Questions Remain In The Aftermath Of The Conservative White Christian Terrorist Bomber

Mark Conditt, the terrorist bomber from Texas, blew himself up as a SWAT team surrounded him. We know little about him except he was a  conservative white Christian man who harbored antiabortion views and murdered two African Americans from prominent families and injured multiple others.

  1. Why didn’t the bombings receive widespread coverage, despite Austin Police asking for the public’s help,  until two white men were injured last Sunday?
  2. It appears Mark Conditt had ties to Austin, Texas, what were those ties?
  3. Who was the package or packages addressed to that exploded at the FedEx facility in Schertz, Tx?
  4. Can his friends or family tell us more about him?
  5. Was he employed, unemployed or a student?
  6. Did he belong to a radicalized far-right group?
  7. Is there evidence he was not working alone?
  8. How could a person who claims to be pro-life murder innocent people?

America is at a crossroads. Do we make America white by minimizing the crimes of white men and incarcerate people of color?  Or do we make America great by labeling African countries “shitholes”  or the Muslim religion terrorist?

Why do we label members of #BlackLivesMatter who protest violence terrorists or Black Identity Extremists? Why do we continue to label white conservative Christians, the overwhelming perpetrators of domestic terrorism,  mentally ill or lone wolf members of a hate group?   Why aren’t conservative white Christians labeled terrorists when they terrorize Americans?  

We need a national discussion of these double standards.   We need to break down the barriers that separate us and recognize most of us yearn for the same things:  peace and love as well as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What do you think?

CA Movement Against The Police Brutality Epidemic



CA Movement: March Against The Police Brutality Epidemic on American Citizens

This looked like a great rally.  Thank you for creating, publishing and sharing videos.  They were fantastic!  Great to watch and listen:

Solidarity with families whose lives were impacted by police brutality.

My condolence to the family of Eric Garner.  As more contextual information pour in the grave injustice and the willful nature of his death become evident.


On July 19, 2014 Anaheim, CA at Disneyland:  Military Police video:   A peaceful demonstration with powerful  personal stories.  The passion,  anger and raw outrage of the crowd were refreshing.

The advice:   Keep sharing and spreading real stories.

Start with this video, consider others videos  and articles on this website as well as elsewhere. Think of creative ways to organize a communication channel.



Very Important:   Please spread the word to potential donor-investors, supporters, volunteers and everyone  about my potential  upcoming  United States Citizens Database  Kickstarter Campaign  draft  preview at:



#Palestine to #Anaheim #ACAB: End #PoliceBrutality Stop #KillerCops

Americans march against police brutality


Legislation to punish police for their brutality, violence…..and  crimes against humanity.

Something for careful consideration…Where would you start?

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