After attorneys uncover racial profiling, charges dropped in almost 50 Minneapolis marijuana stings

In a fascinating case of addressing impact rather than intention, district attorney in Minneapolis have dismissed felony marijuana charges against 47 people, 46 of whom are black, and halted future low-level sting operations. The racial disparity was brought to light in late May, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, and shockingly, the powers that be took swift action.
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It’s rare to read an article where a police department responded appropriately. Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arradondo, ended sting operations on low-level marijuana crimes when presented with stats showing incontrovertible evidence of racial profiling. #ThePowerOfData

Why Are There So Many Single Black Women?

Mass Incarceration: What Caused The Dramatic Rise In Never Married African-Americans

Why are so many black women single?  Could this be due to structural racism? Mass Incarceration?  A system that disrupted black families, leaving Black women and children to fend for themselves in an increasingly hostile world.

In general, marriage is on the decline in America.  In 2016, 48% of all Americans married as opposed to 29% of African-Americans.
Approximately 1 in 2  of all African-Americans has never married as opposed to 1 in 3 of all Americans.

Black men marry white women at twice the rate that Black women marry White men.

  • In 2017, 15% of black men were married to non-black women while only 7% of black women were married to non-black men.
  • Of those with non-black spouses,  60%  of black men were married to White women while only 4% of black women were married to white men.

Curiously, in 2012 The U.S Census Bureau did a study on the history of marriage and discovered some surprising statistics.  From 1890 to 1960s,  African-Americans 35 and older were more likely to be married than White Americans.  Then in 1980 something changed.   The number of married African-Americans declined. The number of never-married African Americans began to climb, jumping from 10% in 1980 to 25% in 2010.

In the 1960-70’s mass incarceration began. The chart below shows how the rise in mass incarceration may be related to the dramatic rise in the number of never-married African-Americans.

Why are so many Black women single? Why was there a dramatic rise in never married African-Americans around the same time  mass incarceration started to take hold?   The data suggests a link.  Mass incarceration maybe playing a crucial role in breaking up African-American families,  sentencing many black women to single parenting or single life.  This observation needs further investigation to determine if an association exists.

Since a majority of black women will not consider dating a non-black man, what does that mean for the future of African-Americans as mass incarceration becomes the American way of life?  Was the war on drugs that led to mass incarceration intended to be a war on African American families?





Black Demographics

Marriage In Black America




Supreme Court: It’s Legal For Police Officers To Kill Americans When They FEEL Threatened

Some days it’s not worth getting out of bed. The news always seems terrible, and as a woman of color, I feel estranged from the greater society.

The stories I read are insane. This morning I read a story that the Supreme Court made it legal for trained cops to murder unarmed civilians if a cop feels threatened. Cops only need to utter the words without proof. Cops cannot be sued and officially have a license to murder innocent people by just uttering the phrase, ‘I felt threatened.’ Police officers are public servants trained and paid by tax dollars to protect and serve the public not themselves. Do you think the supreme court made the right decision in giving police officers the right to murder Americans at will?

Do you think self-defense can be employed to protect Americans against police violence?

How can an armed and trained cop feel threatened by a kid running away from him? How can an armed and trained cop feel threatened when they outnumber the suspect? Why are armed and trained cops mostly threatened by unarmed POC and not by armed whites?

If armed and trained cops can feel threatened by an unarmed black man, can you imagine how threatened an unarmed black man feels when he sees a cop? Can a black man who feels threatened by a white police officer murder him in self-defense? Wouldn’t that equal justice?

Does Technology Improve Healthcare or Access?

Does Technology Improve Healthcare or Access?

This article  (1) stirs my mind. By itself, it is food for thought about the future of American healthcare and the future of those unable to access advanced technology because of insurance coverage.

In the US healthcare arena, Medicare is the gold standard. Being the largest payer, as well as the Government, Medicare dictates what is covered and what is not.

Commercial insurers either try to meet Medicare standards or exceed them, to compete in providing health coverage to employers.

Access to advanced technology that is changing healthcare, allowing it to be delivered anywhere, is not available to everyone with insurance.

The elderly who are on Medicare have the worst coverage, with most of this advanced technology that is beneficial to them not covered. No coverage means no access. Medicare sets the standard for coverage of healthcare services.

Others who do not benefit from advanced technology that is transforming medicine, moving it to the communities where outcomes are determined, are Black & Brown communities. Impoverished neighborhoods in urban areas.

Only recently did Medicare lift the limitation on telemedicine to include care in patient homes. Still Most Black & Brown communities do not receive such access to telemedicine, where transportation limitations can make doctor office visits a hardship.

The above is an example of structural racism. In addition, Black & Brown community hospitals are under-staffed and the staff poorly screened. As well as not offering many technologies available in rural hospitals, such as telemedicine in the home. Other limitations include Black & Brown communities still lacking smart phones, which could deliver such services.

[ What is the penetration rate of smart phones in Black communities?  Anyone know?]

Doctors are leaving impoverished, homeless, mentally ill and Black & Brown communities behind. Without access to immediate life saving measures these communities are dying off. Infant mortality rates for Black women, despite income, are similar to that of a developing nation. Infant mortality is a standard indicator of health.

We need doctors to advocate policies that benefit patients and not drug and medical device companies. Doctors also need to stop letting insurance companies dictate patient care.

Please do share your thoughts.

  1. New Rules For Our Health’s Digital Future

Second Part in Series on How Doctors Kill Patients

Part One:  FFT: Are White doctors misdiagnosing Black patients?

Florida: Black Male Boiled to Death by Prison Guards NO CHARGES!

Darren Rainey murdered by prison guards in Florida
Darren Rainey murdered by prison guards in Florida

Man cooked to death in scalding shower as punishment by prison guards

Darren Rainey, 50, died while incarcerated a the Dade Correctional Institution.  He was serving a 2-year sentence for a victimless crime; possession of cocaine.  At the time of his death, he had only one month to go before his release.

Prison guards forced him to stand in a tiny shower stall while being blasted by scalding hot water until his skin began to shrivel away from his body and he died.  Fellow inmates say he begged for his life before collapsing in the shower.

 The Florida’s Department of Corrections often comes up with cruel and imaginative punishments for prisoners — allegedly ranging from starvation diets to forcing prisoners to fight so the guards could place bets.


Full story:     Man cooked to death in scalding shower as punishment by prison guards


Former employees of Dade Correctional Institution in Homestead say mentally ill are being abused and mistreated. (Photo by Lonny Paul)
Former employees of Dade Correctional Institution in Homestead say mentally ill are being abused and mistreated. (Photo by Lonny Paul)

The Florida Department of Corrections   did not do an investigation because no autopsy was done at the time of Darren Rainey’s murder.  What about the witnesses?


Florida: Black Male Boiled to Death by  Prison Guards No Autopsy NO CHARGES

This man was mentally ill. He was not a criminal and did not deserve to die in this manner.

Simply outrageous in light of increasing publicity of police brutality and profit schemes around private prisons involving the judicial system, and still no justice.  Racial profiling schemes built around the war on drugs, broken windows, etc.  intentionally target  people of color, the homeless and the mentally ill.

Darren Rainey was the perfect target.  A Bullseye written all over him by a corrupt justice system that labelled and condemned him to this fate.  A fate that saw him tortured  and murdered by prison guards  without remorse or respect for a human being.

An oppressive air of slavery  reside at Dade Correctional where innates  are at the cruelty of the masters aka prison guards. The article makes clear this correctional facility is notorious for its torture yet Florida decided no investigation necessary.


What treatments did he receive for his mental illness?

Almost two years at Dade Correctional Institution in Florida, where it appeared Darren Rainey was  abused,  tortured and humiliated regularly by prison guards.    His crime a victimless  one where he allegedly  was in  possession of small amounts of cocaine.   Given the history of  police violence and lying,  one should question the veracity of the charges.

Simply put:  Police officers LIE!

In addition,  one  should  consider his mental diagnosis?  What treatment did he receive?

How  can scalding someone with boiling water rehabilitate?


What Deterrents Are In Place to Prevent Abuse by Prison Guards?

There is the constitution, and they are laws; however there is no one to enforce them as the enforcers are the perpetrators.

Is it time to consider corporal punishment for those who do harm when hired to do otherwise?

Prison guards should be given the death penalty. Instead,  they  faced no charges and their freedom never in jeopardy, unlike Darren Rainey, who murdered no one.

Murders without consequences with paid time off,  is a system of that rewards and perpetuates cruelty.   Those prison guards are now more feared than ever and more abusive.  But as long as their abuse is confined to the prison, society ignores.   However, that is never the case, and we will never know because we never set systems in place to check.

A murderer is a murderer even in uniform, and that person remains dangerous  despite our justification and ignorance.   The home environment and neighborhoods of prison guards who inflict cruel and unusual punishment disproportionately should be surveilled for other acts of cruel and unusual punishments.

Florida has come to symbolize:  Discrimination and  Structural Racism in America

The prison guards locked Darren Rainey in a tiny shower then turned on boiling water at full blast on this older man’s naked body while he begged for them to stop. He was found dead 1-2 hours later with scalding water still blasting.

Eventually, we become what we tolerate. How long will Americans tolerate these targeted injustices? Florida now has its own system of justice that erodes  access to justice by blacks. Clearly, blacks should get the hell out of Florida or stand their ground. There is no justice for black people in Florida ( and elsewhere). With armed white males standing their grounds, survival means sticking together, looking the enemy in the eyes and by all means fight THE ENEMY but never each other.



This case highlights the greed of cruelty in privatizing  and providing monetary incentives to incarcerate people.

A culture  of violence and cruelty is deeply contagious if not contained. An environment filled with people who take pleasure in violence and  beast like activities is not healthy nor safe.    When these violent people are police officers and prison guards, are innocent citizens safe?    Are we paying criminals to create crime for profit?

As a black mother with sons, what should I tell them?  Can they dream the impossible dream just like their white friends?

The Impossible Dream – Jackie Evancho

Darren Rainey
Darren Rainey


1.   Innocent pedestrian attacked by police, framed with charges, imprisoned for 15 months
2.   Miami Herald: Allegations Of Abuse Of Mentally-Ill In Florida Prison
3.  Source of Lead:   Amor    Welcome to Daily Life and Living Blog!

White Men Need Guns | Video #DunnTrial

Eyes filled with pain
Eyes filled with fear, pain and trauma from the hands of  a cold and exploitative culture.

Loud Music Murder Trial: The Jury Speaks Out

White Men Need Guns To Shoot Unarmed Black Boys

Michael Dunn was punished for not finishing the job. Had he killed all the black teenagers,  he would be a free man today. Any doubts? I have none.

White Men Need Guns to defend against harmless unarmed black kids. Laws  assume young black teenagers are thugs, weapons to be feared.  Sighting of a young black male is  reason to “stand one’s ground (only if you are white),” and  claim self-defense. Laws let murderous grown white men free after killing unarmed black children are degrading the moral fiber of humanity.  In addition, such biased and selectively enforced laws display the cowardice of white men.

What are they without their guns?


Btw, the moral turpitude of some white journalists is appalling as they asked  Angela Corey after the verdict,  should tax-payers’ money and time be wasted on a re-trial?  Why bother retry this one  case?  No fear there among these white female and male journalists, why? They are privileged to say and do as they wish or so is the belief and the culture.

A black boy’s life is not worth taxpayers’ dollars. This explains why there are so many unsolved black-on-black crimes; no one cares if a black person is murdered, especially by a white person.

What coded messages are being sent to the white community and the world?

The latest verdict from Florida was codified: The court punished Michael Dunn for not killing the other three black victims. Florida is an example of codified structural racism. I am not sure whom the prosecutor worked for—certainly not the victims.

Structural racism institutionalizes stereotypes. In Florida, a young black male is considered a thug and someone to be feared. A fear of young black males–often children–is justification for armed and grown white men to shoot unarmed black children. Who is bothered by this? What are you going to do?


Another thing is that black witnesses’ testimonies do not carry the same weight as those of white murderers whose criminal histories are usually littered with hate crimes–important evidence that is never admissible in court. Why?  Conversely, a dead child’s history can be used out of context to label with code words, thereby, feeding into the stereotypes of white emotional biases. It worked well with Trayvon Martin as it did with Jordan Davis. See the pattern?

Why blame dead victims? Why do we believe men who are murderers? In Florida, a pattern is emerging among white people at the sight of young, unarmed black males. This pattern shows the cowardice of some white males as they use their guns to purposely kill innocent, unarmed black children. Such acts  are called cowardice and murder everywhere else except the United States of America. The US, once a defender of human rights, is now an abuser.

This stand-your-ground law, implying a young, unarmed black male is a threat to grown white males, is a utopia for the Ku Klux Klan. Enforcement of such laws achieves similar purposes of selectively murdering or incarcerating black males in the United States. Any doubt – look at our prisons filled with blacks because that is where the white establishments are sending our children.

The hands of justice allow murderers to go free; meanwhile, overlooked are the degradation and dissemination of people of color #POC …with them ….YOU …

To be in harmony, you listen, then feel the connection with the collective universe.

No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck. – Frederick Douglass #quote

So what are these white men without their guns?

#JusticeforJordanDavis #DunnTrial

jordan davis56

Are white men afraid of black men ? They JEALOUS?
Are white men afraid of black men ? They JEALOUS?. Those words give grown white men the legal right to murder unarmed defenseless black kids; majority of black kids are not thugs.