Police Violence: Use of Tasers For Walking

“A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the family, including the 7 month old son, of 24 year old Gregory Towns, who died after being tased 13 times in 29 minutes. Two officers repeatedly shocked this man’s body for a total of 47 seconds… while unarmed and handcuffed.”

“Police found Towns sitting down and out of breath after a short foot chase. He asked officers at least ten times to be allowed to rest before going with them, according to AJC. The cops then decided to use their weapons as a cattle prod to force the weak man to walk, instead of just letting him catch his breath.”

“While we often ask “why didn’t that cop use a taser instead of his gun?”, it is important to remember that while a person is less likely to die from a taser shock than a gun shot, they are still a weapon, and still often unnecessary and lethal.”

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/man-dies-taser-13-times-cattle-prod/#Qk5v1TKX1JTpDtdM.99

Using tasers to hasten the arrest process for injured citizens who have difficulty breathing has no place in American medicine. I doubt the manufacturer of tasers would make such recommendations to any law enforcement official. There are no medical indications for tasers.

Someone who is having difficulty breathing needs an ambulance. Any fool knows that.

This is wrongful death due to the off-label use of tasers. The police did not act in accordance with standard practice or protocols for tasers.

Personnel should consider that exposure to the ECW [Taser]  for longer than 15 seconds (whether due to multiple applications or continuous cycling) may increase the risk of death or serious injury.”  (3)  

Police are not allowed to make medical decisions, yet they are (with uniformly poor outcomes) increasing fatalities and disability cases.

Systemic violence within law enforcement serves to compound the burgeoning unlawful, unethical, and inhumane actions that lead to physical and mental disorders. When a disorder is exploited by law enforcement for profit or abuse, it can only be described as an act of terrorism.

A public health emergency exists for people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Asperger syndrome. People with mental and developmental disorders may not understand commands screamed at them by an irate officer pointing a gun, and the wrong reaction could be fatal.

The medical community cannot stand by and watch patients slaughtered, knowing that they are at very high risk for police violence and its associated morbidity and mortality.

Gregory Town tasered to death

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DSM 5: Mental Illness or Money


DSM 5: Mental Illness or Money

Psychiatry is in dire need of attention. The field lacks science and discipline. DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-5) is proof. The new diagnostic classification of mental disorders will increase the number of Americans diagnosed with mental illness based on subjective criteria. These criteria will lead to misdiagnosis of common medical conditions. Currently, women and minorities are about 2-3 times more likely to be misdiagnosed with a mental disorder, as well as die from common treatable medical illnesses compared to white males.

DSM 5 will rename Somatoform Disorders, Somatic Symptom Disorders, eliminating four existing DSM-IV categories while decreasing the threshold for diagnosis of these disorders and others. This change in name and criteria allow hospitals and their employees to categorize all patients who express concern about their health as exhibiting “somatic symptoms,” even those patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and other serious medical and surgical conditions. This is a subjective diagnosis without any objective requirements; any physician can label a patient with this diagnosis based solely on his or her impression—yes, his or her opinion.

Welcome to the world of parentectomy and hysteria! The most dangerous doctors finally have control of our health—God help us all!

Watch for an increase in prescribed psychiatric medications! Patients will be placed on unnecessary psychiatric medications where the risks of adverse reactions are often greater than the benefits in mild to moderate depression.

This change will be a boon to drug companies. Psychiatrists will hold the key. We may see a rise in suicides from adverse drug reactions—and in mass murders, also.

Again, these changes are not based on any reliable scientific evidence. The motives are obvious. As guinea pigs, patients with chronic medical conditions will be stigmatized further and treated with more unnecessary medications. When patients express concern about their illness or disagree with a doctor’s treatment plan, those patients will be conveniently labelled. This is a boon to drug companies—and their new and improved psychiatric medications. Psychiatrists will gain control of patients’ lives and money. Lobotomies and electroconvulsive therapy will be in vogue once again.

Hospitals will rule! Hospitals will make money from the increased drug reactions, misdiagnoses, missed diagnoses, and involuntary hospital stays. For clues, look at what is going on now. Currently, too many doctors dismiss or trivialize patients’ concerns, especially if labs and X-rays are normal (very few doctors do physical exams or take good histories). Psychiatry will be used to determine difficult patients and challenging cases. Once plugged into Psychiatry, there is no sane return. my_lobotomy-freeman_operating

Be Careful! No one will care when you die from medical errors; your chart will be altered to protect the guilty ones who harmed you.

Take action now before the big boys start making money. Big businesses will not care about abuse, negligence or wrongful death at the hands of hospitals and their employees. The government and their regulatory agencies will not care either. All will think you are mental, and that is as far as any investigation will go.

Failure to listen and act now will be bad for your health.

What do you think of DSM 5?



DSM 5 - Money

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Reflections on Race and Discrimination


Black History Month – Reflections on Race and Discrimination

What is black?

IDNK. I do not know except that black is more than a color and a race. Black is more like a brand–a blacklisted brand!

For many, blacklists are impassable roadblocks, varying in fortitude at different points in life. For a black person–blacklisted at birth–the seizure of one’s future at any roadblock makes moving forward a defeating and torturous road of interminable and fatal roadblocks.

Where have we been since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr.? We are still blacklisted at birth, living in fear of roadblocks that now house the future generations of blacks in jail cells.

Black is knowing there is little chance of justice due to the color of one’s skin. “As Malcolm X said, if you’re black and you live south of the Canadian border, you live in the South. {Relatives} first awoke me to the systematic prejudice against black people in American society.

Sadly it is not much different in the country I moved to,” said a relative of mine

Black history month brought home the morphing of stereotypes into mechanisms and systems of bondage, so invisibly visible–structurally institutionalized. These dead elephants’ stench erode our senses and passions.

One such system of bondage aims to reduce the black youth population. It is called Stand Your Ground. This law assumes young black children are thugs, threats, and weapons. The mere sight of a young black teenager is grounds for armed white men to murder, out of fear. Can someone explain what fear, when the dead victim was unarmed?

Why do heavily armed, grown white men fear unarmed black children? Those questions are never discussed; instead, rationalizations for—or, rather, the legalization of—injustices against racial and vulnerable groups are cheered with patriotic rhetoric, greedily gobbled by the masses and the media, without thought.

No one wants to talk about it. No one thinks racism or discrimination exist. No one sees the effects or understands the impact. Yet, there are other groups who face similar discrimination. We have to unite to fight discrimination.


Discrimination is not just pigment–it is gender, it is language, it is religion, it is body type, it is mental illness, it is disability.

Chris Messina
Chris Messina
CEO at Body1, Inc.

No group is hit as hard by it {Chronic Discrimination Syndrome} as the developmentally disabled. They have a very small, usually disregarded and disrespected, voice and negligible political power. They are every bit as human as you and I. Contrary to what many intellectual elites believe, IQ ≠ Worth. That’s why dignity advocacy is a core focus of the Foundation I serve as a volunteer director for. Stimulating piece!

– Chris Messina; CEO at Body1, Inc.


David W Kelley, DO
David W Kelley, D.O.
Critical Care Physician at St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

The dichotomy in care delivery between whites & non-whites is perplexing, maddening and saddens me. Unfortunately, there seems to be some sort of deep engraining &, for the life of me, I am vexed on how to enlighten others to gain traction for progress, says Dr. David Kelley.

I know with 100% certainty, on a personal level, that progress can be made. As a “white person” [I really do not like that label, but, of course, I am not fond of attaching labels to anyone over things like skin color] who was raised in the Deep South, I grew up steeped in a culture that is, at its best, benign to non-whites and, all too frequently, oppressive & punitive. My parents were and are quite intolerant & prejudiced against non-white/non-heterosexual/irreligious people and tend to follow the “Fox News” party line. When I was a young kid, I spewed the same sort of vitriol my parents did…it was all I knew…until I began to mature, to appreciate a much larger world than my own small one & to think independently/critically. Over time, beginning in Jr HS, I began to realize that skin color has zero to do with the integrity of the person and began to seriously question the lessons I had learned about people from my parents & family. That small start – self-initiated learning prompted by objective observation and interacting with many fellow students of a broad spectrum of ethnicities – blossomed [in my opinion] into an open-minded, tolerant love for diversity. Diversity is a strength that should be nurtured & cherished. there is such immense value & power in approaching issues from multiple perspectives that it vexes me why it is not just patently obvious to everyone why intolerance, racism & bigotry is a cancer eroding the vibrance of our society.

Whenever I try to enlighten others, I am blown off as being a “damned bleeding heart liberal” or accused of having far too long “with the Yankees”. However, I refuse to stop trying.

– David W Kelley, D.O. Critical Care Physician at St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

Thank you to those who refuse to stop trying.

Nina Simone – Mississippi Goddam

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