Head Trauma: Finding The Silver Lining

Is there a silver lining to traumatic brain injury? Does head trauma come with benefits? I didn’t think so until my youngest shared his wisdom.
I was lamenting the loss of my photogenic memory when my youngest son said, “Mom, you’re lucky. You can choose to remember only the good times and forget the bad times.” Until then I never thought about my annoying memory loss in that way. There was a silver lining in losing my memory.

Once I came clean on the memory loss issue, I slowly regained control of many aspects of my life. I was no longer afraid to socialize in public. My mind was no longer focused on recalling noise or things I wasn’t interested or  passionate about. Today, the head trauma comes in handy. It gives me an out when I don’t feel like being bothered. I can just say I forget and most of the times it’s the truth. To think of the suffering I endured in trying to hide the injury. Honesty is best the policy when it comes to your health.

Some people are passionate about recalling names. Unless it’s someone who’ll become part of my life, I quickly forget names. Learning to manage my limited and vanishing memory cells is no small feat. It enabled me to function at a higher level, and I hope that will preserve and protect my memory cells.

I freed my mind to focus on things I love to do, when I accepted the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury. No longer did I sit in a corner worrying about the things I couldn’t remember or the humiliation at losing my train of thought in the middle of making a point, a very important one.

Ironically, all my working life I slaved away to someday enjoy the luxury of a middle-class American family. Today making markedly less, I am finally beginning to live the life of my  dreams.   Now it could be that I don’t remember the life I dreamed about, but who cares I am at peace.

The past is fuzzy!  With triggers and reminders, recalling events from the distant past become easier.  The terrible memories of failures and rejections muted,  and current shortcomings quickly overlooked.  The silver lining is that I forget the impossibility of an outcome and focus on its possibilities, meaning I have a can do attitude until I start to do and fatigue or brain fog sets in.

With fewer connections, less money and less power, I am making the best of the situation.  Today, I use a shopping service to get groceries. I get a manicure and pedicure regularly (I am now overdue). I go to Boston to get my hair done at least twice a month.  I pamper myself.   When I worked full-time, I didn’t have the time to do so.   Having to make money prevented me from enjoying it.

Head injury sure  knocked some sense into me, isn’t that a silver lining?

Get Health: Get Motivated!

Sacrifice The Best Motivational Video Ever





I am going to challenge myself!

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Real Heroes – Real Human Beings

man save life on aubway
Real Hero Real Human Being

Real Heroes – Real Human Beings

The following videos brought tears. Both are great…The first inspired this post and the second video.

Real Human Beings and real heroes! They make this world a better place.

New York Subway Hero (CBSNews)

Real Life Heroes – Tribute to Heroes

Get Health: Time to Exercise!

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How to recognize Irrational People

Since I wrote this post I have something  to add as Ftl is online media, I should make mention of cyber-irrational irrational people.  In digital media, -more later-

How to recognize Irrational People

irrationalThere are Three Stages of irrationality:

Stage 1- People in this stage are salvageable; however, they are irritating, and it takes patience to reason with their illogical, inconsistent, tangential thought process  that borders on lunacy. If you value this person, then take time to explain; you may be pleasantly surprised.

Stage 2 – Here is the dividing line—the point at which you run, and run fast. People in this stage are noticeably unpleasant, unreasonable and arrogant—those who love to pontificate about nothing. If forced into contact, lower your stress by minimizing contact and know they are not reliable. They are usually not salvageable, especially, if you value your own sanity.

  • Limit contact with these people;

  • Don’t rely on them. While this means more work, it’s well-worth the reduced stress.

Stage 3 – Avoid! People in this stage are very dangerous and sociopaths.  They are toxic, and capable of anything. They are like powerful vacuums that suck the very life from you. Minute contact inevitably leads to more destructive interactions until you are too lifeless to resist. People in Stage 3 destroy lives, they are perpetual takers, and master deceivers who only give illusions.

When I find myself saying the same thing in ten different ways, and the other person has ten different interpretations each attacking me, all making no sense and not connected to the conversation, I know this is an irrational conversation going nowhere.    Hopeless….

My default: quickly end the conversation. Time is too precious!

Revised 11/30/14