Fighting For Human Rights In United States: A Losing Battle in Healthcare




Fighting For Human Rights In United States: A Losing Battle in Healthcare?

Fighting for Human Rights in the United States: A Losing Battle in Healthcare?

Do you know whether medications prescribed by your doctor were recommended based on research for profit?

Dr. Joseph Biederman has researched pre-schoolers with bipolar disorder. He recommended early drug therapy to prevent future complications of bipolar disorder. Other physicians followed suit… Soon, 2 year olds were treated with Seroquel and Depakote for the terrible twos. As a result of aggressive drug therapy, many children die while others permanently damaged due to adverse reactions.

Others physicians without conflicts of interest trust the integrity of Harvard, unaware that Dr. Biederman works for drug companies. Dr. Joseph Biederman recommends Big Pharma drugs – previously contraindicated in children – claiming treatment prevents high-risk outcomes.


The above introductory example is from Tufts Medical Center Discriminates, a Community ActivistPage on Facebook for sharing medical nightmares, human/patient rights violations, and injustices

This page was inspired by discrimination and ~17 hours of torture in the ED at Tufts Medical Center by Stacia Khorey, RN, an ED nurse who wanted me to beg her for pain medication while I awaited surgery for severe compound comminuted facial fractures and dislocation. She and others made fun of my speech because I could not speak clearly. In addition, Dr. Sunil Shroff, a Tufts Medical Center Emergency Department doctor, misdiagnosed, discriminated against, and mistreated me.

By far, it was the worst experience of my life, and it motivated me to start a Facebook page when I found justice difficult to obtain in the state of Massachusetts. Forgery, alteration of medical records, perjury, fraud, and other illegal, criminal activities are standard medical practices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) is a joke, similar to its Department of Children and Families.

The regulatory agencies – meant to protect citizens – are corrupt, controlled by hospitals motivated by greed for money and power. I found out Tufts Medical Center oversees MCAD. Such conflicts of interest are standard practice (corruption) in MA. Attorneys fill many regulatory roles… No wonder Boston law firms feared my case.

Imagine being raped and having a desire to obtain justice and prevent harm to others; now imagine the only option for justice is to complain to your rapist and hope for justice. This is my predicament in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. {Florida best exemplifies this kind of justice that rapes the innocent and protects the guilty – in Florida, the guilty are armed white men murdering innocent, unarmed non-whites.}

In essence, healthcare is inaccessible to the majority of Americans, despite health insurance. Doctors and other providers with compassion and competence are becoming increasingly difficult to find in Massachusetts and other places. Why? Good doctors are leaving medicine in droves rather than fighting an outdated, bureaucratic, corrupt system. This system is replacing these doctors with young, malleable and often incompetent, poorly trained providers.

Child abduction by way of parentectomy is a new standard set by Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital (not DCF), which has yet to be investigated or even researched as a healthy treatment plan in pediatrics. Dr. Biederman, Dr. DeMaso, and Dr. Alice Newton all helped develop the practice. Unfortunately, most Americans will forget this travesty of medicine, parentectomy instead blame-and-pound. DCF and Gov. Deval Patrick conveniently forgot the source that generated the problems. Why is that? How does that happen?

What will misguided blame accomplish? Legislation to ban parentectomy? Do we need this? Our Constitution protects this right and so do civil laws that protect patient and parental rights.

Should we attempt to focus on those who created the problem? I recognize they represent the 1% that we fear, i.e., Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital. Several known deaths of children can be attributed to Dr. Joseph Biederman’s research for profit, which set new standards for pediatric care.

Who is Dr. Joseph Biederman? He is well-known, well-published, and well-compensated. He is also powerful, yet it would seem I border on slandering his name. Nonetheless, I can reasonably speculate that information on Dr. Biederman was sanitized to remove the dirt, which is really the truth. One only needs to perform an Internet search under “Dr. Joseph Biederman” and “fraud” to witness the rumblings of fraud, corruption, greed, and conflict of interest.

Dr. Biederman’s work is responsible for “parentectomy,” a novel and harmful new treatment approach in pediatrics. This technique was geared to benefit Dr. Biederman, his underlings, other providers, hospitals (Boston Children’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center), medical schools (Harvard Medical School), drug companies, and medical device manufacturers. Sadly, Biederman’s treatment method intentionally destroys children and their families while remaining low risk and high ROI for the above-named parties as they tap multiple funding sources legally. Each discipline and sector piggyback on each other for support and credibility.

Observe our “misplaced” blame–Dr. Biederman continues to receive accolades for his works that include the following:

1.   Justina Pelletier’s incarceration at BCH’s Bader Five for 10 months–based on Dr Joseph Biederman’s voluminous articles and standards of medical practice and endorsed by Dr. DeMaso, who appears to work closely with Simona Bujoreanu, Ph.D (see references).

2.   The death of Rebecca Riley (4 years old). Rebecca was prescribed Depakote 750 mg QD, Seroquel 200mg QD, and Clonidine 0.35mg QD by Kayoko Kifuji at Tufts Medical Center. Dr. Kifuji applied Dr. Biederman’s standard of care for bipolar disorder to a 4-year-old. This is malpractice. Rebecca was diagnosed at age 2 and started on meds. Her parents were jailed for following Dr. Kifuji’s orders.

What about Dr. Kifuji? Dr. Kifuji continues to enjoy his freedom, his money, and his career. What killed Rebecca Riley? Admittedly, I am not privy to the details; however, it is malpractice for any pediatric physician to prescribe multiple medications—that are contraindicated in children—for a psychiatric diagnosis in an age group where such a diagnosis cannot be made. Dr. Kifuji was more likely than not experimenting on Rebecca Riley for money. Dr. Kifuji received no jail time, and his license was not revoked because he knows experts at Harvard Medical School, such as Professor Dr. Joseph Biederman. Check out some of the experts at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health regarding conflicts of interest (1). It is outrageous that Harvard Medical School doctors are paid by drug companies to endorse their drugs for specific indications despite known harm and contraindications.

3.  Unknown deaths and disabilities within communities because of other doctors—including Dr. Alice Newton, Ioana Simona Bujoreanu, Ph.D, and Dr. Jurriaan M. Peters—adopting these standards of medical care based on trust and integrity (of information) given by the leaders at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. The doctors in the link entitled, “Integrity in Science–Who’s paying the piper?,” exploit the name-brand of Harvard to set new standards based on greed and not health, caring, or science.

Dr Biederman and his supporters, hospital administrators who include Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital CEO Sandra L. Fenwick, will escape conviction. None will be charged, and all will continue to do harm with unrestrained upward career mobility, money, and power. Yes, this will happen, and there is nothing most people will do about it–except talk!

Justina Pelletier will be going home soon, but questions remain as to why it took 16 months. And why was the DCF given permanent custody? The Department of Health and Human Services is in control of the DCF, so we do thank Secretary Polanowicz for stepping up to the plate.

The situation described above is symptomatic of deeper brutality problems rooted in the corruption of our judicial system. Unfortunately, the United States is no longer a republic. Our individual freedoms are at great risk. This is because the Constitution has been reinterpreted to keep 1% of Americans in power with the help of incompetent paramilitary units known for police brutality. (Do you see how the relationships form? It is an axis of evil relationships where criminals work together.)

Those rights guaranteed by the Constitution are at the mercy of democracy. It is a democracy based on wealth and power–1% of our population–as opposed to a majority 51%. Thus, 99% of Americans have no rights or protections unless we take them back for ourselves.

I hope this page shaped by us–together–will provide the collective courage to claim our Constitutional rights from those whom we elect to represent us.

Failure to Listen risks more murders of people with mental illness, our children and those unable to speak for themselves. ..And more parentectomy at the hands of:

  • Dr Joseph Biederman

  • Dr David DeMaso

  • Dr. Alice Newton

  • Ioana Simona Bujoreanu,  Ph.D

  • Dr Joseph Biederman

  • Dr. Jurriaan M. Peters (stellar health grades)

More Culture of Corruption and Cruelty — WATCH OUT for staff at Tufts Medical Center Emergency Department

  • Sunil Shroff, MD                                               ss27

  • Stacia Khorey, RN                                             sk12

  • Zeng, Mabel                                                      mz 1

  • Marian Lemieux RN                                           ml

  • Lynda Fitzgerald                                               lf4

  • Tania Chacon                                                   tc8

  • Kelly Haynes, RN, JD Risk manager I accuse of perjury

Law Firm for Tufts Medical Center: Littler Mendelson, P.C.

Are you ready to fight for YOUR rights as guaranteed by the constitution and its amendments?  Join



For more information on research for profit read more about Dr Biederman and colleagues:

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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