FFT: Could Fake News Help Us Unravel The Truth?

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Today during a conversation about fake news with a friend, it occurred to me that instead of calling news we disagree with fake, we should presume all news and information are biased and embedded with lies. In the last decades, our sources of information and news ballooned, leading to disinformation and #fakenews becoming dominant forces of manipulation. We need the ability to accept any information–false or facts– then decide its veracity.

All fake stories have a basis in fact even if the only truth was the story was false. Why did some entity or someone create the #fake news? Gleaning motives for false news may prove invaluable in understanding society and ultimately lead to the truth that some want to avoid.

Perhaps, the solution to disinformation is to embrace it by understanding its motive as well as content. Such an approach to news could lead to a literate society with insight and understanding of each other and the world.  If you understood the motive for a story,  could you unravel the truth?

Who Decides The News

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

34 thoughts on “FFT: Could Fake News Help Us Unravel The Truth?

        1. “If Europe breaks away from Washington’s control, there is hope for life. If not, we are as good as dead.” That quote is on target.

          If Europe stops supporting Israel’s proxy, the US, there may be hope for humanity since those two are among the worst abusers of human rights and are guilty of war crimes. We can’t solve problems when solutions are built on lies or propaganda. It’s time Europe does the right thing and say NO before the US and Israel destroy the world.

            1. That’s for sure and Americans took it way beyond the line. They created a world of fake news to fuel wars, violence and fear.

              Btw, I love my country. Haha

  1. Seems many people like to hide “their truth”, even fear it. That’s why they’re so busy with commenting on other people’s “truth” and “the news” (e.g. Herr Schlüter).

    “If you understood the motive for a story, could you unravel the truth?” Probably. Careful with interpreting same. But….um……what would you do then? Tell YOUR story? What would be YOUR motive to inform “the world” about your findings?

    1. Great questions! Leave Andreas alone! Some people like to lie rather than tell the truth.
      If by understanding motive we could unravel the truth in fake news, I would use that show patterns of various news sources. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to show that Fox is fake news given its following by white Americans? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know why Fox news incites hatred of other races? What do they gain? The questions that could be answered about human could be transformational.

      People are suffering terribly. And society blames the poor for being poor, the disabled for being disabled and people of color for having pigment. Most don’t realize it’s a corrupt and ineffective system that is bending their backs and making them suffer.

      So to answer your questions, I would use the insight from the data to eliminate, amend and create policies that are fair and that work for everyone. Journalists and writers that spread fake news would be identified and their writings/words viewed in that context.

      1. Why? Motive(s)? Here’s part of what I recently wrote elsewhere:

        “What’s behind it? Well for one thing, fear. Fear that “the other” would get power over “us”. Fear that “the other” would find out about “our” vulnerabilities. For instance, it’s (one) reason why there’s, despite all the sweet talking, still this so called gender gap, why there are still borders, people are considered illegal, nationalism………etc.”

        “as long as humans (are taught to) embrace the concept of “us-against-them”, need borders, see nationalism and patriotism as virtues, are convinced that their “rights” are above those of other people “rights”, and believe that competition is a conditio sine qua non to survive, develop, and move forward, nothing will substantially change.”

        Guess that covers it.

      1. “My motive is to drag everyone to the light.” Everyone? Herr Schlüter too?

        Btw, don’t drag me, eh? I love darkness. Told you that eons ago already!

          1. “Here especially for you:” Liar. Why, Herr Schlüter ? What is your motive? Re Angela: “Some people like to lie rather than tell the truth.”

            FYI: I’m not going to read your “info”. Did that already too many times, rant after rant. Boring stuff, dude.

            As for WWIII? Remember “Nie wieder”? Yes? Then let it be carved in your flesh, I time and again declared and still stand for: >>> The next time you deem it necessary to come for us again, we will get you, we will destroy you, and you’ll pay a heavy price for it, even if that would mean we would perish ourselves in the process. “Never again” will not be an empty cry of fake activists and spineless hypocrites anymore, but exactly what it was meant to be: Never again! Farshtaist? <<<

            I’m all for love and totally against war. But if you want war, you can get it. We’ll deliver it to you, mercilessly, totally, and nuclear! End of the world? So be it. But this time we’ll take you with us.

            1. “reasonsable”? Ah yes, that’s what de Judenräte were so fond of when trying working together with their persecutors. Never could stand those people.

              And no, I wasn’t saying that. I’m saying: Dare to come for us again, and we will destroy you, even if that would mean we will perish in the process ourselves.

            2. Very interesting, Mr. Michel. You mention me twice and when I react you act like a war hawk! I ask myself what´s going on in your head! Possibly better look for some professional help before you do something irreversable. Or is MKultra working on you?!

            3. As I expected, you tried to circumvent my remark about you being a liar.

              If you would know what’s going on in my head, oh paper tiger, you would even more shit your panties.

              MKultra? Ancient stuff, Herr Schlüter. Maybe you should inform yourself a bit more about psyop, and then start safely ranting about it in front of your computer screen.

            4. Maybe in your wet dreams you make People shit their trousers. In reality when it comes to your trollish remarks I shuttle between pity and disgust!

            5. And what by the way was your motive to mention me twice out of the blue?! Since you like so much to ask for motives! Believe me, I´m really not eager to communicate with you. So you better leave me out of the game! And I´m sure you don´t want to be dragged out of the dark. Light is painful for the eyes at times!

            6. “Believe me, I´m really not eager to communicate with you.” Then don’t.

              “Believe me”? You sound like Trump.

            7. If you insist on communication, then I must say: the one sounding like Trump is YOU! And in all concerning your allegations: nebbich!

            8. Get real boy. Stop fantasizing, man. Just because I mentioned you, doesn’t mean I was communicating with you. But then, when you couldn’t resist to react, altruistic me didn’t have the heart to leave you there whimpering alone in your darkness, and thus virtually gave you a hug or two.

        1. Yes, we discussed eons ago, and I realized we talk semantics. Your darkness is a dim light. You want people to step out of their overcrowded boxes and live, … as long as they let Israel do whatever it wants. It’s the latter part we disagree on.

          1. “…..as long as they let Israel do whatever it wants.” See, there’s where your confirmation bias kicks in. Many times I haven’t agreed with the current Israeli government. But you refused to pick that up.

            My darkness? Don’t see stuff in it which isn’t there. I simply love darkness. It;s one of the reason I stay up late.

            1. We can’t escape confirmation bias. Most often it occurs subconsciously. But in this case we have your previous comments. That’s not confirmation bias. It’s your bias!

  2. How do you determine fake news? Generally by knowing the facts and the people involved in making the news. Ex. 9-11. A plane flying into a bldg the size of the twin towers will not cause a free fall collapse, but yet the dominant news media tells us otherwise. Scientific facts and common sense tell me that’s fake news.

    1. Exactly! When you use logic to question the truth of MSM, you are dismissed as a conspiracist. Many people recoil from labels and will tow the line not to be the nail that sticks out.

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