4 thoughts on “A Message To Black Feminist Its Your Turn To Eat The Cake! Enjoy

    1. I stumbled onto to him. (He probably blocks my tweets. LOL) He is hilarious, hard on black women, in most cases, rightly so. He wants to bring back the black community. I like him.

      Here I agree with him.

  1. After having watched and listened to the babble of this semi-macho dick, guess all you black women must feel very guilty now. How dare you to be a feminist! How dare you to believe that those fine black men ever would want to oppress you! How dare you to…….

    Ladies listen up, Mr. Controversy (yeah he likes to be seen like that, hehe) is as mainstream as it gets. I’ve heard it all before. He’s preaching nothing new. And btw, he doesn’t like dykes, as he calls them. I wonder why. Well, not really, as I already know. The man is an attention whore.

    Now, to get back a little balance and peace, here’s a bunch of women who don’t need the protection and teachings of Mr. Soto……. Um what was his name again?


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