7 thoughts on “Here is why deconstructing Zionism is important – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

  1. Michael Marder is using Jacques Derrida’s concept of “deconstruction” to discuss and reject Zionism. Derrida’s remark “il n’y a pas de hors-texte” not only became famous but illustrates as well the rather controversial meaning of “deconstruction”. But let’s not be too picky, and go with Derrida’s own explanation, which is beautifully described in English by: “There is nothing outside context”. Yeah, I can live with that!

    Now, my advice to professor Marder would be: “Hey man, before slandering Zionism, why not deconstruct anti-Semitism first, and take it from there? And whilst you’re to it, watch and listen to this song sung by Jews as they were being led into the Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chamber of 1944, as well as by the inmates at Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp the time they (60,000 prisoners with 13,000 unburied corpses) were freed April 1945? Just to keep things within context, eh?”

    Great song, eh? Great performer too. I love that woman!

    Now, since we’re in the deconstruction mode already, let’s write the professor and ask him to deconstruct as well the invasion of the Americas by the white people who, contrary to the Zionists who invaded the Middle East, had no roots whatsoever in that continent. Still they took away the land of the people living there, starved them, murdered them, and finally placed them in, what is now called the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, reservations. Kind of concentration camps actually. Yes dammit, let’s deconstruct that as well. Very important that. Then, after duly having done so, giving back the land to the red people.

    God, do these scholars, sitting in their cushioned offices and passing their not so deconstructed judgments, bore me. Yuck!

      1. Gosh, just for me? Well don’t bother, as I can do without this. Understand this though: Anyone, and I mean anyone, who will try to invade Israel, will regret this dearly. And so will all that would support such action. There will never be, no matter the costs, a new Warsaw ghetto, a new Auschwitz, or a new Dachau ever! Nor will there be a new מצדה.

        Consider this a polite warning.

        My credo: Peace to all. But if you want war, you’ll get it. Nuclear!

          1. Co-existence is shit in my eyes, and not what I’m after. Unity, togetherness, caring for each other, is what I want. If that ever will happen on a grand scale I don’t know. Let’s try, and see. In the meantime, I’ll stay on the alert and will oppose them lecturers, so called freedom fighters, and other smooth talking hypocrites (from both sides!), the moment they stick their filthy heads above sewer level.

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