Did you see the Kavanaugh’s Judicial confirmation hearing yesterday, September 27, 2018? I saw parts of it and became even more disturbed that Kavanaugh might become the next Supreme court justice. He lied to Americans and then swore to God that he was not lying.

With absolute certainty, Kavanaugh said he never blacked out.

Judge Kavanaugh gave categorical denials a number of times, including, at other points, that he’d ever blacked out from too much drinking. Given numerous reports of his heavy drinking in college, such a blanket denial is hard to believe.

How can he know? My husband blacked out often as he was a heavy consumer of alcohol. Even, after I videotaped him doing strange things while drunk, he still denied doing those things or blacking out. Again a blackout is not passing out but amnesia induced by excessive alcohol intake. If Kavanaugh were truthful, he would have said he can’t know for sure if he ever blacked out as he was drinking too heavily to remember.

Kavanaugh’s anger and volatile temperament were also troublesome. He went from crying like a baby to indignant rage. He gave misleading statements. He bemoaned his reputation being damaged by meritless accusations but stopped short of wanting to clear his name with an FBI investigation on the merits of the allegations. Kavanaugh knew Republican staff members conducting an investigation is entirely different from an FBI investigation yet he attempted to mislead Americans.

On Thursday, he gave misleading answers to questions about seemingly small matters — sharpening doubts about his honesty about far more significant ones. He gave coy answers when pressed about what was clearly a sexual innuendo in his high-school yearbook. He insisted over and over that others Dr. Blasey named as attending the gathering had “said it didn’t happen,” when in fact at least two of them have said only that they don’t recall it — and one of them told a reporter that she believes Dr. Blasey.

Judge Kavanaugh clumsily dodged a number of times when senators asked him about his drinking habits. When Senator Amy Klobuchar gently pressed him about whether he’d ever blacked out from drinking, he at first wouldn’t reply directly. “I don’t know, have you?” he replied — a condescending and dismissive response to the legitimate exercise of a senator’s duty of advise and consent. (Later, after a break in the hearing, he apologized.)

Kavanaugh made the hearings more political than they were already. In his cockiness, he gave the Supreme Court a partisan face though his confirmation was still a toss. He made it abundantly clear Democrats were in contempt. Republicans made it abundantly clear Dr. Ford’s testimony did not change their timetable to confirm Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice.

The Supreme Court is the ultimate legal source of justice for many Americans selectively disadvantaged. It should not be stacked to represent the ideology of any party nor should it be used as a get out of jail card for any president. Kavanaugh like Trump believes a sitting president is above the law. That is at the heart of the urgency to get this man confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Dr. Blasey did not accuse the Democrats of sexual assault nor did the several other women who have come forth since to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault and excessive drinking. That didn’t stop Kavanaugh who in a rage attacked the Democrats and even Hillary Clinton for his current dilemma. He said all victims should be heard, but he didn’t want to take steps to make that happen. He did what many affluent sexual predators do, he became the crying victim while ranting about the damage to his reputation and family. He was much like Trump in thinking about him not America or justice or the lifetime job position as a role model of justice.

Trump might see his pompous indignation to the allegations as strength, but I see it the arrogance of the privileged elite. He will say anything to get what he wants. He swore to God while telling a lie. That is not a man deserving of a lifetime position. But most pundits thought Kavanaugh did a good job, this blogger disagreed.

If Kavanaugh wanted the truth and to clear his name he would have welcomed an investigation. He was given several opportunities to do so but instead became evasive and at times deflecting to other topics where he portrayed himself as an innocent victim. His arguments against doing an FBI investigation were disingenuous. He seemed to suggest that after having had six background checks another was unnecessary. In this case, another is crucial because of new allegations that were not brought forth during prior background checks. Background checks are somewhat limited and based on the information given by the applicant.

Kavanaugh’s argument of using the signatures of 65 people to claim he was not a sexual predator was also deceptive and disingenuous. It proved nothing. The 65 people have a lot to gain if Kavanaugh wins. What surprised me was that he could not get more, like a 1000 signatures.

Do not let party politics prevent us from investigating the accusations against this man. The ramifications go beyond his confirmation hearings.

Dr. Blasey was authentic, humble and sincere. She didn’t give misleading statements or feign indignation. Her life was turned upside down twice–the sexual assault and now the hearing–yet she didn’t cry about it. Her story remained consistent. Judge Kavanaugh’s story changed from him being a reserved ‘choir boy’ to a mean drunk who sexually attacked women at Georgetown Prep and at Yale.

In contrast, Dr. Blasey bolstered her credibility not only by describing in harrowing detail what she did remember, but by being honest about what she didn’t — like the exact date of the gathering, or the address of the house where it occurred. As she pointed out, the precise details of a trauma get burned into the brain and stay there long after less relevant details fade away.

She was also honest about her ambivalence in coming forward. “I am terrified,” she told the senators in her opening remarks. And then there’s the fact that she gains nothing by coming forward. She is in hiding now with her family in the face of death threats.

Kavanaugh successfully pulled the rug over the eyes of the media and our Republican politicians, but he didn’t over Americans like me. His confirmation should be delayed pending investigation. The hearing was a not a hearing about the truth but circus full of politicians. The only one, not a politician was Dr. Blasey. Americans deserve the truth! Our elected officials should demand an investigation, not a vote.

At this point is Kavanaugh fit to hold a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court? My answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT without an independent investigation, what’s yours?