India: Women’s Plight in the Most Dangerous Country for a Girl

They are asking US for HELP....
They are asking US for HELP….


India: The most dangerous country in the world to be a girl

English: Young woman from Tamil Nadu near Maha...

Sex-selective abortions, illegal, yet staggeringly high.  Each year, over 600,000 female fetuses are selectively aborted in India.   The wealthy and educated are the worst offenders, the poor cannot afford.

India’s discrimination and exploitation extend from  female fetuses in the womb  to  ALL Indian women. Wife beating is considered a MAN’S RIGHT!   Over half of Indian men think wife-beating is a normal part of married life.   Unsurprisingly, crimes against women are on the rise.  India’s caste system– its societal acceptance–blames victims, thereby, perpetuating a cycle of violence and discrimination against women at the hands of MALES and females.

Structural Discrimination, tightly woven into the cultural fabric of their daily routines make these  oppressions –of women, children and other vulnerable members of their society– acceptable routines  Fertile grounds for child molesters and  violent men who domestically abuse their wives.

What can we do to help these girls and women in India and elsewhere?

Please think about that question as you watch these videos  on abused, mistreated women, some committed suicide and many murdered by their  husbands  in a society  where being female is DANGEROUS.

India: The most dangerous country in the world to be a girl

The plight of women in India

Newlywed’s Suicide Exposes Women’s Plight in India

Our Failure to Listen to the cries of  Indian women reflect  Failure of  our Society!    Instead, some chose to focus on the pressures of already highly successful Sheryl Sandbergs’ and their issues of  wealth and power struggles…

Other countries considered DANGEROUS TO WOMEN:

  • Afghanistan
  • The Congo
  • Pakistan


India, a dangerous place for women....
India, a dangerous place for women….
What can we do to help STOP the murdering and victimization of Indian women.....
What can we do to help STOP the murdering and victimization of Indian women…..

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

24 thoughts on “India: Women’s Plight in the Most Dangerous Country for a Girl

  1. What can we do? Oh come on, read the news about the recent Devyani Khobragade melodrama, and learn that our marketed philosophy and promoted lifestyle, as fake and hypocritical as they may be, is light years away from theirs, although both parties (diplomatic morons and people in so called leadership positions) do their utmost to hide same.

    Take this for example, and I quote from the media: “……..the case touches on a string of issues that strike deeply in India, where the fear of public humiliation resonates strongly and heavy-handed treatment by the police is normally reserved for the poor. For an educated, middle-class woman to face public arrest and a strip search is almost unimaginable, except in the most brutal crimes.”


    And here

    And………bla, bla, bla, a zillion other outlets.

    1. Don’t you just love the ignorance of such statements. Hypocrisy on all levels. However, why did United states officials subject this woman to such humiliation? Considering the crime this is overkill…and then there is ZimmerMURDERER free to murder again.

      I don’t understand why this Indian woman was victimized like this. Indian women like black women are often VICTIMS.

      The doctor at Tufts was Indian another reason Tufts and MCAD said their abuse and mistreatment of me was not discrimination. Interestingly, The names of the people on the Massachusetts Commission Against Racial Discrimination are Indian. Hmmm…very interesting indeed, a process and a commission that should be looked into….

      Justice is getting harder for ordinary people, especially poor people or non-whites. She is fortunate to have her country behind her.

      1. She was victimized? Oh my. That’s terrible. Poor thing. And she was accused of treating her maid like shit? How dare they! No diplomat from India would ever do such thing. That maid should be punished and deported instantly!

        Yeah she’s the fortunate one here for sure. Especially because a bunch of hypocrites is standing behind her. Um…behind her? What the hell is going on in that country?

        1. Roald,

          That was my first impression…and I have questions. However, she was trying to get her maid into the states though I still wondered if there was abuse….that would explain the treatment. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she would not abuse another female.

          This makes me think about tufts medical center. The ER doctor was Indian and the names of the MCAD commissioners are Indian.
          They claimed because the doctor was Indian there could not be discrimination…looks like that could be the reason.

          Not calling all Indians racist, however the culture is highly discriminatory…most doctors I have had problems with were…..

          Interesting association….I will have to consider this. Some of my best friends are Indians.

        2. How do I get my case to reach Eric Holder and Obama ? I can’t pay for justice in Boston, MA. I am becoming enraged by the injustice of this all.

          Discrimination causes poor health care….no one gives a shit in Boston. They are like the Indian people protecting Tufts Medical at the cost of my health and possible death.

        3. Roald,

          Many foreigners provide healthcare to the disadvantaged and poor in the States…when we talk about health disparity and quality is there a valid association? Big data would help show the patterns.

          All this news about India and my care at Tufts makes me want to investigate corruption and the healthcare in poor communities.

          I wonder the demographic composition of tufts hospital board….maybe I received east Indian healthcare and justice in America…at minimum their is a connection…. No wonder the nurses and doctors had no fear….corruption stinks.

          Sounds racists and I believe there is truth there b/o the culture and corruption.

    1. No moderation. I have the controls set to notify me if more than one link….that’s all. Initially, I thought you left and returned. I’ll change the setting. Currently, I am organizing the site to automate some processes.

      You jump to conclusions too quickly. Do you think I would moderate you? Have to go get me lumbar MRI. My back is killing me and my leg is progressively worse, seem to be tripping or stumbling frequently. Learning to do it all on my own….now anyone comes to me with shit, I can tell them where and how to it. 🙂

      Best only, Angela

      Sent from my iPad


      1. “Your comment is awaiting moderation” was written on the top of your wall, and you say: “You jump to conclusions too quickly.”? Get your act together, sista!

        Told you eons ago to get that MRI. Jeeeez!

        Um…..don’t wait till anyone comes to you with shit. Be proactive, and shit on them before they even could take their sorry ass to the toilet for a lame shit themselves.

        1. Really, on my end I saw your comment was in moderation and wondered why. As I said I am automating. Lately, I have posted much about the culture of discrimination. It has many flavors. Thank you for the articles.

  2. “How do I get my case to reach Eric Holder and Obama ?” Invite Sharon and Michelle to a tea party with homemade cookies and take it from there.

    1. I don’t know them and I desire to have them over for tea. I use to love to give and go to parties…now parties are a bore.

      I don a party mask to tolerate.

      I was once a decent cook who loved to bake…

  3. Huh? Mam mia, you are almost living in their back yard, while I’m not even in your country, and now you want me to be the one to introduce you to these 2?

  4. No, it’s leading you to think the end is near, which, having read your latest test results, seems not very accurate 😉

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