911 is the number we call for emergencies. 911 is now the number called to seek revenge….of course out of concern.  Next time you seek revenge– don’t–call 911 and let the cops do it.

Cops always believe the caller despite common sense. Common sense is reserved for white  folks not us black sloths. This was the most frightening experience in my own home.

Fortunately, my youngest was home to save me or else a bunch of white folks would have destroyed my reputation, credibility and in the end scarred me for LIFE if they did not kill me first.

Stay away from Doctors…many are DANGEROUS when concerned.


I  was cuffed  for Hypoglycemia  and almost  shot.  Shot  had I tried to leave my own home or tell those heavily armed cops to get the F*ck out of my house. There was no EMT  only cops with  rifles and other weapons….Fortunately I have a 31 minute video tape of this incident.

I texted   a former friend:  “I can’t think well..I am going to rest. ”  That is what started this horror show.

Those rifles were not for show.   And the  technology does not exists for guns to check blood sugars.

Furthermore, I was awake, alert, could drink and eat.

Rifles  and semi-automatic weapons were overkill for the the above quote.   I guess weapons are necessary for   OBEDIENCE and to KILL. They came prepared to kill me that is for sure.  I saw it in that female cops’ eyes.  Those cops ATTACKED my son as he attempted to stop them from putting their hands on me–All because  a white person was concerned.   Concerned I wasn’t behind bars?

A near-miss–I could have ended up  like Wayne Arnold Jones– unarmed BLACK man murdered, shot 23 times by 5 WHITE police officers.  The kitchen knives in my kitchen would be considered weapons but not the cops unwelcome presence and their  unwelcome assault rifles in my home. Yes, it would not have taken much to have those   4 cops fire away at my dead body using their new rifles for target practice then turn to my son.

This was a close call  and a scary one. Next time I will remember 911 is for revenge not emergencies.

Partner with your local police department for revenge by calling 911…

It works!

Remember Next  time you seek revenge:  Don’t!   Call 911 and let the cops do it for you.

(31 minute video to upload private)

– part 2-