This Memorial Day the question of whose freedom does America fight for is on this writer’s mind.  Being of African descent, I still fight for freedom and access despite  being a US citizen in America.

I can be killed because my color is deemed a threat to cops and many white people.  I can be murdered for legally owning a gun.  Why  don’t I have second amendment rights?  What happened to the second amendment rights of many Black men murdered because they were suspected of possessing a weapon while  posing no threat.  Is it illegal for people of color to posses weapons in America? 

This Memorial Day, I am reminded that my children can die fighting in preventable and unnecessary geopolitical wars, all in the name of freedom.  A freedom that my children will never experience in the so called land of freedom called America.  

This Memorial Day, please remember the innocent lives lost unnecessarily because of political and media lies intertwined with hypocrisy.  Indeed, this is a sad day!