When Shit Happens…

When Shit Happens?

Make compost! 

This is a sequel to Perceptions Of Shit.  What is your perception of this shit?

Woman: Takes A Random Dump


This woman needed to make compost or one of these:

I get your shit....
I get your shit….

So, what do you think of her shit?  There was a lot of it; quite the load!  Did she wipe?

I call her shit fanaticism.

Fanaticism: Crazy shits!

Thank you, Roald Michel for sharing this video as we explore,  when shit happens?   What is your shit?


This video is definitely food for thought.   Hopefully this woman’s poop will become HUMANURE.  The following is an instructional video on the Humanure Toilet.  Check it out; it is loaded with rather poop-manure. http://humanurehandbook.com/videos.html

Thank you  Benoit Couture for sharing the above.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

12 thoughts on “When Shit Happens…

  1. I always regard it as food for the earth. Have you read Francis King’s classic Farmers of Forty Centuries? I was thinking about your underlining practice. I do reread some books, not very often as my memory is what it is and I an extensively tested IQ above 180 so I just let the chips fall where they will. At nearly 700 my head is so full of information it is a ridiculous expectaion that I would retain it all if i were a CRAY. On the other hand, when I do reread I find the most meaning in the things that I did not notice the first time or see as of much significance so having underlined would interfere with the process of expanding my learning. I like to watch movies, good ones, several times for the same reasons. Things missed the first time are seen and signified the second time but in the end all that I “know” is in my mind and if all the books in the world were underlined, it is of little help. The books that I do reread, like A Dream of Red Mansions contains literlly thousands of references to literature, primarily poetry as it preceded the perion in which written language such as we are familiar with existed

  2. Bill, you have a point.

    Funny thing about my underlining practices, when I do reread, it is the entire book. I like to highlight short phrases, quotes from the characters that capture deep emotions of the soul. I refer back to them often; they give me new perspectives, lenses through which to see the world.

    Btw, your IQ is impressive.

  3. Toilet paper? I’m sure you could find some in that supermarket. My advice? Poop close to that section.

    1. On second thought forget the toilet paper. After she poops and wipes, we now have a shitty floor, toilet paper loaded with shit and a women walking around with shitty unwashed hands. There is nothing that can make this video less gross or this women less shitty

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