When Shit Happens?

Make compost! 

This is a sequel to Perceptions Of Shit.  What is your perception of this shit?

Woman: Takes A Random Dump


This woman needed to make compost or one of these:

I get your shit....
I get your shit….

So, what do you think of her shit?  There was a lot of it; quite the load!  Did she wipe?

I call her shit fanaticism.

Fanaticism: Crazy shits!

Thank you, Roald Michel for sharing this video as we explore,  when shit happens?   What is your shit?


This video is definitely food for thought.   Hopefully this woman’s poop will become HUMANURE.  The following is an instructional video on the Humanure Toilet.  Check it out; it is loaded with rather poop-manure. http://humanurehandbook.com/videos.html

Thank you  Benoit Couture for sharing the above.