To Fear or Not to Fear ISIS

To Fear or Not to Fear ISIS

I smell the fear of change……The United Nations all ganging up on ISIS….I am neutral. They are a new organization, following models of imperialism and colonialism similar to the birth of the USA.

I do not agree with their violent approaches….However, their culture is different, and I understand that my values are different from theirs….So beheading bodies and murdering victims are very much the same….Both result in death.

Curiously, the UN Security Council does not list the Ku Klux Klan or the NYPD or #Ferguson Police Department on its list of terrorist groups. The word “terrorist” employed unfairly begins to lose relevance as a disincentive to membership. The membership of outraged powerless citizens from Western nations….over 50% of recruits are foreigners. Why? And how?

Observe the rapidity of reaction by established nations and legislative emphasis on limiting the natural rights of citizens under the guise of FEAR—the use of FEAR as a weapon of censorship, control, and to demonize groups and individuals whose values differ from traditional anglo-values.

FEAR is now the most powerful weapon of mankind. Fear of change is the most threatening to the status quo.

Definitions:   Jihad means the struggle.   I believe ISIS is the struggle for Islamic Freedom

This post was inspired by  the following article :  Nations Trying to Stop Their Citizens From Going to Middle East to Fight for ISIS

The Holy See of Molesters

The Holy See of Molesters

Every day Catholicism becomes dirtier, filthier, and more hypocritical. It is like the United States system of injustice; some would say Justice but only for the elite– for African Americans and the non-elite, Justice is non-existent in the United States of America. Remember Trayvon and millions like him?

The above linked article shows how structural laws protect pedophiles in the Vatican under the auspices of God and the Catholic religion. It is legal to be a Catholic pedophile priest!

Pope Francis created a UN Commission to investigate the abuse of power and predatory behaviors of priests only to refuse their recommendations, stating they interfered the business of God.

The Commissions’ recommendations are non-binding. Do you think the following recommendations interfere with the dignity of the clergy and religious freedom as the Vatican claims?

The Catholic Church does not accept the following recommendations of the UN Commission formed by the Church.

Transparency at the Holy See – UN Commission recommended TRANSPARENCY of “internal investigations” of pedophile priests. (The Catholic Church feels that intrudes on the pedophile priest’s dignity.)

Defrocking pedophile clergies – UN Commission recommended the Catholic Church to remove ALL KNOWN or suspected child molesters. (The Catholic Church refuses as this violates the pedophiles’ rights. What about the victims?)

Educate children – UN Commission recommended the Catholic Church to empower children with knowledge and awareness of sexual abuse, particularly among priests. (The Catholic Church feels that is not in their job description)

Disgraceful! Our society is so quick to condemn children mimicking the ways of adults. We arrest children, label them molesters when the real molesters gather on Sunday at Catholic Churches all over the world.

Failure to listen and a partnership with the dark side. What do you say? Or do you say anything?

The Holy See of Molesters