Ignoring CDC Guidelines, A Miami Police Officer Falsely Arrested A Black Doctor On The COVID Frontlines

A Miami Police Officer handcuffed and arrested a Black doctor, Armen Henderson, in front of his home. The officer claimed the doctor was littering. The doctor was loading medical supplies to help homeless people in the city.

What’s more, the police officer was not adhering to CDC guidelines. He was not wearing a mask when he breached the six feet social distancing guidelines to yell in the doctor’s face.  The video was inaudible but showed the police officer yelling without a mask less than 6 feet from the doctor, who was unable to replace his mask. Little doubt the police officer’s spit got on the doctor.

What does this police officer’s action tell us? As a member of the Miami PD, he was more afraid of a Black man littering than the deadly #COVID-19 virus killing thousands. Also, he didn’t care about spreading the deadly virus to families of color.

Perhaps such behaviors by police officers are partly responsible for the alarming mortality of COVID-19 among Black Americans.

Why was an on-duty police officer patrolling the streets without a mask?

Concern for public health should mandate testing and release of the officer’s coronavirus status. Contact tracing would be necessary if the officer were infected. Preliminary studies show the virus is more deadly in African Americans. Could that be the reason this Miami officer choose not to wear a mask?

Miami police launching probe after black doctor working on coronavirus front lines handcuffed outside home


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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

8 thoughts on “Ignoring CDC Guidelines, A Miami Police Officer Falsely Arrested A Black Doctor On The COVID Frontlines

  1. Wow, that’s just unacceptable. Even at one of my jobs, we have to wear gloves and masks. If the cop tested positive and the doctor got infected, that should be an attempted murder charge. The cops really need to prioritize these things. Besides, the doctor was doing his job to help people.

    1. Curtis, it occurred to be later,did the officer pull over because the doctor was wearing a mask? Many Black men have raised concern about wearing a bandana or mask around their face because of racial profiling. What you think?

      1. That’s right about the mask issue since I heard someone called the police on a Black man for wearing a mask while grocery shopping. That was so stupid. I’ve had my concerns about it. Sure, my DIY bandana mask features an anime character of all things, but even I still felt like having my head on a swivel whenever I need to get groceries or gas.

        1. My son first brought up the concern to me. He said, Ma you asking a Black man to wear a bandana around his face? Dr Henderson had a proper mask on and he was profiled and handcuffed.

  2. Hi Angela, I’m one of those people who believes C-19 is no more dangerous than any of the other viruses of the last 15 years. It’s been reported that people alive and those that have died have been reported to have C-19 without testing. Also when something like this is reported ad-nauseam it affects peoples’ minds like mind control or a spell/ witchcraft. It always seems that Black people become the problem! This is a end run around our constitutional freedoms and another massive transfer of wealth.

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