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Georgia gubernatorial candidates Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp during a debate last month. John Bazemore/Getty Images

Are you ready to vote tomorrow? Are ready to let your voice be heard on Trump’s divisive politics of bigotry and fear? Are you ready to determine America’s future direction over the next two to six years?

Tomorrow is Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, is the most important deciding event of America’s future. Tuesday is so consequential that Trump has done more mid-term campaigning than the candidates themselves and he is not officially on the ballot. However, the election is a referendum on Trump and his divisive policies, lack of integrity, honesty, and ethics. It’s a referendum on the toxic politics he brought to the table by becoming America’s illegitimate president. Americans have yet to see his tax returns as promised. And recall he is under investigation for conspiracy to influence the election he won.

His daily jolts of toxic lies have bitterly divided Americans. With Trump at the helm and a Republican-controlled Congress and Senate as well as Supreme Court, racists believe they are firmly in control of Americans and the future of America.   Trump’s tactic of bullying critics by summoning far-right extremists to violence seems to work. The daily barrage of racist dog whistle politics has galvanized the Republican party and its far-right white nationalists base to the point of pushing the country into chaos and violence. Are Trumpian politics of far-right lies and conspiracies America’s future?

Georgia’s secretary of state, Brian Kemp, following Trump’s lead yesterday levied accusations of a cyber attack on his office against Democrats without providing evidence an attack occurred. He is running for governor in a close race against Stacey Abrams, who will be the first Black female governor if Kemp’s attempts at voter suppression and election fraud fail. Kemp is determined to win this election unfairly by any means possible. Georgians make sure you vote and also make sure Brian Kemp will not change your vote.

As secretary of state, Kemp oversees the integrity of the election process in Georgia. Yesterday, he accused the Democratic Party of Georgia of a failed cyber attack on his office. He presented no evidence of the cyber attack or evidence that Democrats were involved but asked the FBI and DHS to launch investigations into his opponent’s party less than two days before the election. This is not the first time Kemp made such accusations. He accused DHS of hacking his system in 2016. That case was dismissed in 2017.

Kemp presides over a centrally managed antiquated system of voting machines without auditable paper trails. Georgia is one of five states with outdated voting machines that can be easily hacked to change votes. Georgia also has no verifiable paper trail of a vote in case this happens. What a perfect storm for election fraud! Don’t you wonder why in 2016, Georgia was the only state to refuse help from the Federal government to tighten election security?

In 2016, Kemp was one of the only secretaries of state in the country to refuse help from the Department of Homeland Security to improve election security, leaving Georgians vulnerable to foreign cyber attacks. On two occasions, Kemp’s office leaked personal information including the social security numbers of six million Georgians, forcing Georgia taxpayers to foot the bill for credit monitoring because Brian Kemp’s office made Georgians vulnerable to identity theft.

Read the full story here Stacey Abrams Slams Brian Kemp’s ‘Desperate’ Hacking Claim Against Georgia Democrats

America’s future depends on your vote, take the time to VOTE tomorrow!

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Police outside a postal facility where a suspicious package was discovered and removed by the bomb squad in New York on Oct. 26.Justin Lane / EPA
Police outside a postal facility where a suspicious package was discovered and removed by the bomb squad in New York on Oct. 26.Justin Lane / EPA

Alarming and growing concerns about the rising threat of domestic terrorism and white nationalist/supremacists did not deter Trump from putting an end to funds for The Countering Violent Extremism program.

Less than a week after pipe bombs were mailed to critics of Trump by a white supremacist spewing Trump’s rhetoric of fear and hatred, and the deadly attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue, Trump declared an end to the DHS programs to counter American extremism or domestic terrorism. The anti-extremism program established under Obama worked to fund groups that counter domestic terrorism. Why would Trump not renew funding for the program despite the alarming rising threat of domestic terrorism to national security?

Data from the Global Terrorism Database shows there was a spike in attacks on American religious organizations in 2016-17.

The money paid for the development of new approaches to prevent terrorism before it begins. Programs that develop training materials for law enforcement, mental health counselors and schools to better identify warning signs of extremism so that terrorism can be averted were designated to receive funds.

Other programs built relationships, like a project that pairs Boston Police Department officers with young Somali-Americans. Another program in Illinois was developing the best ways to intervene with people who are leaning toward extremism before it’s too late.

But weeks after President Trump took office, the funding was put on hold.

The only group that specifically fought white supremacist ideology, the Chicago-based Life After Hate, was among those excluded from funding. The group had been slated to receive $400,000.

The organization is a national network of former white supremacists who speak to young people to dissuade them from following supremacist ideology.

Read the full story at Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror

Car Crashed into Counter-Protesters of Charlottesville White Nationalist March

Is this the future Americans want?  Tomorrow your vote decides!




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