Is Zika Virus A Genetically Modified Virus? 

Is the Zika virus now a bio-weapon?

Using genetically-modified mosquitoes?

Imagine the weaponry.

Demographically Zika is unusual. While originating as a known virus after WWII (where scientists worked on eugenics and other forms of warfare), isolated in Africa and Asia, it has suddenly shifted continent. Since last year its changed its pattern of distribution. The countries now affected are in the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Is Zika already a weapon? An environmental weapon to wage biowarfare. A mosquito-borne virus that damages the brain of unborn fetuses, possibly producing brain-damaged children.


UTMB’s Scott Weaver On the Zika Outbreak

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Humor: The Toad and Brown Noser | Videos and Slideshow

Give up The Toad….NO Way!

Gotta Give Up the Toad | Family Guy | TBS

how to be a brown noser


Hancock – Your head goes up his ass


My gratitude to Roald Michel for the videos and my collaborator, Toadink, for the inspiration.

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Two Different Style Town Hall Meetings

Two Different Style Town Hall Meetings with  different hosts, different audiences  and different size groups.      Sean Astin   and drdeandre1,  both  inspirational, ignited neurons and got my mind going.  


Both unwind in different ways. Sean ‘s focus group is on civil discourse and  drdandre1’s is on cultural civil discourse, both  fantastic and very different  reflected The CULTURAL civil discourse. 


Texas Town Hall





(talking shit) Commentary ” wake up blacks with power and money!”



White Ferguson PD MURDERED Acutely Suicidal Kajieme Powell | Edited on 10/27/2014

[Kajieme] Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)

White Ferguson Cops MURDERED,  Kajieme Powell

Military Police treatment of acutely suicidal patients is poor healthcare.  This man, Kajieme Powell, frustrated said shoot me  in front of the Ferguson cops… and they did without question or Miranda rights.   He stole a soda and was unarmed. Is that crime worth a life?  How long did it take  from time of arrival for the cops to  empty their guns into his body?  Not long….

No arrests because even the President Obama does not give a shit.

What would a normal person do in such a situation?   Take  Kajieme to the hospital to be evaluated.  However, in the USA suicide is outsourced to the cops who target practice and kill acutely suicidal patients.  such patients to the cops to kill.

If you are considering suicide go to Ferguson or NYC or CA or Florida or anywhere in the states…cops will make sure you are DEAD, courtesy of American tax payers

Ferguson PD Handcuffed and ?Booked A Dead Man after executing him.   Kajieme Powell was an unarmed black man who stole two sodas.   He was NOT  Michael Brown.  Another black man dead– the media melded both stories as Michael Brown; thereby,  creating and adding confusion that will only benefit  Officer Darren Wilson.

Interesting Ferguson PD handcuffed a dead man.  I believe  if not for the video,  Ferguson PD would book  and imprison a dead man.   It’s overtime and money for Ferguson PD’s  highly lucrative municipal court and criminal justice system.   International investigation should start here and in NYC as  our government  and traditional media are complicit.

Officer Wilson is on paid witness protection–ALL PAID FOR BY THE COMMUNITY OF FERGUSON. A community,  #Ferguson PD seems  bent on exterminating while Americans watch in SHOCK and AWE (and nothing else) with little compassion and a slew of rationalizations for crimes against humanity.

Updates on Police Killing of Kajieme Powell