FFT: Does Trump’s Personality Disorder Make Him A Pathological Liar

How many are tired of Donald Trump’s lies? I am. I’m tired of reading his daily lies without him being held accountable. He is an established liar and I would add a pathological one. Why does the media print his press releases and statements without warning Americans? Shouldn’t there be a disclaimer on any comment made by Trump?

The average person can easily prove Donald Trump’s dangerous lies. A disclaimer would remind Americans and the international community that whatever comes out of Trumps’ mouth cannot be accepted at face value as accurate, further research necessary to find the truth. Such a warning would not affect Trump’s base followers who have an uncanny ability to remain ignorant in the face of facts.

In his commanding position as POTUS, why would a leader lie as much as Trump when his lies are quickly exposed?

What is a pathological liar?

Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. [1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2]pathological lying has been defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime”.



Lying is the act of both knowingly and intentionally or willfully making a false statement.[8] Normal lies are defensive and are told to avoid the consequences of truth telling. They are often white lies that spare another’s feelings, reflect a pro-social attitude, and make civilized human contact possible.[6] Pathological lying can be described as a habituation of lying. It is when an individual consistently lies for no personal gain.

There are many consequences of being a pathological liar. Due to lack of trust, most pathological liars’ relationships and friendships fail. If this continues to progress, lying could become so severe as to cause legal problems, including, but not limited to, fraud.

(Pathological lying https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pathological_lying)

How does pathological lying relate to Personality Disorders?

A pathological liar is an habitual, compulsive liar.  Pathological lying is both a symptom and a diagnosis.   Many personality disorders including narcissism have pathological lying as part of their symptomatology.  However pathological lying is a disorder on its own.

Knowing this, how much longer do Americans tolerate a pathological liar for #POTUS?  How long would you stay loyal to an employer who chronically lied? How can a brand or company found on lies be successful? Surprisingly, Trump managed to keep his base followers supportive by telling bolder and more offensive lies. Not much reporting on the harm done to Americans or the risks to American lives caused by Trumps’ lies.


1500 missing immigrant children
1500 missing immigrant children







America is divided. Hatred and distrust for each other are rising. This rising animus is the work of Trump and his lies. Why aren’t his lies considered a national security risk?  Fifteen hundred immigrant children missing because of Trump’s policy on immigration.

If there is anything we can learn about Trump being #potus is that the constitution is flawed and needs extensive revision. How could the founding fathers not foresee a pathological liar like Trump at the helm?  Or his replacement even worse?

#TrumpLies #LiarTrump #LiarInChief #TrumpAPathologicalLiar. Would letters, petitions and visits to Congress and the DOJ  jumpstart the impeachment process while helping Mueller complete his investigation? We the people must act quickly before Trump turns America into another WWII Nazi Germany or worse.   Just think his base followers become our law enforcement.  What will you do?

Police Treatment of Mental Illness

Police Treatment of Mental Illness

Report recommends more police training for dealing with mentally ill

A new report released by The Mental Health Commission of Canada indicates there are more interactions between these two groups now than there were five to seven years ago

A lack of treatment and support for those with mental illness, plus the stigma, mean police are often in a situation where they have to deal with the crisis.

“There has been significant interest amongst the police community to provide sufficient training for police personnel both to improve their understanding of mental illness and to equip them to respond appropriately to persons with mental illness,” said study co-author Terry Coleman in a statement.

“As important as police training in matters of mental health is, police are not doctors, and should never be expected to act as such,” he told reporters at the conference Wednesday.

“Healthcare is the explicit responsibility of the provinces, and we look to our provincial partners to provide the necessary intervention and assistance for the mentally ill – before they encounter the criminal justice system. I cannot emphasize this point more strongly.”

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/report-recommends-more-police-training-for-dealing-with-mentally-ill-1.1978377#ixzz3Bida07zC

Canada is Proactive in this response.   This is Preventive Medicine.  Mentally ill patients are increasingly likely to come in contact with police officers, has the medical community braced itself for the backlash.

Shooting acutely suicidal patients or imprisoning mentally ill patients who are often homeless, addicted to drugs and alcohol  is not treatment.      Especially when family calls 911 for help and first responders are the local cops. Police Officers should calmly talk with patients and transport them to the local ED,  in consultation with the ED physician or charge nurse.   First Responders are managed by an MD or an entity with MDs  or DOs such as hospitals.

Police Officers are not doctors.   Police officers  are not allowed to make medical decisions.  Why then do Police officer make medical  decisions in the videos by deviating from First Responder protocols?  They should notify the ED of a patient with altered mental status  and ask for assistance as well as call for backup.  Why is that done after lethal means?

Excellent article written from the perspective of a white female who survived striking a police officer:
How should police handle people with autism?

In none of the videos,   did officers  attempt  to treat   patients humanely.  Acutely ill and agitated patients were treated in the most obscene manner. Instead of displaying courtesy  or  respecting  their dignity, the officers   pointed  their guns,  threatened, yelling different orders littered with  profanities and disparaging comments that would frighten and confuse Even the most sane person,   let alone  someone with mental illness or Aspergers where sensory inputs are altered.

In none of the videos or stories involving Black and Brown people, did cops act appropriately in reducing sensory overload necessary to  de-escalate a high-risk stressful situation.    Why?   Police Officers are trained in CPR and carry defibrillators….In some towns,  police officers are the only first responders….why did cops deviate from standard First Responder Protocols in the videos and narratives?    Cops in these videos make no attempt to descalate by talking courteously or recruiting family or friends but instead do everything to provoke an already high-risk  suicide situation.  The current behaviors and lack of proactive responses by medical communities is not only a serious breach in  the delivery of medical care that is ultimately very costly to society but a violation to do no harm.

Food For Thought:

We wonder:   suicide rates have not come down from 12-13 per 100,000 , why despite a variety of treatment  options?   (rates may begoing up with someone committing suicide every 13 minutes in 2010 compared to every 17 minutes a couple  of years earlier)   Perhaps it may have to do with the ripple effect of inappropriate treatment and  second-hand exposure to police violence by communities….consider that for further research and my database will assist in capturing context within communities.  (http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/suicide/statistics/aag.html)

What is the AMA doing about this problem?  Are doctors protecting their patients?   Or  Is medicine also biased against pigment? Discrimination in medicine exists as well as cruelty.    I experienced discrimination, misdiagnosis, redacted and multiple medical records and cruelty at the hands of doctors at Tufts Medical Center, Justina Pelletier at Boston Childrens Hospital and thousands unknown.   The ACA and patient protection laws offer no protection  against discriminatory medicine by ED staff, except stakes to do no harm are higher for those involved in the delivery of medical care, particularly, doctors.

In other words, the Medical Director of EMS (Emergency Medical System) or  the physician director of first responders provides a channel to seek compensation and recourse for victims.    Name of the person or the  group ort he hospital name  is relevant  for the database as well as  911 tapes.


Video shows mentally ill man shot by Dallas police

VIDEO: Family Releases Video of Man Being Killed by Fort Bend Officer (graphic)



We Used Manpower


Ferguson PD: The ABCs of Crowd Control

The ABCs of Crowd Control

History and Research show police attitudes directly responsible for violence among protestors. Established protocols to guide crowd management is part of police training, why was that not employed? Or was it?
Ferguson residents want justice and Americans DEMAND justice.
The right to protest is one of the many fundamental rights referred to as unalienable rights, Natural Rights of liberty and freedom as stated in the Declaration of Independence. These rights cannot be surrendered or taken away. All individuals have unalienable rights.
Ferguson PD violated many of those rights. The wrong approach and attitude  escalated an already tense racially-charged environment. Ferguson PDs display of open hostility and violence toward residents,  non-credentialed media and organizations for humanitarian aide only escalated without listening to American and International  requests for justice while trampling human rights

What is the goal or endpoint?

Now is the time to defuse. Change from  a model of what not to do, to a model of what should be done to assist peaceful protestors.


What can Ferguson PD do to restore normalcy?


  1. First, calm the crowd…

Hard tacs and bearcats with heavy weaponry do not calm crowds.

Change the outfits…Americans want to see police officers in regular uniforms, providing service to ALL PEOPLE, not SWAT teams pointing weapons.

Friendly officers monitoring protestors from a distance is the American way.

  1. Work with the #MikeBrown ‘s community in Ferguson, find designated leaders and Faith-based organizations willing to coordinate protest activities through a designed representative of the PD.
  2. Clear communication crucial with involvement of organizers and community members in disseminating information,  will ensure safe and peaceful protests.

Communicate Guidelines to protestors, media and police officers charged with monitoring protestors from a distance. Clearly communicated designated areas, times for protest and clean-up are  more effective than curfews.

  1. If looting occurs, do not over react…think about the cost of life vs. the items stolen. Looters should be charged, not shot, tasered or choked to death.

Hiring mercenaries to control peaceful protesters is overkill and costly. Where is the money? Who will pay?


The above is a start to defuse tensions and start the process of justice.  They are basic rules that  work well because underlying each is respect for individual or unalienable rights.

FaceBook Group – Bring Justina Home

FaceBook Group – Bring Justina Home

Bring Justina Home


This facebook group  is Loaded with vital information and very organized

The following was copied from  https://www.facebook.com/groups/freejustina/


Open Group [over 9000 members since started in Nov]

UPDATE AS OF MAR 18, 2014!

“I started this group as soon as I heard the story back in Nov via The Blaze. I felt God placed this on my heart to intercede, pray for, & get involved…

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Doctors with Crystal Balls

Do they belong together?
Do they belong together? Doctors and Crystal Balls

Doctors with Crystal Balls

by Angela Grant

It is terrible to be a patient and not be heard. Terrible to be in need, and that need ignored. Apathy seems to rhyme with this culture of domineering minds. Men of medicine who lack skills of listening miss the story, miss the diagnosis. Still clueless, they dismiss you. If only those doctors saw the hidden gem: the art and science in the words of the history and physical findings.

Now I am left to float wandering aimlessly about because listening, even purchased, is never in vogue particularly when god almighty gave doctors crystal balls. Use it, use it now, tell me why I feel so ill; can’t move my foot at will. Waited I did, patiently for this important exam… I saw the male resident who knew immediately. Oh yes, and his senile, attending in the role of supervisor came in for a ride.   The resident had the latest technology crystal ball plus an attending  and training from the best of them all. To my chagrin, his faulty ball, customized for clueless idiots with malicious gall, dismissed my symptoms as unreal despite the physical findings: my inability to move a foot,  an important finding. When did medicine rely on crystal balls and unsupervised residents to make ‘the calls’?

Almost as if I have to learn to communicate anew, to make doctors understand the mind and the body can be one. A problem in the mind or body can cause pathology. Why did this problem occur? They did not help instead attempted to create another.  My real problem: Oh… it’s not your field; pass it on for another to add-on.   Incomplete diagnoses, only speculations, data based on the average. Have you not figured out that I, like most, am not the average? Why so many die from common treatable problems?   Millions, ignored, whilst you doctors with crystal balls create mental hysteria.

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A Story From The Balcony: Group Dynamics


A Story From the Balcony: Group Dynamics | Part 3

The Ideal

Based on the Drexler/Sibbet Model, we went from stage one—orientation—to completing the task without entering the intervening stages. I believe this is usually the case where groups form around short-term projects. The stages required to build trust take time and respect for all ideas.

Drexler/Sibbet Model
Drexler/Sibbet Model

We did not clearly identify  problems,   and most importantly, communicate a common vision for the group. An  consensual agreed-upon structure would have defined the group further and helped develop group norms. Limited time and the need for creativity make different approaches that, in essence, bond people.

A common vision is paramount to jump starting any process of building a relationship or starting any project. The other paramount ingredient is the respect for all ideas. The notion of respect for all ideas is essential to keep all stakeholders at the table lest the table become singular. The above two elements, along with feelings of connectedness, bring transformation with multi-perspectives–the essence of innovation. This encompasses the IDEO model and more. An idea that may sound weird, when flushed out a bit, usually spurs other ideas; suddenly, we are adaptive, thinking of outside-the-box, real, creative ideas.

I disagree with the Drexler/Sibbet model, which notes that trust comes before goal clarification, because people need solid reasons to gather and take time out of their schedule — making framing of goals or intentions very important for getting stakeholder buy-ins. That allows for interactions that, if positive, will lead to trust and relationship building. This strengthens stakeholders’ commitment. A clear vision lends itself to prioritizing goals and aligning them with resources.

When all ideas are acknowledged and discussed, the end result can be creative and innovative. This is facilitated by focusing on common visions whilst anticipating conflict. If a conflict is handled with respect and inquiry, the result will be high-performing teams (or communities) with innovative ideas.

Given the pressure and discomfort with the topic at hand, our class overlooked the above. In my opinion, we went from the task to the solution without understanding the problems. My attempts to understand the problems and the right questions were met with fierce resistance. In my mind, how could we begin to tackle an adaptive problem without understanding the perspective of the afflicted communities and their families? There were basic questions that were never answered. These include:

a) What were some explanations for the large disparity in infection rates between black females and black males?

b) Why was the ratio of sexually active black teenagers similar to white teenagers, while Chlamydia infection rates between the two groups were disproportionately out of whack against black teens? (Sexual activity rate is similar between black and white teens while chlamydia infection rates are much higher in black teenagers than white teenagers. Why? How was chlamydia reduced in white teens?) Those questions were basic research questions that suggested other factors were at play, and that Prof Wang’s lecture did have relevance beyond due mention of subject matter.

Other questions best answered by communities follow. The process of discovering the many narratives behind those questions often lead to trust, better partnerships and collaborative efforts:

a) What were the trusted communication sources within this population? How was information transferred?

b) What were the demographics and cultural dynamics of these communities?

c) What were the access issues to treatment?

d) If the stigma of STD was the sole factor for not seeking care, why did many other cities seek onsite testing?

e) What was the standard of care when sexually active teens presented for a physical? What was it when they presented for screening or an STD? How did those standards compare to non-disadvantaged communities?

f) Were their other medical problems with such racial disparity? These were important questions; unfortunately, I was ineffective in articulating them. Soon, many of my classmates stopped listening the moment my mouth opened.

The Conclusion

Were my actions adaptive? Did I exercise adaptive leadership? Was I a team player? My actions were adaptive; I asked the difficult questions and made people feel uncomfortable. I discovered the power of writing; my use of the Wiki was more  therapy than a way to be heard. It surprised me to discover that my classmates were reading my blog. They were paying more attention to my blog than my spoken words. I used that opportunity to make inroads by providing a narrative for those communities, with some success.

Part of leadership is orchestrating the process of change. While I did turn up the heat and increased the awareness of some of my classmates, many were unprepared for the discomfort. I worried my last blog would undermine the project. I am glad it did not. It will take practice to develop the art of orchestrating conflict, especially with younger ones. 🙂

In conclusion, group dynamics inevitably leads to conflict. It is important to  anticipate conflicts; never ignore them.Conflicts represent opportunities for greater understanding and bonding within  groups.  Never ignore conflicts lest they become future minefields.

Part 1:  A Story From The Balcony    https://failuretolisten.com/2013/09/30/a-story-from-the-balcony/

Part 2:  A Story From The Balcony: The Disconnect https://failuretolisten.com/2013/10/03/a-story-from-the-balcony-the-disconnect/


Things seems so different now...
Things seems so different now…