911 The New Number to Call For Revenge


911 is the number we call for emergencies. 911 is now the number called to seek revenge….of course out of concern.  Next time you seek revenge– don’t–call 911 and let the cops do it.

Cops always believe the caller despite common sense. Common sense is reserved for white  folks not us black sloths. This was the most frightening experience in my own home.

Fortunately, my youngest was home to save me or else a bunch of white folks would have destroyed my reputation, credibility and in the end scarred me for LIFE if they did not kill me first.

Stay away from Doctors…many are DANGEROUS when concerned.


I  was cuffed  for Hypoglycemia  and almost  shot.  Shot  had I tried to leave my own home or tell those heavily armed cops to get the F*ck out of my house. There was no EMT  only cops with  rifles and other weapons….Fortunately I have a 31 minute video tape of this incident.

I texted   a former friend:  “I can’t think well..I am going to rest. ”  That is what started this horror show.

Those rifles were not for show.   And the  technology does not exists for guns to check blood sugars.

Furthermore, I was awake, alert, could drink and eat.

Rifles  and semi-automatic weapons were overkill for the the above quote.   I guess weapons are necessary for   OBEDIENCE and to KILL. They came prepared to kill me that is for sure.  I saw it in that female cops’ eyes.  Those cops ATTACKED my son as he attempted to stop them from putting their hands on me–All because  a white person was concerned.   Concerned I wasn’t behind bars?

A near-miss–I could have ended up  like Wayne Arnold Jones– unarmed BLACK man murdered, shot 23 times by 5 WHITE police officers.  The kitchen knives in my kitchen would be considered weapons but not the cops unwelcome presence and their  unwelcome assault rifles in my home. Yes, it would not have taken much to have those   4 cops fire away at my dead body using their new rifles for target practice then turn to my son.

This was a close call  and a scary one. Next time I will remember 911 is for revenge not emergencies.

Partner with your local police department for revenge by calling 911…

It works!

Remember Next  time you seek revenge:  Don’t!   Call 911 and let the cops do it for you.

(31 minute video to upload private)

– part 2-


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

24 thoughts on “911 The New Number to Call For Revenge

  1. As a man of white privilege, I’d like to point out that calling 911, or otherwise contacting the authorities is not limited to white against black, but seems to be the new universal condition. I am drawn to all sorts of police misconduct cases, and one of the most egregious, because it is so deadly, is Swatting, or as I prefer it, SWATing. This has been used against celebrities and regular folk of all walks of life.

    I suspect you weren’t SWATed, but it wouldn’t hurt to look into this foul case of using 911 for revenge. Using the authorities to seek revenge is unnerving, no matter what the races involved are.

    1. it was pretty scary. I think I took pictures …not sure of the video quality. There were four cops including a female who had a rifle and a gun in her holster. yes they had rifles plus hand guns for ME

        1. For a black person it is traumatic. I will not sleep or eat for the next few days…I am shaken. They even threatened to arrest my son for no reason. He was scared. All this and I was simply hypoglycemic. How many hypoglycemics have been murdered in the name of the law?

          Michael, my world has suddenly become black and white…lost are the beautiful colors.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that you went through this, Angela. When I worked with a young man who had brain injury and stood outside his house talking out loud and gesturing, his mother was worried that police would think he was a threat because of his size, skin color and the neighborhood they lived in. I believe she got him a medical i.d. bracelet to alert cops to his medical condition. Whether officers would have bothered to read it first is another question. No one should have to experience what you did and you might consider filing a complaint. I know it’s probably wishful thinking it would change anything. Peace to you, my friend.

  3. Unbelievable! You got that right about that. I am a threat. However, Elliot Rodger was not. He went on to murder his classmates and teachers.

    The police did not treat him as they treated me. They did not touch him and despite evidence did nothing. Here there was no reason for those cops to enter my home, let alone with weapons, then handcuff me because I wanted them out of my house.

    The cops would have killed me in my own home with my son present…probably killed him too. It seems whites think black people are threats…I keep hearing white people say that….anything black people say or do is a threat to whites.

    Elliot only killed 5 people injured many others, but he was white and not a threat.

  4. I’m sorry Angela, please keep advocating though, you are making a difference spreading stories. I have no idea how to even attempt to correct the corrupted power dynamics police have, but with the growing use of video cameras there seems like there has to be changes coming. I think police cameras should be on 100% of the time and available to public scrutiny.

    1. Thank you Kelsey, I appreciate the support…..I am on my way to complain to the police chief. Obviously the four officers gave him their version which is different from mine. We know how truthful cops are. I have a 31 minute video that ends when they attempted to put me in cuffs and tackle my son. . Check out the tapes on police brutality to find out.

  5. Will post picture of large abrasion/ scratch to my right scapula with marked swelling from those cops. Cops tackling me in my own home. They were brutal…I can’t believe the swelling over my right scapula–all night I had pain and more swelling this morning. I will see my doctor today for X-rays

    I will report more after my meeting.

    One cop said my house has a history of gun violence—my husband, a vet, a sniper in the 82nd airborne div, committed suicide on police ringing the door bell. And that is the gun violence the cops used to justify arms and weapons to kill a platoon.

    They interogated my son, 19 year old son, threatening him with incarceration and obstruction of justice. The ?female cop said something about needing the weapons to make an ARREST.

  6. Angela, I am so sorry you went through this horrible experience. Having people threaten you and disturb you in a home which should always be a place of safety is terrible, and you should never have gone through that with the very people who should be trained to make communities feel safer (and not threatened). I hope that your children are okay. I see though that this is an old post.

      1. Normality is defined and structured around racism. Horribly so, and the injustice is painful to watch. It is a privilege to not be aware of the impacts of your actions upon another person, and particularly the impact of police with weapons around teenage sons, in a world where teenagers have been shot. It has to be terrifying.

        Angela, this event obviously left you feeling very powerless, and it must have been very threatening as well. You don’t have to appologize, and fighting back or feeling angry about what happened to you is what any person in that circumstance would feel.

        Watching your child be threatened, while he was trying to protect you must have been unbearable too. I know my own instinct to protect my child is overwhelming. And he was clearly very worried about what was happening to you at the same time.

        It is good that you made a complaint. Activism may help another person be spared a similar circumstance (and I really hope it does). It also means being heard about what you went through.

        You shouldn’t have to appologize to anybody either. It doesn’t take awareness of privilege to understand how any person feels when people with guns arrive into a private home and threaten a mother and children. The situation is blatantly cruel.

        Angela, maybe look out for symptoms of PTSD too? It’s a normal reaction to a very abnormal situation, which you have experienced. It’s really about your body trying to protect you by being hyper alert. But it can be very, very difficult to experience.

        1. Nicci, I cannot tell you how these people have screwed me over and then claim I whine…I want to scream and shout and tell their lies and secrets…..but I will not break a promise and divulge a secret.

          Yes it is hard for me to bite my tongue, watch the hypocrisy and evil flourish around me.

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