Normalized #PoliceBrutality Stirs Thoughts Of End Of Life Decisions

With Trump in the White House, the KKK and other white supremacists holding key positions in his regime, particularly,  Jeff Sessions as Attorney General one must plan.  Sessions recently issued a memo doubling down on non-violent drug offenses, code word for war on black communities.

Today, standard practice is for police officers to murder in cold blood black men, women and children during traffic stops. Stops initiated and escalated by cops who then claim fear for their lives as heavily armed, trained public servants who are hired to serve and protect the community.  These officers murder unarmed innocent black ppl for broken tailgates, flat tires or for being black.  Following orders, cooperation and respect do not seem to protect PoC from so-called ‘lone’ cops bent on killing a negro in the name of white supremacy or just because they can get away murder.

Within police departments, lone cops are prevalent; their culture dominant and pervasive not only in PDs but also police unions across the country.  When a black person encounters these types during a traffic stop, it’s hard to tell the difference between so-called good cops (a dinosaur these days) and bad cops (growing exponential in numbers).  One should presume they are all bad cops as on a whim, these officers of the law can abuse their power and murder innocent unarmed Americans without consequence.

It is times like this black people must consider end of life decisions.  Get your estates in order as well as decide how do you want to be murdered by a cop, white man or white woman?   Will you cry and plead for your life to no avail?  Or will you make them really fear you?  You’re gonna die anyway!


Proud Suicide Bomber Soldier Unit in Gaza
Proud Suicide Bombers Soldier Units in Gaza

Assange Case: What is Rape? Do Men Have Rights?

Assange Case: What is Rape?

Do Men Have Rights once accused despite lack of evidence?

In this updated blog post I ask these questions. And hopefully answer with fairness and rationality.

First this disclaimer:

  • I abhor genuine rape and support any person whose been so affected.
  • And, yes, I love sex and know where to draw the line between abuse and consent.
  • Now they’re out of the way, let’s look at the facts in the case of Julian Assange…

Google should be of concern to people all over the world.
“He lost his freedom four years ago and since then has been living in confinement.”

For full Story:

Julian Assange was accused of rape by the law of Sweden; a once sexually liberal country.

In Sweden there are three levels of rape.  Assange stands accused of Level 3 Rape (the lowest level and is considered minor  rape, where sex is redefined as rape). Whatever that means!

As per Wikileaks

“The district court remanded Julian Assange on suspicion of, inter alia, lesser rape per chap 6 § 1 para 2 of the criminal code (as worded prior to 1 July 2013). The prosecutor explained the grounds for suspicion as Julian Assange wrongfully exploiting complainant S being asleep by initiating unprotected sex with her.

The sequence of events has been described by S as follows in an interrogation 26 August 2010 (detention memo p 10):

They fell asleep and she woke by feeling him penetrate her. She immediately asked ‘are you wearing anything’ and he answered ‘you’. She told him ‘you better not have HIV’ and he replied ‘of course not’. She felt it was too late. He was already inside her and she let him continue.”

Sweden, you have to be kidding!? A court took such a complaint seriously.

Put crudely, Sweden, Britain and Australia have their national heads stuck up each other’s arses, fitting nicely in the dirty arse of the USA.

bookstore-brown-noser-small-64814 - Copy

For my American readers, “arse” is what the British and Australians call the “ass”. I’ve no idea what the sensible Swedes call it, though.

At least Assange didn’t penetrate the woman’s anus! That might have hurt her.

Conveniently, this witness account was defaming a man’s reputation by blatant miscarriage of justice without providing a shred of evidence.

It has now been four years, going on five years, since Julian Assange was stripped of his inalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.

No one can be stripped of those rights without cause, but here he was, stripped of his rights by a so-called “neutral” country. The new definition of “neutral” is to be a brown-noser to the USA.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sweden, along with the Baltic States, Poland and the Ukraine, will join America’s partners in crime and turn against their citizens. As in the ‘Five Eyes’.

Since 2010, Sweden has done nothing to expedite or move this case along. Again, convenient delay is a form of censorship. Also during this time, there have been no new allegations and, in the case of rape (not consensual sex), no evidence of trauma.

Even with ‘date rapes’ women have certain psychological stigmatas or forsenic profiles that were not present with this allegation (allegation without evidence or charge).

I do not understand how a NEUTRAL country and its judiciary could allow such an obscene miscarriage of justice, and under the coercive forces of the USA.

Freedom of speech, freedom from surveillance and inalienable rights are not valued by Sweden, the UK, Australia, and of course, the USA. Applause goes to Ecuador for standing on the side of justice and the people.

Marianne Ny

Corrupt Sweden Not Neutral

Sweden just had a major upset in their election that should serve as a wake-up call: the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Their people want change. Real change starts by respecting the will of the people and their natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Something that has been denied to Julian Assange for four to five years by Sweden (a country under USA control).

I ask my readers, what happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

This presumption, not afforded Julian Assange, is evidence of government corruption, censorship and a violation of human rights.

Looking closely at one of the allegations, a young woman felt (literally!) that the early morning surprise “woody” penetration was rape. She had just spent the night engaged in multiple sexual intercourse with Assange.

Swedish Chief Prosecutor Eva Finn’s investigation of the allegations included an interview of Mr Assange. On review of the testimonies and evidence, Attorney Eva Finn dismissed all charges and closed the case.

Curiously, the case was re-opened (without new evidence or reason) by a politically motivated new prosecutor, Marianne Ny. At the time, release of over a half million cables to Wikileaks (by  Bradley/Chelsea Manning) exposed war crimes against the US, as well as torture and other illegal spying by the USA and its allies.


The US Government was not pleased, and immediately convened a secret grand jury to sanction it’s dirty policy of torture, murder and spying indiscriminately on American and foreign targets.

Ridiculous and stupid!

I welcome your comments.

Corruption is highly contagious and often associated with discrimination and cruelty. All of which infected “neutral”  Sweden, who then infected the UK and Australia, by using the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) to make these other countries complicit in egregious human right violations and abuses.

European Arrest Warrant

Corruption lacks accountability and  creates fear and myths, as well as continuing to endanger the lives of those who expose the truth. Manipulated by US intelligence agencies, the same ones who allegedly gathered intelligence about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that was a lie. A truth covered up by many European countries allies of the USA.

And to further censor and punish Julian Assange, USA officials (including the CIA, DoD and NSA) placed him on the ‘hit list’. Oh yes, it exists! As with Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy. Both long dead!

What about Rape?

Now do women have any responsibility in cases of rape?

Can a woman walk around naked, caress a man’s crotch and claim rape when sex occurs because she whispered “No” during orgasm? That is sex! We women have responsibilities also to be careful.

Agree with me? Or not? Let me know in the comments.

Were there any physical injuries to indicate harm or resistance? At this late date there will not be forensic evidence. What about psychological evidence at the time of the alleged rape?

Why do the Swedish authorities persist in making a mockery of rape and setting new precedents that violate human rights of men and real victims of rape? Why the delay in justice for both the woman and Assange

The rape allegations against Mr Assange were ridiculous and smelled of foul play.

  • Why did attorney Ny let three charges expire before scheduling an interview with Mr Assange at  Ecuadorian Embassy?  To be interviewed on protected grounds was not an unreasonable request by Assange’s attorney at the very beginning of this expensive stand-off.

He had consensual sex with an adult woman. He is a man who gets hard at the site of pretty young women — that is not a crime — that is healthy. Where is the rape?

Rape is  forced sex against one’s will often accompanied by evidence of sexual attack or psychological trauma.  In the case of Assange, there was no forced sex.

There was no physical and historical evidence to support the Swedish and American allegations of rape. So why is this man’s freedom and life in jeopardy? We need to protect him! Yes, he is in serious danger.

Why waste taxpayers money on a case of simple sex? That is the “sixty four thousand dollar” question of censorship. Sweden makes sex a dirty act by defining one of the most beautiful pleasures as rape. No one should ever be arrested and stripped of natural rights based on accusations, without evidence, as in the case of Julian Assange.

This is outrageous! Shame on any system that permits such travesty and mockery of real women, and violations of inalienable human rights of those accused without a shred of evidence.

Sex is not rape! Rape should NOT be used as a political tool to censor or manipulate law-abiding men. Rape is a very serious offense and not a tool for politicians or governments to seek their spiteful vendettas.


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7.  Rectal rehydration and waterboarding: the CIA torture report’s grisliest findings

Revised on 10/09/2015

Organizations For Social Justice



Organizations For Social Justice

I pledged not to join another organization where I am not valued,  and so I became a recluse.   Today I joined Amnesty International…a baby step …. 


Why?  Amnesty International  is on the ground in #Ferguson.   The language of their website captured my imagination.



Wishing to become active again,  Amnesty International’s mission statement aligned with my goals.  Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)


The Group Anonymous, under-rated and under-appreciated, also captured my attention.      Good and bad exist in the concept of anonymity.  My  Observations of their Actions make them the first entry on my list of Organizations For Social Justice.


A Message To Humanity!


Update 8-22-2014:

A Message From The Ferguson Protesters To Anonymous


I just wanted to say thank you to all you Anons that helped in Ferguson. We
really couldn’t have done this without you honestly. Thank you for
protecting the protesters, and for thinking up the legislation that we’re
pushing for. You gave us a voice that no one can take away. I honestly
appreciate you guys, I may not know you, and you probably don’t know me,
but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Today the protest was beyond awesome, the highway patrol captain even lead
it, and there were no problems. If it weren’t for you guys, the police
probably would have gassed the protesters again tonight, but because of
y’all they didn’t. The county cops were nowhere to be found, only highway
patrol and city cops, who are pretty cool. On top of getting our voices out
there in Ferguson, you have all helped to spread the word to where this is
an International protest now. We have so much support, and we know that we
aren’t alone because of you guys. Thank you for giving us our voices back,
and thank you for supporting us and helping us. You guys are honestly,
amazing, even if I don’t know who you are. I hope that you continue to help
and support us until the legislation giving cops a strict protocol to
follow when dealing with situations and the treatment has passed.
Thank you for giving us the start of our revolution and making it known
that we can and will make a difference.










Anonymous – Mayday 2014 Rallies May1


Anonymous – #Mayday 2014 Rallies

Citizens from around the world, we are Anonymous.

We hereby call forth this May 1st, a Global Day Of Resistance.

We call upon every person, in every nation, every state, city, county, and street, to Unite, and to rise up.
And to take back the public commons from the oppressors.

March the streets, occupy the public space; be free and reclaim your rights as human beings.

Become part of a world-wide Global Spring;

Many events are currently moving, and this May 1st is the perfect moment to make those movements go even farther.

In fact, the list of movements and events circling around the world are endless, and each corner the concerned citizen faces, needs much needed attention.

May 1st, is a declaration of priorities, and our priority, in current society, should not be to keep a broken system running.

On May 1st, let us shake the world and the very foundations of all power and authority.

Anonymous will use all the tools at our disposal to facilitate and encourage this, Global Day of Awakening.

The internet is a vital tool of open means of communications towards connecting the 99%.

Furthermore, physical actions need to take its rise. The mental awakening has passed.

Hence, we are tired of having activists, journalists, and concerned citizens around the world get hunted, jailed, and abused.

We are tired of watching our own fall.

We are tired of banks, corporations, and it’s figureheads, deciding the outcome of a country, when it should be the people who decide their countries history.

We stand alongside the occupy movement, we stand with them in this fight. This is a call of general strike; against the 1%

We ask the citizens of all nations to refrain from banks, to refrain from shopping, to boycott films, music, video games and others of category.

The 1% need to realize the essential, and that essential, is that without the 99%, without us; they are nothing.

We encourage the citizens of all nations to both organize and plan this week, and to execute their movements on May 1st.

This is a shout of may day

Spread this message. Distribute through social media. Post it to your blog. And mirror it on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforming sites.

1 week from today, we will show the world that unity is not dead.

Anonymous will stand with our freedom fighters from all over the world, and in unity, raise our fist to the sky and shout:

We Are Not Afraid!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
United as One, divided by zero.
Expect us.


This Post is Tagged with:

Date(s) – 05/01/2014
8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Location Liberty Plaza (Formerly Zuccotti)
1 Liberty Plaza
New York City
Where it all started

May Day in Germany

Early May Bank Holiday in United Kingdom

Hope there are more events added soon.

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Anonymous – Mayday 2014 Rallies

A Theory of Change

A Theory of Change

Is that a healthy environment for children? Or adults?

Is that a healthy environment for children? Or adults?

Is that a healthy environment for children? Or adults?

What is the Theory of Change? It is understanding the present condition to find viable, effective solutions of the underlying problem, and not its symptoms. Why do disadvantaged communities act or live the way they do now? Based on the theory of change, I need to understand what factors led to community apathy and hopelessness.

Flexibility of…

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This is unethical….Boston Children’s Hospital should be INVESTIGATED CAREFULLY

Parentectomy on Sale at Boston Children’s Hospital

STOP the sale now! This is a PRECEDENT in sleazy hospital medicine.  Anyone with the authority to end this, please do so now.

Parentectomy is the removal of a child from parents who  are not in agreement with the doctor’s plan.   Parentectomy is a travesty, justified under the guise of medical child abuse.

Parentectomy is on sale at Boston Children’s Hospital! The term, parentectomy, is new. Surprisingly, more are not alarmed by the actions of  Boston Children’s Hospital.  There are no medical justifications.  Up until now, Medical child abuse has never been a reason  for prolonged involuntary psychiatric hospitalization of a child.  Why this rise in the number of cases?

 In determining the truth, keep in mind two things in mind:

The medical record…more later….

The consistently inconsistent stories told by hospital employees and their risk managers.

 Whatever stories are put forth by Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Tufts Medical Center, remember that there are a dozen stories more logically and medically sound that do not brand patients or their caregivers with stereotypical labels, and do not assume patients have Munchhausen Syndrome nor do they remove parents as the first and only remedy.  Do not be Fooled by the prestige of Boston Children’s Hospital–There is incompetence and greed everywhere.

This post presumes familiarity with the Justina Pelletier case and other similar cases where insiders now use the term “parentectomy”.  I am concerned about the unusually high numbers of parent-Ectomies.  The term is new and wreaks of something that could become a dangerous epidemic and a surreptitiously lucrative business for hospitals.  Moreover, guess what?  No one is watching.  The regulatory agencies do nothing — —they and the hospitals swim in the same pond.

No one will do anything unless a patient has lots of– money,  time, and emotional stamina to persevere through the lack of transparency and intentional efforts to conceal lies, medical malpractice, negligence, gross misconduct, and the felonious activities of hospital employees.  (***No one will do anything until transparency is the rule and patients control their medical records and can make direct entries without permission.)

 Word of caution: Tufts Medical Center’s Risk Management is not good!  Their consistent inconsistency is a dead give-away of their FABRICATIONS.

In addition, the medical record is no longer evidence.  In the medical records, the only reliable data  may be the patient’s name and DOB.  The entire medical record could be false, or made up by risk management at the hospital, and there could be multiple medical records designed to hide and deceive knowing the incompetence of those paid to oversee.

Patients have NO control over what is written in their medical records– hospitals and their employee’s control THE CONTENT of patients’ medical records is.  When hospital employees commit wrongful acts and/or make mistakes –, their new risk management approach entails creating new medical records and creating false stories because no one will check the hospitals’ accuracy or stories despite glaring inconsistencies.  Many people still trust Hospitals and their employees; doctors in particularly are considered  pinnacles of society and morality and ethics–A myth.  THis is a myth that needs to be dispelled.

Hospitals are unaccountable.  There are too many people to blame.  Why would hospitals engage in these activities?  Money, power, and corruption are the usual motivators, but in medicine, another more powerful motivator exists in academia:  Getting Published!

Hospitals know government is inept; investigations are ludicrous, such as those performed by Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  Hospitals also know that government and law enforcement have no jurisdiction over them, making hospitals above the law.

Hospitals and their employees defame, lie, forge and create many medical records, yet so-called investigations lack probable cause.

Hospital Risk Management


As with Tufts Medical Center and other Hospitals, Boston Children’s Hospital does whatever it wants to do.  No one is going to STOP them.  Hospitals can do whatever they want under the veil—or rather, guise—of medicine.  Other doctors will not intervene; buzzwords keep them at bay.  That secrecy and lack of transparency in medicine are leading to numerous unethical and illegal activities invisibly accepted by our complacence.


We trust and rely on a system of justice, and on ethics in medicine that do not exist anymore.  The new system is  above the law and costly in more dollars.  On entering a hospitals, think of the Wild Wild West and sheriffs.  Each hospital makes its own rules  are that are recklessly violated daily, and who cares.    ?  These hospitals deliver harmful medical care not rooted in  medicine, science, or ethics, and which, in other industries, would be considered illegal. Patients complaints result in patients labelled crazy, intoxicated, and/or  unfit parents.


I was told I had hysteria by an MGH neurology resident (My Medical Journal), –supervised by an attending (experienced Professor at MGH/Harvard)–when I could barely walk.  The two of them wanted wanted to me to see psychiatry start powerful psychiatric medications sounds familiar—too familiar.  Tufts Medical Center is no  hero; — it is possible unbeknownst to parents Tufts Medical Center recommended the parentectomy and now plays “good cop, bad cop.”

By the way, what research is being conducted under the auspices of  the Internal Review Board and  the Department of Psychiatry?   I gather these fellows run the IRB, so research is rubber-stamped.

Resident physicians, and physicians poorly trained at Boston Children’s Hospital, are  at play–, and they could also be responsible for decisions to perform parentectomies and/or staff defamed parents to justify such decisions.  It does not matter; there is NO  MEDICAL JUSTIFICATION.  Look out for consistent inconsistencies in the stories of BCH and Tufts Medical Center. Do not let the prestigious name prevent  common sense or deter the recognition of  unethical, uncaring and inexperienced residents and apathetic doctors.

For more information on Justina Pelletier please visit FB page at



Part 2 Coming Up

What Are The Indications For Parentectomy?  (Part 2)

Parentectomy On Sale

Inspired by:



Why Do non-Blacks Play The Race Card?


Why do non-blacks play the Race Card?

This morning, I read several comments about the race card and how our President, lacking leadership, uses the race card. This got me wondering, what is the race card, and why do non-blacks play the race card?

The ‘race card’ is a label used by non-blacks to silence blacks (meaning people of color #POC). It comes up in any discussion in which non-blacks are uncomfortable or if non-blacks wish to discredit and trivialize the concerns of black people in regards to race. Why is that? Why can’t black people be given the same tolerance and respect for their opinions without the label?

This morning, someone referred to comments about race as “weeds” that should be ignored. What does that say about this person’s views?

Why can’t non-blacks respect and tolerate all opinions? Opinions hold keys to understanding cultures, or, rather, people. Moreover, we are not clones–at least some of us are not. In addition, expressing opinions are great ways to interact, get to know each other, and build meaningful relationships. If the discussion is not about race, non-blacks simply listen to the concerns and educate blacks by providing other lenses or narratives to view the situation. Everyone will learn a few things, gain better understandings of each other, and pave the way for trusting collaborative multi-cultural and diverse partnerships—even friendships.

Labels that discredit, disrespect, and serve to reinforce stereotypes and hatred of blacks are not effective or inclusive, but, rather, very divisive. Black people will never return to the days of ‘white is right’ because ‘white is not right.’ Labels such as “race card” will only irritate, frustrate, and inflame us.

In my opinion, many non-blacks should learn to communicate with others who are not their clones.

And to answer the question on the minds of these non-blacks: why do blacks play the race card? We value cultures and people; we value our opinions. In other words, we do not play the race card.