Wednesday in their suburban Dallas home, their first interview in these early painful days. Before I was a journalist, I was a pastor for years, and had walked many families through the stages of grief, including those affected by gun violence, but little prepared me for the trauma faced by this family.
“When they dream, they see Jordan, with smoke coming out of his head from the shot. That’s what they were forced to see. Our 4-year-old daughter, who has accidentally overheard what happened, is drawing pictures of her big brother with a hole in his head. What are we supposed to say to her?” Odell’s wife, Charmaine, told the Daily News.
This is what the Edwards family is facing right now, but this same time last week, they had a picture perfect life.
They live in a wonderful home in an upper middle class neighborhood in Balch Springs. Odell is an entrepreneur in the trucking business and Charmaine has worked in the industry for years. They’ve provided well for their family and have gone out of their way to raise three studious, kind scholar athletes.
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Yesterday, Roy Oliver was found guilty in the murder of Jordan Edwards. This conviction was historic! For decades, Communities of color have not seen justice in America. Our children senselessly murdered by law enforcement with impunity. Yesterday, justice reared its head in Texas of all states.

The article by Shaun King is a great piece describing the aftermath of Jordan Edwards murder on his family and community.