Hospitals know: No one believes the patient

What do you say? I say get involved before you are in need of medical care. Failure to listen can mean life or death! There are no indications for parent-Ectomy: parentectomy is not a medical, surgical, or psychiatric treatment!

This is not medicine and not healthy