How To Read Failure To Listen (FTL)

I noticed a tiny uptick in my following and thought a brief introduction to FTL might help new subscribers.

This is not your ordinary blog.  It’s filled with ideas and brilliant, controversial comments.  Think about it as a ledger of passions or a repository of information

There is no set schedule.

Sources of images vary; most are from Pinterest.
FFT means Food for Thought, and that means a deep dive into questions or ideas.

Posts range from 250-1000 words. Long forms become series. Unfortunately, it could take months to complete, if you’re too excited to wait, motivate me.  Leave a comment or recommend FTL to friends who will add value to our community.

Don’t expect perfection.  Pardon my grammar and focus on the content.  My posts will have grammar and format errors, editing and minor revisions usually follow.

My passion for understanding conflict means posts are raw, satirical or provocative. I mean no offense.

Comments are encouraged.

Be ready to think.


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