How to Tell a Lying Police Officer to Go Fuck Himself Politely

Would a conversation even occur if the driver was a  black male? NO, I do not think so.
The driver would be in prison on bogus charges fabricated by the police.

Listen to this white guy go off on the police.

Clearly, he is justified!  Unfortunately, black folks can’t speak as freely to cops or have an officer take time to explain when they are equally justified in telling police officers to, “F**k OFF!”

Typical Youtube Comment to the above video:

We live in a Police State and more people are starting to wake up to it.
Learn you rights and stand up for them.

How different would this video be if the driver was young black male?

See the video below but first look at this comment and sympathy shown to a black male who gets  pulled over for no reason just like  the white male above. Contrast the compassion and empathy of viewer comments:

YouTube Comment:

If negroes wouldn’t act so black they might not get shot. This negro deserved a bullet in the head. Then there’s the angry negro crowd that will support this criminal behavior. That’s why the rest of the civilized world despises negroes. A negro has never, in the history of mankind, accomplished anything without the help of the white devils. These savages add nothing to a civilized society. Only one solution …mandatory birth control for all darkies.

BTW the black guy was cooperative and did not mouth off like the white guy, look what happened.  (Video that generated the above hateful comment.)

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